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I encourage you to become curious and start asking questions to and your family, friends, and even strangers. There is more power when you ask someone a question than when you make a statement. Because when you make a statement, people can quickly challenge your statement, but with a question, then are forced to look at the question and think. A wise man asks questions and becomes more discerning, but a fool does not ask questions and remains foolish. If you do not ask a question, there is little chance you will find an answer. Do you have questions that need answers? You can check out You will discover many things from the Bible that you were unaware of and can benefit your faith and relationship with God. ~ Bill Greguska


2 Chronicles 9:2  Solomon answered all her questions; nothing was too hard for him to explain to her.





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When I first discovered, I was impressed by how they answered all the Biblical questions people ask. That was very important because everyone has opinions on different matters, yet the only accurate Word that matters comes from God and His Word from the Bible. I have searched many times, and it has opened my understanding of God, Jesus, Christianity, and my faith quite a bit! ~ Bill Greguska




What Is All About? was started in February 2002. In late 2001, God gave our founder, S. Michael Houdmann, a passion for helping people find answers to their Bible questions through the internet. Little did he envision how quickly God would turn into a full-time ministry. He quickly discovered a great need for a quality Bible answer service on the internet.

Within one month of our launch, received over 30 questions a day. We quickly recognized our need for help, so we began searching for volunteers to answer all the questions we received. The volunteer staff grew steadily to our current team of over 250. At the same time, the volume of inquiries steadily increased. We are currently averaging 125 questions per day. We continue to praise the Lord for our volunteer writers. They are what make this ministry possible! You can read more about



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