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I wanted to learn about Jesus; what I learned is that He is my Lord and Savior. He was born, lived, taught, did miracles, died for our sins, resurrected from the dead, rose to heaven, and is my reason for living, and He will come again to judge the living and the dead. ~ Bill Greguska

1 John 5:5  Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.




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Questions About Jesus

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Jesus As God

Jesus as God! NeedEncouragement.com

Jesus is our Lord, Mediator, Savior, Friend, Comfort, Helper, God!

  1. Is Jesus God?
  2. Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God?
  3. Who was Jesus?
  4. Did Jesus ever claim to be God?
  5. How can Jesus be both God and the Son of God?
  6. Does the term “Son of God” mean that Jesus is not God
  7. Are Jesus and the Holy Spirit the same?
  8. Does the Bible ever refer to Jesus as God?







Jesus As A Man

  1. Is there historical evidence of Jesus’ miracles?
  2. Did God place Jesus as a fetus in the womb of Mary?
  3. Did Jesus know the future?
  4. Where was Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30?
  5. Did Jesus get married?
  6. What did Jesus look like?
  7. When did Jesus know that he was God?
  8. Did Jesus have faith?
  9. Are Jesus and Michael the Archangel the same?
  10. What Language Did Jesus Speak?


Purpose And Work Of Jesus

  1. What did Jesus come to earth to do?
  2. Did Jesus pay for our sins?
  3. Did Jesus die for all of our sins?
  4. Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?
  5. What were some of the essential commandments Jesus gave us?
  6. How can Jesus pay for all of our sins past, present, and future?
  7. What are some of the many Miracles of Jesus?
  8. Could Jesus have ever sinned?
  9. What did Jesus do on the cross?
  10. What does it mean that Jesus fulfilled the Law?



The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ!

  1. What were the seven things Jesus said on the cross before He gave up His life?
  2. In what location was Jesus crucified?
  3. Why did Jesus utter the words, “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken Me?”
  4. Was Jesus crucified on a cross, or was it on a tree?
  5. Did Jesus die on the cross?
  6. Where did Jesus go after He died on the cross?


Resurrection Of Jesus

  1. Do we need to believe that Jesus rose from the dead to be saved?
  2. How could anyone be sure of the resurrection of Jesus?
  3. Was Jesus’ resurrected body changed to a spiritual body at his ascension?
  4. Did Jesus raise Himself from the grave, or did God have something to do with it?
  5. How could Jesus rise from the dead?
  6. After Jesus died and rose, was it in a non-physical, spirit form?
  7. What about some of the objections to Jesus’ physical resurrection?
  8. Jesus died and remained dead for two days and rose on the third day. How is that enough to pay for all past, present, and future sins?



Evidence For Jesus’ Existence

  1. What is the actual proof that Jesus existed?
  2. Was Jesus just a myth or a fact?
  3. Was Jesus an actual human and also God?
  4. 1 Cor. 15:3-4 demonstrates a creed too early for a legend to corrupt



Jesus’ Name And Titles

    1. Why is Jesus called the Good Shepherd?
    2. Why is Jesus called the Word?
    3. Is Jesus’ name also really Yeshua?
    4. What is meant when it says Jesus is the Son of God?
    5. Is Jesus’ name “Jesus,” or is it “Immanuel?”
    6. What does the phrase “Son of Man” mean?
    7. Acts 3:26 Is Jesus Christ the Son of God or the servant of God?
    8. How to define the word “Christ”?



What Did Jesus Teach About?

  1. The phrase “You shall not judge” means what?
  2. What were some things that Jesus taught in the Old Testament?
  3. Did Jesus talk about homosexuality to the people?


Jesus And Prayer

  1. What does the phrase at the end of a prayer, “In Jesus’ name,” mean?
  2. Who should we pray to, the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit?
  3. When praying, do we pray directly to God, or do we pray directly to God or pray through Jesus?




More Questions About Jesus!

  1. Is Jesus the only way possible to be saved?
  2. Why did Jesus write in the dirt/ground when the woman was caught in adultery?
  3. What is the second coming of Christ?
  4. Was Jesus possibly a vegetarian?
  5. Can’t all of Jesus’ miracles be explained scientifically?
  6. What did Jesus say to Satan when tempted in the desert?
  7. What is meant by “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”?
  8. Was Jesus a Nazirite?
  9. Is believing in Jesus Christ enough to be saved?
  10. Will the second coming of Jesus be a literal, bodily return?


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