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Where Does Personal Encouragement Come From?

Personal encouragement comes in a few different ways. You can think of personal encouragement coming from God which is very true, we can get it from his word in the Bible, or we can also get it through prayer and fellowship and accountability with other Christians. 

You can also get personal encouragement from a close friend, pastor, counselor or even websites like this one. There are good Christian books to read (mainly the Bible) and also youtube videos and other types of media that can be of help. Remember that when you encourage someone else, in turn, it usually works out that God will, in turn, bless and encourage you in return. Consider it as God’s economy since he commands us to love Him with our whole heart, mind, and soul, and that we love others as we love ourselves.

Below are a few links connected to different topics that can also be of help. Take all the time you need to look through this list and the rest of this website. I hope you find the encouragement that you are seeking. ~ Bill Greguska


Find Personal Encouragement Through Who God Says I Am!


  • More trust in God will lead you to more peace with God.
  • Patience with yourself and others is the only way to do things.
  • Regular exercise is a cornerstone of a healthy life.
  • Seeking peace can be only found when you trust in God.
  • A sense of humor is something that goes a long way in life.
  • Servant attitude because Jesus taught us that.
  • Think positive because you do not want Satan getting a foothold on you.
  • Turn away from evil because the wages of sin is death.
  • Wisdom in problem-solving ultimately comes from God, who is the solution.
  • Worry less and live a better life as you find hope.