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Healing from divorce comes from God, and inevitably tears and, ultimately, the touching hand of a loving God! Don’t be afraid to reach out to Him in prayer. I have heard from Kathleen Casey that “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Relationships can cause pain, and divorce is guaranteed to cause pain. It is just like jumping in a pool. You will get wet. If you are involved in a divorce, the pain will be there, whether you want it or not. God hates divorce but has allowed it to happen because of man’s hardened heart.  Contact us, and we will help you.  ~ Bill Greguska

Psalm 30:2   Lord my God, I called you for help, and you healed me.





Healing From Divorce After Finally Finding Real Hope!






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It Takes Time Healing From Divorce!

Healing from divorce take Gods' grace and compassion! NeedEncouragement.com

Divorce has gotten out of control.  If you are you healing from a divorce right now? Check out GriefShare.org and also DivorceCare.org.

Healing from divorce can occur over time with God’s assistance, love, and grace. Divorce tears apart the two who were made one through marriage, so it is painful! The scars will last a lifetime, yet the pain fades over time. It may seem impossible, but it will take some time, work, and walking close to God.

Many of you did not want a divorce like me. Are you wondering what we should look forward to in life, not being married anymore? There is life after a divorce when God works in your heart to forgive, heal, learn, and then turn the page — going through a divorce that I did not want was extremely painful. It was evident that my ex-wife could not deal with things, and she ended her second divorce. It must have been hard for her, too, but all it seemed was she wanted a way out. Your story could be similar or maybe entirely different.







There Is Healing From Divorce!



Gain Wisdom And Understanding

Learn some tips on how to begin healing from divorce. Divorce is the ripping apart of one flesh into two! From my experience, separation is one of the most painful things a person can go through. It would help if you consciously tried to heal from a divorce or would not recover entirely. When you heal from a divorce, you need to get closer to God, a straightforward formula to consider. Be aware of your health. You had a divorce, life is not over, but it has taken an extremely painful detour. Learn how to start healing from divorce by practicing forgiveness of your spouse. At some point needs to be a part of the recovery! ~ Bill Greguska




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Learn How To Discover The New Normal

  • When I was first divorced, I spent most of my time with people in my Bible study and a few others. I went on a couple of “so-called” dates, primarily for companionship and social activities of “so-called” dates, primarily for friendship and something to do socially. Still, there was not much of a spark of mutual interest; that was probably better since I knew I was not ready for something like dating after recently getting over a painful divorce.


  • There have been times I have been alone yet not lonely. And other times, the loneliness can hurt. I have learned to lean on God for His comfort and a few friends. Life goes on, and you need to determine your new standard. You have input into your new bar by evaluating and asking God for His guidance by taking this time.



Is There Life After Divorce?

  • Of course, you have your mind, but I am saying wisdom not to jump into a new set of problems. This is an excellent time to rediscover God in your life, rekindle old friendships, and even make new healthy friendships. Set out to discover that there is life after divorce once you learn how to heal from a divorce. “Divorce is open-heart surgery, emotionally.


  • Some people are unwilling to give it enough time, and their expectations for recovery are too fast. When you get up and go quicker than you’re supposed to, and you push your healing cycle too quickly, you have to do it over again, and you get a relapse.” Steve Grissom and Kathy Leonard.


A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there’s less of you. ~ Margaret Atwood

Psalm 6:2 Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint; heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony.




The Great Pain Of Divorce

The bottom line is that divorce can be excruciatingly painful, but with God, all things can heal a broken heart and excruciatingly painful, but God, all things are possible when it comes to healing. A broken heart and shattered dreams! As a Christian man, divorce was not an option for me, and I thought my ex-wife, too, by how she discussed things before we got married, but things changed. I went through a divorce that I did not want, and it was the hardest thing I ever went through in my life, way harder than even the death of my mother, who I loved dearly. ~ Bill Greguska



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