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This Is My Story – Bill Greguska

When you tell your story, it can be a real positive influence on someone!

When you share your story with even just one person, you will be making an impact on their life and strengthening your faith at the same time. Here are some encouraging scriptures about speaking out for the truth.


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When you share your story of how you came to know and believe in Jesus Christ, you are opening the door to those with who you share it. You give them hope by learning what God has done in your life. ~ Bill Greguska

Psalm 66:16  Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.


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How Can You Share Your Story In A Better Way?


The Lord Came Into My Life!

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When you share your story, it encourages others in their faith by hearing what God has done in your life!

I committed my life to Jesus Christ on June 25, 1986. That was the beginning of the end, and the start of better days to come, it was the last time I used drugs or alcohol. Many things lead up to that life-changing decision.

I did not see fireworks or anything like that, but I knew in my heart and mind that the answer to my life was Jesus Christ. The Lord gave me back my life, so I decided that it was only right. I lived my life for him.
With all the help and encouragement that I was encouraged by Ron and Sue Sauer, I was inspired to startneedencouragement.com in 2007 to encourage others similarly.
My relationship with Jesus Christ is significant to me because of all that God has taught me and saved me from, I have gotten into a good habit of starting each day in God’s word and journaling for many years now, I also have stayed active in Bible study and church for many years.
I do not believe that just memorizing the Bible is what God wants from us (even though it is essential). But instead, God wants a relationship with us, and that is what I have, which I am so very thankful for. My life still is not anywhere near perfect, but I am far past where I used to be and striving forward to where God wants me to be more and more each day.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!



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Questions To Can Ask When You Share Your Story Of Faith!

I notice that people seem to like to talk about spiritual matters. If anyone opens a conversation with you about God, faith, or religion, make sure you are ready to say something shed light on the gospel. Them bringing up the topic gives you the freedom to share with them.
Be sure you listen to what they say first, listening is so very important. If on the other hand, you bring up the topic of God, faith, or religion, you need to be more careful yet still be honest and loving.

Here Are 20 Questions That Can Turn Almost Any Conversation Into A Discussion Of Spiritual Things.

1. Many people talk about believing in God. What does believing in God mean to you?
2. If you had to say, do you view God in a positive or negative way?
3. Have you noticed that people spend tons of time and energy on their career, their physical bodies, and personal relationships, but often disregard the spiritual part of their lives. How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?
4. We have known each other for quite some time, and I never really talked with you about the most important thing in my life. May I take a couple of moments and do so?
5. Do you sometimes think much about spiritual things? This can lead to a conversation about what “spiritual” means, which can open the door to the topic of religion versus a relationship with God.
6. Do you find that faith and spiritual values play a role in your (work) (day) (marriage) (perspective on life)?
7. When you go to sleep at night, does anxiety or stress steal your sleep from you? Do you know how I overcame my anxiety after I became a Christian?
8. How have your personal experiences while growing up affected the way you think of God?
9. If you happen to die tonight are you sure that you would go to heaven? Has anyone ever explained how you can know for sure?
10. Do you go to church? Why or why not?
11. We have never had an opportunity to talk about your religious background. How would you describe your spiritual journey with God?

12. I would like to tell you how I established a personal relationship with God. (Tell your personal testimony of how you became a Christian. Keep it to three minutes, using the following outline: Before-What characterized my life before I trusted Christ. During-How I came to trust Christ. After-How I am different now.)

13. It was before I got to know Christ personally, I used to think that God was a vague concept that I could not relate to. How would you describe your view of God? Jesus? Is He real to you or more of a vague concept?
14. If you could be sure there is a God, would you want to know him? Or if you could know God personally, would you want to?
15. Have you ever come to a point in your life where you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, or do you think that is something are not ready for yet but you are hoping to be someday? May I share with you how I trusted in Jesus?
16. Would you be interested in hearing my thoughts about church, or possibly would you be willing to tell me your thoughts about the church in general?
17. Bring a friend to your church or a Christian event, then ask: What did you think of church today? Did what the pastor said make sense to you? Have you made the discovery of knowing God personally or would you like to?
18. I would not like for you to come to my church and not understand what it’s all about. Would you want to get together and discuss what we believe together?
19. Would you be interested if I share the things I’ve found most important to me being a Christian?
20. What do you think someone has to do to becomes a Christian?


Some Suggestions:

I would advise talking out these questions with another Christian first which would give you an idea of where such a conversation might go and give you the confidence that you need in order to be able to share with others.
The next thing I would do would be to begin to pray together that God will give you boldness to ask some of your unbelieving friends these thought-provoking questions. This way you would not stumble over your words and appear to not know what you are talking about.


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Keep In Mind When Sharing Your Testimony:

When sharing personal testimonies (or in other words, your story), I would strongly advise that you outline it on paper, go over it by yourself, or with someone you know before you share it. Here is my testimony about how I lived before I met Christ, how I met Christ, and what Christ did in my life.
Be sure that you are somewhat organized, and your story is familiar to you and comfortable to understand and follow others with who you are planning to share it with.
  • How did things use to be?
  • What personally made the difference in your life?
  • What changed in your life?
Try to share it like you are just talking with someone, try not to seem like you are just reading it off a piece of paper, but if that is the way you need to do it, that will work too.
Remember that your story is your story and that nobody can argue with what you say because it happened to you, which is why it is called your testimony. It is not you who is going to influence the person(s) you are speaking to, but it is the Holy Spirit that will be doing the work.



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