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When I grew up Catholic, I was taught about God and Jesus. For some reason, I was not instructed much about the Holy Spirit. But I Thank God now that I know how to use discernment based on God’s word in the Bible. ~ Bill Greguska

Matthew 4:7  Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’”


Learn about God and Jesus to open your eyes to His love and grace. Here are some encouraging scriptures about God.


Why Do We Believe That Jesus Christ Is God?





Learn About Specific Scriptures Of Encouragement!

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What does the Open Bible say about what we should know about God?

What does Biblegateway say about God?




Learn About God!

God and Jesus love us all very much!

God and Jesus love us and are committed to us, are we committed to God and Jesus?

Each one of us has had questions about God and Jesus on our Christian journey. Below you will discover many questions, click on the link, and learn about each topic listed.

It is so amassing to me how the Berean people during the time of Apostle Paul have been held up as a positive role model of how a person ought to respond to the teaching of the Bible, teaching concerning God and Jesus, and the rest of the Bible.

We are called to eagerly learn from God’s Word and, no matter who the teacher is, wisely investigate the teaching compared to what is said in the Bible. I have had many questions about God in my life. Some of the answers I got were from prayer, some from the Bible, some from otherwise Chrisitan believers such as Sue Sauer, and others. Ultimately I thank God for all He allowed me to learn, and you will be able to say the same as you stay on course for the Lord! ~ Bill Greguska


Tony Evans Talks About Maturing In Your Faith And Mine!





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Questions About God!




God’s Behavior

  1. Why is there evil and suffering in the world?
  2. Why does God allow sickness to those He created?
  3. Can God forgive me for all of my sins?
  4. How did God come into existence?
  5. Why does God create people he knows will go to hell if He knows all things?
  6. Did God create the universe from nothing?
  7. If God is all-knowing, why did He create Satan, who He knew would fall?
  8. Is it true that God punishes us when we sin?
  9. Is there a reason God hates sin?
  10. Why doesn’t God show himself physically to us?


General Questions About God!

  1. Can God make a rock so big that He could not pick it up?
  2. If God is all-knowing, why did He create Satan, who He knew would fall in the first place?
  3. Is there any hope that we can change God’s mind with our prayers?
  4. Why is there both evil and suffering in the world if God is good?
  5. Is there anything that we can do to deserve God’s blessings?
  6. Is a belief in God something rational?
  7. Why doesn’t God choose to save everyone?
  8. When we pray, who should we pray to, the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit?
  9. Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews all have the same God?
  10. If God is in control of all things, does that include making me sin?
  11. Why did God require animal sacrifices for sin in the Old Testament?
  12. As a Christian, should I fear God?
  13. Does God answer the prayers of Christians who are in sin?
  14. How can evil exist in the world if God is infinite and good?
  15. If God loves us, how in the world can He watch people burn in hell for eternity?
  16. What does it mean “to be made in the image of God?”
  17. Did God create himself or what?
  18. Why doesn’t God choose to heal everyone?
  19. What is meant by when someone says, “to take the Lord’s name in vain?”
  20. If God is all-powerful and mighty, why doesn’t He destroy Satan?



God Is Not A “Mush God”

The “Mush God” is a God whose laws are chiseled not on tablets but written on sand, open to amendment, qualification, and erasure. This is a god that will compromise with you, make allowances and declare all wars holy and all peace hallowed. (Quoted by Adrian Rogers in Ten Secrets for a Successful Family, pp. 29-30).


Let’s Make It Abundantly Clear To Every Believer Today:

  • Our God is not the Mush God on the issue of sexual purity. If you want to sleep around, don’t call yourself a Christian – you are a Mushian – for you serve a made-up Mush god.
  • Our God is not the Mush God on the issue of female protections. If you want a license to slap her around – don’t call yourself a Christian – you are Mushian– for you serve a made-up Mush god.
  • Our God is not the Mush God on the issue of choosing a man well, ladies. If you feel so poor about your self-image that you only believe you can “keep him” by giving him what is not his to have – don’t call yourself a Christian– you are a Mushian – for you serve a made up Mush god.
  • Our God is not the Mush God on abusing power over people you should be protecting in your home. If you want to play with people’s bodies because you have the power to keep their mouth shut – don’t call yourself a Christian – you are a Mushian – for you serve a made-up Mush god.

Christians need to wake up to the reality of the way they treat people. We need this MUCH MORE than some new class on evangelism or some new night to go on door-to-door visitation. Our testimony is in DEEDS that match CLEAR WORDS:

God gave the Law in part to help us identify real values that emanate from Him! The Bible isn’t outdated and irrelevant because sin is nothing new. It isn’t so hard to understand, but it is impossible to follow if we don’t indeed have a relationship with Him!





What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?




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