Make A Difference In Someone’s Life, And Yours Too!Make a difference!

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In this life we live, every word we utter and every action we take has the power to make a difference. Like ripples spreading across a serene lake, our interactions can either uplift or shatter the spirit of those around us. It is an incredible responsibility and privilege bestowed upon us by God Himself. Thus, let us humbly approach each day with a fervent prayer on our lips, asking for God’s guidance to use our lives as catalysts for encouragement and positivity in others.

Imagine for a moment that there is someone before you – whether it be a friend, family member, or even a stranger passing by – whose heart yearns for peace in the middle of their trials. They hang onto your every word and observe your actions with hopeful eyes. Do not underestimate the profound impact you can have on their journey simply by choosing to make a difference in their life. The power lies within you to bring forth change through kindness, compassion, and empathy – virtues exemplified beautifully by Christ himself. By always striving to be respectful towards others’ opinions and beliefs, even when they differ from our own; by exercising patience during moments of frustration or misunderstanding; by extending acts of kindness without expecting anything in return – these seemingly small gestures can create waves of transformation in someone’s life. When you try to make a difference in someone’s life, you are bound to make a difference in your own because of it! ~ Bill Greguska

Galatians 6:4  Each one should test their actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.






How To Make A Difference In Someone’s Life?

Make A Difference In Someone’s Life!

Little things can make a difference!

A great way to make a difference in the world is by encouraging someone today, which will also be an encouragement to you at the same time!

Make a difference in your life and the presence of someone elseGod is not concerned about how many people you and I make a difference in their lives. Just as long as we love one another, we are on the right road, which is doing God’s will.

The Holy Spirit is the one who activates others to make a difference.

We are the so-called pawn in the “game of chess” God uses to get His will done! 

You do not have to be a Billy Graham or someone popular or famous to make a difference, be yourself and do what you can to help others.

Note that when you do good things for others, that is not what gets you or me into heaven.

Trusting and believing in your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, confessing with your mouth, and trying to live your life for Christ is the way to get to heaven.  

Just love others and do what you can do to help them whenever you can. ~ Bill Greguska




The Starfish Story About A Boy Who Made A Difference!


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Little Things Can Make A Difference!

Make a difference in someone's life today!

It is not that difficult to make a difference in someone. 

Apply some of the following ideas to your life this week. 
  1. Send a friendly email to someone.
  2. Compliment others.
  3. Give something away.
  4. Help someone lonely or confused.
  5. Watch or play a sport, just for the fun of it.
  6. Use coupons.
  7. Go someplace new.
  8. Forgive someone.
  9. Ask someone to forgive you.
  10. People-watch at the mall.
  11. Get an accountability partner.
  12. go miniature golfing with someone.
  13. Help someone.
  14. Pray for someone.
  15. Talk to a stranger.
  16. Reading the Bible each day.
  17. Reading a Christian book.
  18. Start watching birds.
  19. Shop for groceries with someone needing your help.
  20. Visit a museum or aquarium.
  21. Pray for yourself.
  22. Practice not to litter.
  23. Imagine how it felt to be a kid again.
  24. Go to the zoo.
  25. Offer to watch someone’s children.
  26. Become a volunteer.
  27. Play frisbee.
  28. Teach someone a helpful skill 
  29. Write a letter to cheer someone up.
  30. Donate your things to a charity or resale store




Make A Difference By The Way You Live!


More Ideas To Help Make A Difference!

  1. Take a day trip somewhere.
  2. Spend some time with the elderly at a nursing home.
  3. Go to the library.
  4. Give extra attention to someone who needs it.
  5. Read a good book.
  6. Volunteer to do something positive for your community.
  7. Take a cooking class.
  8. Clean your house or basement.
  9. Learn something new 
  10. Attend a concert with a friend.
  11. Put old photos into a photo album.
  12. Spark an old relationship back to life.
  13. Start a particular interest group.
  14. Make a list of life goals.
  15. Go fishing with a friend.
  16. Read something inspirational.
  17. Reach out and meet some of your neighbors.
  18. Look into your family tree.
  19. Call your parent(s) to thank them for everything.
  20. Work in the yard with plants.
  21. Take time to listen to someone carefully.
  22. Go to a regular or outdoor drive-in movie.
  23. Collect a few items to give someone you know needs help.
  24. Start a new hobby.
  25. Plan consciously to improve your health.
  26. Take dance lessons, or go dancing.
  27. Give a homeless person 5 or 10 dollars. Don’t prejudge them.
  28. Plant a tree for a particular occasion.
  29. Play a board game with a friend (The Un-Game is excellent)
  30. Prepare a meal for a friend or a small group of friends.



How To Make A Difference?

Find Hope And Encouragement From Our Links!

  1. If you just started believing in God, we have a page specifically for you.
  2. If you are dealing with anger, stress, or depression, we have information to help you.
  3. We have phone helplines, website links, and YouTube videos.
  4. You can learn more about us, our goals, and our purpose.
  5. If you have a drug/alcohol problem, or want to get right with God, you are at the right place!
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