Need Some Emotional Encouragement?

Emotional encouragement

There are times in each of our lives that we need emotional encouragement. We like to help you if we can by pointing you to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ here on this website. Here are some encouraging scriptures that somewhat refer to emotional encouragement.

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Healing rain is a real touch from God. It could be physical healing or emotional or whatever. ~ Michael W. Smith

Proverbs 29:11  Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.




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Emotional Encouragement To Heal From Your Past 

The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. ~ Julius Erving

 Joshua 1:9  Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


Find Emotional Encouragement Through God’s Love!

Everyone Needs Emotional Encouragement!

When you discover emotional encouragement in your life, be sure you share it with others!

Do you sometimes need some emotional encouragement? Do you realize that emotions are a gift from God, yet when we can not control our feelings, that is where the problems come to light? If you could use some encouragement in this area, you can find it here.

 The illustration of a train engine is the intellect, and the cars on the train are the emotions, gives a picture of how we ought to handle the emotions behind the leading of our intelligence.  
Are you looking for God to fill your emotional needs or are you filling them yourself?  We can help you if you need emotional encouragement! ~ Bill Greguska

What Makes You Tick Emotionally?

  • Realize You Are Worthy Of Love And Respect. If you know your worth as a person, you won’t be so quick to take the things that others say to you so personally. Take time to get to know yourself, and put aside what others may think of you. Take time in prayer to make a list of at least five things about yourself that you’re grateful for, and remember them when you find yourself getting attacked verbally by someone.
  • Understand Your Emotional Triggers. Each one of us is created by God. All of us have emotional triggers from the past either because of three fundamental reasons; personal sin, other peoples sin, or just by chance. There are specific actions people take that may trigger us to become sensitive to particular things. For example, if your mother was overly critical, and you tried to please her, but when someone points out that you made a mistake is something that could trigger you to feel more sensitive than another person might under the similar circumstances. When you do get upset about a situation, ask yourself: “Am I upset about this situation, or is this one of the emotional triggers that I need to overcome with God’s help?


A Couple More Ideas!

  • Be Authentic How You Live. This is the practice of letting go of thinking you need to be like someone else, but instead, hold on to who you are by being yourself. You must genuinely accept who and what God made you. Practice authenticity by doing God’s will, is what’s best for you, like it or not. That could be at times putting others in front of your needs, and other times putting your own needs first depending on the situation.
  • Mistakes Do Happen. When you do make a mistake, don’t forget to forgive yourself. It’s important to take responsibility for your actions, but don’t punish yourself too much if someone disapproves of you, especially if what you do is not inappropriate or ungodly. Accept that you aren’t perfect, and remember that there’s no such thing as an unfortunate mistake especially if you can learn from them.


Emotional Encouragement Comes Through Prayer!

We All Need Emotional Encouragement!

How Does Emotional Encouragement Work?

Emotional encouragement comes in many packages, kind words, kind actions, a listening ear, being present for others, praying, plus other ways!

  • Set Healthy Boundaries. Yes, God’s word tells us to love one another, but there are times that we need to set proper boundaries in your relationships which will help you keep things in perspective. You need to put these boundaries in place by saying “no” to work, loved ones or activities that you don’t want to do or that harm you in some way. Doing too much to please others can lead you to feel overly sensitive when they do something that becomes upsetting to you. Even Jesus himself set boundaries when he turned the tables in the temple, making a statement that what the people were doing was wrong.


  • Let It Go. Use a painful experience from your past to help make you who you are. Use it to give you strength, empathy, and character to become a better person. We all have something that has hurt us. Don’t let your weakness define who you are. Instead, through prayer, use it to become stronger and more Christ-like because of it.


  • Kindness Is A Wonderful Thing. But being kind to others doesn’t always guarantees their acceptance and approval if that is your motive? We would be better off to serve others and ourselves if we do things because we want to, not because we expect something in return. Kindness and love go hand in hand, and the Lord commands us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul, and to love others as we love ourselves.


  • Think And Be Positive While Trusting God. When something upsets you or gets under your skin, it’s helpful to take a look at the situation from a more logical perspective. Did the situation call for the reaction you had, or are you losing your patience unnecessarily? Often it is best to turn the cheek when others disrespect or hurt you. You do not need to confront every situation that hurts your feelings or is objectionable to you. Ask yourself if the other person is doing something wrong, or are you taking the situation too personally? If someone is genuinely hurtful, you can ask for what you need, or work on letting it go of the negative thoughts and feelings? Think before you say or do things that you might regret.

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How Does Emotional Encouragement Work?

I have realized that I am not under the control of my emotions any longer. My feelings are under my control. As I fill my mind with good thoughts, they will become healthy emotions.
I can control my emotions by my thought life, and my thought life is surrendered to God’s Word. I practice self-control and have a handle on my life because of God.
And from this day forward, my emotions serve me, and not control me. I pour my feelings out to God, and I don’t need to pour them out to others like I once used to. Now I go to God first, and if after that I still am not settled, I take my concerns to Pastor Mark Mallwitz, or Pastor Ron Sauer’s wife, Sue Sauer. We all need to have someone to lean on to help point us to Jesus. I have a couple of others I go to for support such as Ken Krause, Peg Gogonelis.
There is a Biblical way to view helping one another. Each of us needs to have a Paul, Barnabas, Timothy.
  • Paul is like someone you go to for help who is more of a mature seasoned Christian full of wisdom.
  • Timothy is someone you help yourself who is usually younger and in need of direction.
  • Barnabas is someone to walk with in life to help encourage one another.


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