Allen Parr Is A Wise And Brilliant Teacher!

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One of my favorite teachers is Allen Parr because he teaches clearly and accurately! ~ Bill Greguska


James 3:1   Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.


Allen Parr

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Singleness & Courtship

This playlist gives biblical and practical advice on the subject of dating and relationships.


This playlist discusses topics related to sexuality and overcoming sexual sins such as lust and pornography.

Improve Your Bible Study

This playlist gives tips and advice on how to improve your time with God and prayer life.

Frequently Asked Questions

This playlist answers common questions that Christians seek to know answers to.


Why Do We Have Four Gospels?

THE BEAT by Allen Parr
33K views3 years ago

Human Emotions

This playlist focuses on natural emotions and frustrations that accompany our spiritual journey.

Improve Your Spiritual Life

This playlist focuses on topics that develop a Christian spiritually and help them improve their relationship with Jesus Christ, their gifts and relating to others.

A Study on Philippians

This playlist is a 5-part study on the book of Philippians. It begins with a background to the book. Each video highlights the significant points of application from each chapter in Philippians.

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Spiritual Gifts

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Improve Your Prayer Life


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