Anger Is One Letter Short of Danger!

Deal with your anger or your anger will deal with you!

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Do you keep your anger under control or let it go freely without concern about the damage it will do to others and, ultimately yourself? Are you stuffing angry feelings under the carpet or blasting others regularly? I got a great bit of advice about stress and anger from a former pastor of mine; he told me some great advice below that I remember to this day. As Malachy McCourt once said, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Grudges do no good whatsoever and benefit no one in our business or personal lives. ~ Bill Greguska

Ephesians 4:26-27   “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold.






What Does The Bible Say About Anger?





The Choices That We Make! In Your Anger Or Frustration, Do Not Sin!

Anger is to be under control at all times!

Your anger out of control will bring you great harm!

People have a way of getting under our skin and creating anger in us (or I should say we allow them to make us angry). It is very reasonable to become irritated or very mad at times. The important thing is what I do with our problems is the question that needs to be confronted. Being prepared spiritually and physically and taking care of oneself with regular exercise, healthy food, and enough sleep will significantly reduce any significant outbursts and loss of control. I learned over the years that most of the things I have gotten upset about were not that significant in hindsight. I have learned how to deal with my issues before it causes trouble in my life. Remember, either you will deal with your anger, or your anger will deal with you. ~ Bill Greguska




Is Your Anger From A Root Of Bitterness?





Anger Is Just One Little Letter Short Of Danger

You can't be bitter and expect your life to be sweet!

Love everyone, including your enemies.

  • Anger is consuming fire. It burns both you and the receiver, so stand up for righteousness, to overcome it with love.
  • Anger is madness that is not easily quenched in one’s flesh, so ask The Holy Spirit for His help.
  • Anger is a virus that can easily be spread. Get into God’s word, and pray.
  • Anger is deep water that can drown a friendship quicker than you know, so run to God for help.
  • Anger is a devil that waits to destroy you, so flee from the devil.
  • Anger is a violent storm that can do damage beyond imagination, so take shelter with God.
  • Anger is so evil; even though you know it, anger can trick your mind, be steadfast in God’s word.
  • Anger is your enemy and needs to be restrained with God’s love.
  • Always remember, Anger is just one letter short of Danger.

Thank God for overcoming the world!






How Do You Leak Your Anger?





Anger Is Not Something To Leave Unchecked!

Deal With Anger...Or Your Anger Will Deal With You!

In your anger, do not sin!










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