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If your situation needs immediate attention, please call 911.  Or, if you need emergency resource Information, Please Visit Please keep calm and try our many resources that can help you! ~ Bill Greguska


2 Kings 6:27  The king replied, “If the Lord does not help you, where can I get help for you? From the threshing floor? From the winepress?”


Or, If You Rather, Text JESUS (53787)

For Any Additional Phone Help Lines:  Click Here!


Here Are Some Scripture Help Lines

The phone helplines we offer can be a very helpful tool!

Many of these Biblical, encouraging helplines are open 24 hours a day, open your Bible, and it is there!

To view, hover over scriptures to read!

  • 1 Peter 5:7
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • 1 Corinthians 10:13
  • Romans 10:17
  • John 10:10
  • Isaiah 53:5
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Deuteronomy 31:8









Also, Prayer & Phone Helplines


  • Alcohol/Drug Help Line (800) 621-1646
  • AIDS/HIV Information (800) 448-0440
  • Al-Anon for Families of Alcoholics (888) 425-2666
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse & Mental Health Hotline (800) 729-6686
  • Christian Counseling (800) 633-3446
  • Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233
  • Eating Disorders Prevention (800) 931-2237
  • Psychiatric or substance abuse admission (800) 331-2900
  • Runaway Switchboard (800) 786-2929
  • National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (212) 714-1184
  • National Coalition against Domestic Violence (303) 839-1852
  • Need Him (Spiritual Help) (800) 633-3446
  • Hope for the Heart – Care line (866) 570-4673
  • Shoplifter Anonymous (800) 848-9595




Calling 211 Is A Very Good Option!





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