My Mom’s Legacy (Diana Greguska)

My mom, Diana Greguska!

My mom had a huge heart and a great sense of humor, with a zest for life! Mom was the youngest of 8 Italian siblings and had four children of her own, including me.  She went out of her way to help me while growing up, and she has taught me a lot. Mom’s legacy lives on! Here are some encouraging scriptures about mothers.


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This fear of death infused me with the desire to live and to live harder. ~ Josh Lucas


Revelation 21:4  ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”



Death Is Inevitable, But Life Needs To Be Cherished!

My Mom Took Care Of Me When I Was Growing Up!

The Death Of My Mom~ Diana Greguska-Busalacchi In Honor Of Her Life!

Mom loved watching her Milwaukee Brewers play baseball.

I Took Care Of My Mom When She Was 85-93 Years Old…

Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
I felt that it was only right that I helped take care of my mom since she took care of me when I was little and when I was having my problems with drugs and alcohol in my teens and twenties.
It was not like I was forced to take care of my mom or my dad when he was alive; it was more out of gratitude and respect for my parents. I would say that children listen less to their parents because parents do not demand it, and our society has weakened the family structure.
Is your mom a strong person? My mom was always the go-getter kind of person. Mom had much energy and drive that was harnessed with determination. She grew up that way, and when my dad was alive, she had to be that way since most of the responsibility for everything fell on her shoulders.
Many years later, Mom, after Dad died, mom got remarried and took care of my stepdad at the end of his life, too. My mom raised me and loved me despite all the problems that I dragged her through.


Parents Do Not Always Stay Young!

Proverbs 10:9 The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.
Do you think children listen to their parents as they ought to? Mom, with help from the family and other resources, took care of my dad the last years of his life when he had Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. I felt great helping my dad; I recall feeding him, washing him, and spending time with him. His memory was not suitable for recent things, but when I talked about the fur business or Red Star Yeast, he was right in with the conversation.
Looking back, it is too bad that I had to get old to realize how good of a man my dad was. I can not always say that I obeyed my parents because often I disobeyed them; most of the time, it had to do with drugs and alcohol. Besides that time of my life, I obeyed my parents pretty well.

A Little Bit About My Mom And Dad!

My mom and dad were a great team, and they loved one another!

My mom and dad were a great team, and they loved one another!

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

My dad was a Czechoslovakian who made a living as a furrier for many years. Later he worked in a yeast factory called Red Star Yeast Universal Foods. My mother, Diana, is a northern Italian with eight brothers and sisters.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future.” So I say that, yes, God without a doubt has a plan for every one of us! Our job is to find out what it is!

How Important Is Work In A Person’s Life?

Dad worked hard, and I can remember clearly when he used to lay down on the couch before supper because he was so tired from working in the factory. He would take his glasses off and sleep for 15 minutes, which was all he needed. We were not rich, but we were not in need.
My parents sacrificed a lot and worked hard to have somewhat of the American dream; sometimes, I wished we all could have loved one another more and had less and not vice versa. Both of my parents lived through the Great Depression and World War II. They went through a lot of hard times as others in their era did, but they made it.
Mom and Dad instilled in me a good work ethic. In 1989, I worked for four years at Elmbrook Church in the custodial maintenance department, and after that, in 1994, I worked ten years building wheelchair ramps for the elderly and disabled in the Milwaukee / Waukesha, WI area for a ministry called “Faith Indeed.”
I loved my work and did my best every day. I went out of my way so that when I did a job, I did it well as my dad taught me while I was growing up. Idle hands are a tool of the devil, which is why I believe that work is essential to living a healthy life.

Below Are Some Things I Wrote After My Mom Died

In Honor Of Her Life!

I took care of my mom for the last eight years of her life, which was only right for how much she helped me while I was having problems with drugs and alcohol and other issues while growing up. With the realization that mom would not live forever here on earth, so in knowing that I was preparing ahead of time one thing that I was so thankful that I did, it was a photovoice recorder in which she recorded herself saying, “You’re a good son.” It has become a constant reminder of how much my mom loved me and how much I loved my mom.

Even Though Mom Had Medical Issues

Issues such as diabetes, asthma, heart condition. She still was very alert mentally, and she managed to get around physically despite some pains in her knees and with her breathing.
My mom had no real fear of death; I think partly because she was in physical pain for many years but still could enjoy her life.
Mom did have a fear of going into a nursing home, so I promised her that I would not put her into a nursing home, and I kept my word.

Mom Will Be Missed By Many Especially Me!

The main reason that I have mentioned all of this is that each death may be similar. But at the same time so very different in how those who are left behind deal with their emotions of the loss.
 Here are some of my notes that I jotted down just after my mother said her last goodbye on the phone on the afternoon of December 31, 2014. ~ Bill Greguska

December 31, 2014


Mom loved her family!

It Was A Little Bit Of A Shock To Me

My mom just died without much warning last night at about 7:30 pm in the hospital where my cousin Erica and Mike were with me.
I was very, very close to my mom my entire life; I took care of her during the last eight years of her life. It is just over 24 hours ago now, and it still has not hit me that she is dead.
That is why I say how people react to death are not the same in every situation.
I loved my mother very much, so it weird that this loss has not hit me hard yet. When I saw her in the hospital, I seemed to be in denial of her death, and I think I am still in denial.
When I was walking down the hallway in the hospital to her room, a wave came over me, and I started to whimper a couple of times because I knew her time might be near.


My Mom Was A Very Strong Lady

She was 93 years old, and she had a zest for life, a very strong-minded yet loving mother. She had an excellent sense of humor that was very contagious, which were a few things I loved about her.
The bottom line there is no one particular way to react to a death of a loved one, so if this is the case with you, be kind to yourself and stay connected with people like I am with my cousins and some friends. I am sure the feelings of the loss of my mom are probably going to be with me forever.
Mom and I were so very close my entire life. She was there for me when I needed her through my hard times in life, and I was there for her needs in her last years. I will update this story as time goes on. ~ Bill Greguska


January 2, 2015

Mom and my sister Pat and me 2008

Mom and my sister Pat and me 2008

My Sister Pat And Me

We went to the funeral home together to make all the funeral arrangements. I still am not feeling too good because of my cold, but doing 40% better sure helps.
During our planning and talking, I told (Jeff, the funeral home director) that my mom and I sang a song together each night for about the last eight years now as I put her to sleep each night.

The Song Was A Laurence Welch Song

The song that sang at the end of each Lawrence Welch show mom always used to love to watch. Then in the office of the funeral director, I started to sing that song I always used to sing at night with my mom, but this time to my sister Pat and Jeff, the director, then suddenly the floodgates opened up, and I began to sob very hard.
I stopped then a few moments later I started up again, which was I believe was the way God intended it for me. All those 32 hours without a tear, I think God was carrying me like the footprints in the sand. ~ Bill Greguska

January 7, 2015

Cousin Joe and mom and me enjoying one of her favorite things, a Brewers game!

Cousin Joe and mom and I enjoying one of her favorite things, a Brewer’s game!

Today Was The Last Step In Putting My Mom To Rest!

My tears the past few days have flowed like waves of sadness. My sister Pat and I and cousin Joe all had a short service with the Dan, funeral director.
I noticed that when we said the Our Father, it brought me to tears because it was the prayer mom, and I said with each other each night before bed.
Surprisingly, I felt stronger than I figured that I might be having to say goodbye to mom for the last time in person.
Something personal between mom and myself, I decided to put in the coffin one of my business cards that she helped me design
After the funeral, I took my sister out to eat lunch at Andreas Restaurant, and then we went to mom’s house and wrote out many thank you cards to those who helped us the last few days and years.

Almost Feels Like I Am In Denial 

It is hard to believe she is gone. The house is so much quieter compared to when she was still alive. Looking back, my mom never talked about a fear of death, and I did speak to her about heaven and what God wanted us to do to be with him.
Mom loved to read Bible verses with me, which I enjoyed doing with her. Now I am going to open a new chapter in my life, after the one I never got too close, which was the divorce in 2007 that was also very devastating to me.
The thing with my mom’s funeral, I got to remember so many good memories compared to the divorce, where most things were negative and painful in a different way.


A Little Help From Friends

I think I handled the loss of my mom in a pretty good way considering she was my best friend. I got much help from Pastor Mark Mallwitz, Ron and Sue Sauer and their mom, cousin Mike and Erica, my sister Pat, Kevin Reddy, and the rest of my friends and relatives who all encouraged and comforted me with emails, phone calls, cards, and most important prayers. ~ Bill Greguska

March 23, 2015

Mom lived her life to the fullest and had no fear of death!

Mom was sitting in her chair, reading her newspaper and watching TV in the living room. Mom lived her life to the fullest and had no fear of death!

It Has Been A Couple Of Months Now

Since my mom has passed away. Since she lived with me, the house now is much quieter and empty.
Not a scary empty but empty with peace knowing I did everything I could do to keep her out of a nursing home that was one of her biggest fears and a personal wish that she made of me years ago, which I was determined to keep.
It is hard to deal with the death of my mom and all the emotions and feelings that go with it.
On the other hand, I no longer after eight years need to take care of her medication, blood pressure readings, insulin testing, exercises, cooking for her, cleaning up, driving her to many appointments plus church, out to eat, movies, walks to Mc Donald’s, etc.

I Was Thankful I Could Honor My Mother And Father

I enjoyed taking care of my mom (and my dad when he was alive) One thing that always kept me going when things got a little tricky managing all I had to do to take care of her, was the scripture about honoring my mother and father Ephesians 6:2-3. I want to share a video about three reasons my mom reminds me of Jesus.

The Caregivers Were Very Helpful To Mom

God provided help from an organization called Visiting Angels, and another group called At Home Loving Care, without these ladies to help me, I would not have been able to go to my part-time job or workout to take care of myself, or anything else social for that matter.
Last two years, I got 2-4 hours of help, which was enough to get out a little. Mom could be home alone for no more than about an hour since she had her TV to watch her Brewers games and talk shows like Steve Harvey and Ellen.
We had an excellent group of gals that helped out with mom for a couple of hours at a time. Marva was a gal that I found through a mutual friend Jeanie. Mechelle was another one of my mom’s favorite gals. All the ladies were very helpful to us, to keep mom out of a nursing home at her age; these women were a significant help to accomplish that goal that my mom and I had set up many years ago.


After Things Start Settling Down

Now I have been busy going through the house sorting things to keep and giveaway. I have looked through pictures and cards that were a beautiful reminder of how full of life she had in the past 93 years. There is a sense of peace I have, but at the same time, I feel a significant loss and loneliness that I am sure will subside in time, but will always be there to a degree.
I can sense the feeling that mom is not here anymore, although I am so very thankful that I made a voice picture recording of mom saying something she always told me, “You’re a good son.” That recording is one of my most prized memory of my mom. (you might want to do the same with your elderly parents or loved ones).
I hear mom’s voice every night when I turn off the living room lights, which activates her voice recording! A beautiful reminder of mom before I go to sleep.

Words Of Comfort From Pastor Ron Sauer

Pastor Ron Sauer told me on the phone that God knew my mom well before I did, and God wanted to take her home, so in the understanding that, I feel that I can let go and hold on to all the priceless memories. 
Death the last goodbye to my mother earlier on the phone her last day. Her last words to me were the words she always said to me on the phone after we talked that afternoon that were, “I Love You!” ~ Bill Greguska


May 31, 2015

Guadagni 1-86 These are my aunts and uncles on my mom's side of the family with their husbands and wives.

These are my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side of the family with their husbands and wives except for my cousin Linda sitting in for my Uncle Joe, who passed away.

Mom Passed Away Five Months Ago

Life is starting to settle down a little bit. I am living in the house that she and my dad had built-in 1959, the year before I was born.
She put it in her will that I could live here as long as I wanted, with the only condition is that I would take care of the taxes, pay the utilities, and the upkeep.

Mom Had No Real Fear Of Death

She wanted her passing away to be all planned out. She put a lot of time and energy into all the details.
There is not a day that goes by without thinking of her; it is hard since I took care of mom over the past eight years taking care of mainly all her needs.
Those who knew her from Elmbrook Church and other places always remind me how amazing a lady she was, and that is so accurate. She treated me better than I probably deserved. That made my sisters a little jealous, which I can understand.


No Fear Of Death, But A Zeal For Life

Mom did not have a fear of death, but she did have a zeal for living. She was always thinking and making plans; you could say that dust never settled on her.
She raised four kids, worked full-time, helped my dad in the fur business, and also she worked with dad at Universal Foods Red Star Yeast for about 20 years.
Mom was so always so good to me that she wished to stay out of any nursing home was my goal that with Gods, help was achieved.
There is something special about a mother and their son, mainly because I was the youngest, I am Italian, and I just got along with and loved my mom so much. I love hearing her say on her talking photo each night when the lights go out, and it says, “You’re a good son.”  I miss mom and hearing her voice is comforting even though it is only a recording.~ Bill Greguska

July 25, 2015

Mom And Dad’s Anniversary Was On July 21, 1945

They would have remained married for 70 years, but my dad died on October 1, 1995. Time goes on without those we love.
I miss my mom and my dad too. My dad was a very kind patient man who was also a significant influence on my life regarding working and common sense.
I have reminders of both of them, and especially her life with me each day since I live in the house that she and my dad built.
It is kind of sad knowing that I will never see mom or dad here on earth again, yet someday when I die, I will see them again in heaven.


There Is A Time For Everything

There is a time to live and a time to die. Mom’s time was up, and the Lord even gave her some extra innings since she lived to be 93 years old. A lot of my ways that I do things or think are because of the direct influence on mom’s life and how she raised me.
I look forward to the day I hear her voice in heaven, saying to me, “You’re a good son.” Instead of hearing it on the talking photo each night before the lights go out. ~ Bill Greguska


September 4, 2015

John Wagner and Brian Larson playing Sheep Head with mom and myself.

John Wagner and Brian Larson were playing Sheep Head with mom and myself.

The Months Are Flying By!

I still think about my mom almost every day in some way or another. I always thank God that He put it in my mind to record mom’s voice that I hear every night when I turn the lights off in the living room. Mom has genuinely made an impact on my life, and she will never be forgotten.
Some of her strong points that made her who she was, is the way she was firm yet loving, wise yet open to new ideas, she loved to laugh.
I only got to see her cry a couple of times, loyalty was a high priority, and getting family together was another top priority. Mom was the center of our family that kept us all together. ~ Bill Greguska

January 11, 2016

It Was Mom’s One Year Anniversary Of Her Death

I am sure she is in heaven even though she gave me a hard time when I talked to her about the Bible and her need to confess with her mouth and believe in her heart that she would then be saved.
Being Catholic for 93 years made it hard for her to accept the Protestant way that I was sharing her salvation with her.
Bottom line, I know my mom’s heart and love for the Lord to know that she now is in heaven. I look forward to being with her whenever the Lord takes me.
Things have settled down in my life, and I still do miss mom! Each night I hear my mom on one of the most valuable things she gave me, which is a photo recorder that she recorded her voice saying, “You’re a good son.” ~ Bill Greguska

April 16, 2016

Mom did modeling and advertisements from time to time when she retired.

Mom did modeling and advertisements from time to time when she retired

I Miss Mom’s Italian Biscotti Cookies

It has been over one year now since mom passed away, but it seems like not a day goes by without thinking of her or talking about her to someone who used to know her.
There are so many stories that I can recall about what mom said or did, or what she cooked or accomplished in some way or another.
I missed her Italian Biscotti this past Christmas, which was one of our Christmas traditions she and I did each year since I was a little boy.

Below is the recipe in memory of my mom.


Biscotti Italian Christmas Cookies 

2 cups of butter (1lb)
5 ½ cups of sugar (cream butter and add together).
In another large bowl measure
9 cups of flour
6 teaspoons of baking powder
3 teaspoons of salt
(Sift together dry ingredient very well)
Add 12 eggs, one at a time, into dry mixture alternately until moist, and then add more dry mixture until all used. Add one teaspoon anise extract and 4 teaspoons of vanilla. Then add 1 lb of roasted almonds, mix very thoroughly by hand. Cover everything with a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator overnight.
Next day, put flour on the breadboard, take a hand full of the dough and roll by hand it into the shape of a 16×3 inch long roll. Turn oven on to 350 degrees and grease 3 cookie sheets. (Bake two rolls on each cookie sheet at a time)
After they are baked, place them on a cooling rack. Slice them diagonally carefully, while warm, about 1 inch wide. Cool thoroughly and put into gigantic popcorn tin lined with a plastic bag. ~ Bill Greguska


July 21, 2016

Today Would Have Been My Mom And Dad’s 71st Anniversary!

After my mom's death, I can still hear my mom saying on a photo recording in the living room, "You're a good son."

After my mom’s death, I can still hear my mom saying on a photo recording in the living room, “You’re a good son.”

That is if they were both still alive. In a way, they both are still alive to me. I think and talk about them both, a little more my mom, but my dad, too, since he taught me a lot about work and tried to install the value of integrity in me. 
Each night before I go to bed, I turn off the lights in the living room that automatically starts up my mom’s photo machine, so I hear her say every night to me, “You’re a Good son.” When I hear her voice, and the lights are out, it is almost like she is right there with me for a brief second.
It has been a year and a half now, but to me, she still is alive by the way she taught me certain things around the kitchen with cooking and baking, I will never forget the joyful laugh she had which was always so contagious. I do miss taking care of her. ~ Bill Greguska

September 23, 2016

Mom and I took walks or rides every day the last 8 years of her life. God has put other's in my life after my mom's death to help take care of.

Mom and I took walks or rides every day for the last eight years of her life. God has put others in my life after my mom’s death to help take care of.

It Will Be Two Years That My Mom Passed Away.

I think about her often, yet I have learned a new normal now without her.  
She was my best friend because of how much she loved me and watched out for me.
In the last eight years of her life, I was given a chance to so-called pay her back for all the good she did for me when I was growing up.  
By no means I am saying that she was perfect, only Jesus Christ is perfect, but I am saying without a doubt or hesitation.
Mom would have done anything for me and my brother Tom and my sisters Pat and Gerri, yet I always knew that I was special to her by the way she treated me. 

December 11, 2016

Mom Did Not Want To Go To Any Nursing Home

That has something to do with how I kept her out of a nursing home, which she genuinely feared. Mom did not have a fear of death at all, really, but she did have a fear of nursing home!
I realize that other kids love their mom and dad in a similar way that I loved my mother and father, but I can only speak for myself, and know the truth that my mom was the greatest!
She pushed me when I needed pushing, and she nurtured me when I needed nurturing, and she always loved me no matter what I got myself into.
One of my fondest memories of my mom was her sense of humor! She always told me that either you can laugh about it, or else you will cry about it! ~ Bill Greguska

February 8, 2017

My mom as a little girl with my Nana! my Nana's death was before I was born.

My mom, when she was a little girl with my Nana! My Nana’s death was before I was born.

It Is Hard To Believe!

It has been over two years now since mom died. I think of her often since she had made a tremendous impact on my life as both a child and as an adult.
Mom lived a good life, and I am thankful that I could keep her home and not have to put her into a nursing home.

We Had To Work Out Some Details 

Others were interested in putting her in a home, but since I loved my mom as I did, and she was always good to me while I was growing up, granting her wish was not something I had to do much thinking about at all.
I thank God that I was wise enough to record her voice on a photo machine, so now at night, when I turn off the lights, I get to hear her voice saying, “You’re a good son!” 
Her passing away makes me more aware that I will not be alive forever, either. I have no fear of death because when God calls me, I will be ready. In the meantime, I have more work to do and more people to try to encourage. ~ Bill Greguska


May 4, 2017

This is my mom and dad at St. Matthew's church on their wedding day!

This photo is my mom and dad at St. Matthew’s church on their wedding day!

There Is Probably Not A Day That Goes By!

I would honestly say that I think about our talk about my mom every day. That is true because each night, I heard her voice on the photo recorder saying, “You’re a good son!” is the last voice I hear before I go to sleep. 
I am sure that mom would be pleased and proud of what I am doing. Taking care of her for the last eight years of her life was an honor that I am glad I could have. Yes, sometimes it was difficult, but if asked to do it all over again, my answer would be Yes!
Mom truly loved me and watched over me and encouraged me in both good times and bad. I do miss her home cooking, yet she taught me pretty good to cook for myself now…I just wanted to share a few thoughts in honor of my mom! My mom, I would have to say, was my best friend I ever had. ~ Bill Greguska


July 8, 2017

After my mom's death, it is hard to do things like making Italian Bisquote Christmas cookies that she and I did almost every year!Without A Doubt My Mom Was Wonderful!

Mom overall was a great person; she was like an anchor in my life that kept me going.
She defended me from my sisters, spoke up for me in school, she provided for me, she comforted me and protected me, she chased after neighbor boys who picked on me because I was the youngest in the neighborhood when I was about five years old.
Mom disciplined me pretty good too but not enough, she laughed with me, and let me tell her anything on my mind, and I mean anything!
After my mom’s death, it is hard to do things like making Italian Bisquote Christmas cookies that she and I did almost every year!


October 17, 2020

Pastor Ron Sauer and Sue SauerMom Had Some Special Ways About Herself!

My mom used to say, “There she blows” when I was about to cry when I was depressed so severely when I had a nervous breakdown during my divorce, she played chess with me when I did not seem to have any friends when I was little, she came to all my basketball games in grade school and high school.
Mom used to cook like a gourmet chef, and baked like Martha Stuart, she spoiled me a little, but everyone needs a little spoiling once in a while. I am so thankful I can hear her voice when I turn the lights out at night, and her voice recording says, “You’re a good Son” I miss her, but I am glad I had her when she was alive. ~ Bill Greguska
Pastor Ron Sauer gave me much comfort when my mom died, even before she died, Sue always shared words of encouragement for me.


January 14, 2018

I am so glad mom did not have a fear of death and she is with dad in heaven!

My mom helped take good care of me my whole life, and I was blessed, and it was my honor to be able to take care of her during the last eight years of her life! I am so glad mom is with dad in heaven!

Been 6 Months Since I Wrote

I still talk about her probably a couple of times a week for some reference or another? When I think of her, I do not feel depressed, but blessed to have had a mom as I had in her! December 31, 2017, was the third anniversary of mom’s death. Living in the house that she and my dad built helps keep the good memories alive. I have tried to love my children as she has loved me, yet I feel I fall a little short because she went above and beyond what I would consider the responsibility of a good parent. May she be resting in peace with the Lord Jesus right this minute.


September 12, 2018

Time Is Flying Bye

Mark Mallwitz

Mark and Lisa Mallwitz and many of those in my Bible study were close to my mom.

The days and weeks and months are going by now since mom died on December 31, 2014. It still feels like my mom is still around because I think and talk about her many times a week. I love the plaque that the caregiver company gave me when my mom died, I have it on my garage door, so I see it when I drive the car in the garage, and others can see it too.  It says, “The seeds that mothers plants bloom for a lifetime.”

My daughter Sherry and I talk about my mom almost every time we get together. Sherry loved her grandma very much, and Sherry used to always call my mom, “Gorgeous.”
I am very thankful that I had mom record her voice on a picture frame recorder, I have it in my bedroom, and at night when I turn the light off each night, it says. “You are a good son.” She always told me that, and it encouraged me and gave me the strength to keep taking care of her the last 8 years of her life until she died.

December 24th, 2018

Mom’s Italian Biscotti Cookies!

Healthy foods

Here are some of my cousins, aunties, sisters. My mom was the best Biscotti maker ever!

My mom and I made Italian Biscotti cookies since I was old enough to remember. The last 4 years now, since mom died, I did not make any. This year I asked my daughter Sherry to join me in making them. I did not want to do them alone, but Sherry was very excited to help me! I was very happy to make the Biscotti’s with Sherry, and also very thankful that she wanted to help. My grandchildren, Ariana, and Justice, both helped out greasing the pans and being a big help.

Mom was great doing the cookies with Sherry, but I must admit that I did not follow the instructions as well as I could have. Thank God that they turned out good. (a grade or two below your Biscottis mom) But bottom line, they were good. It was the first time doing them without you, but we got it done!





April 18, 2019

It Has Happened As I Thought It Would!

My Mom

My mom when she was a young lady somewhere around the year 1940.

I figured that the memory of my mom would not really fade at all, and it did not. I talk about my mom every day, I can honestly say. Some kind of reference or memory of what she taught me or did I share it with others regularly. It is funny how she is involved in so many of my conversations.

Mom was a pillar in my life and has influenced me in many wonderful ways. I think one of the biggest things she gave me was a wonderful sense of humor and a big loving heart. My siblings might not describe her in the exact same way, but I would say similarly. Being the last of 4 kids, my mom spoiled me to some degree. She, too, was the youngest of 8 kids and knew how it felt to be the youngest too.

Mom, you may not be with me on this planet any longer, but I know you are in heaven with the Lord. I miss you, mom!






February 3, 2020

Mom and Brewers

Mom and I got on the jumbotron at Miller Park!

It has been over 5 years now since my mom died, and I can honestly say that I refer to her in conversations with other each week, and actually many times! She has made a very big impact on my life, and I tell others about her quite often. Now that I work at a hospital delivering food to patients, I see the patients and they remind me of my mom. My mom was in and out of the hospital for the last few years of her life somewhat on a regular basis, with minor physical problems that were magnified by her age, diabetes, asthma, and weight.
Dr. Bagrud took very good care of her and gave me wonderful instructions on how to care for her. (I remember that even though mom had diabetes and was 90+ years old, that her doctor said it was okay to enjoy a little, very little ice cream once a week or so) My mom loved food, and the doctor and I and my mom worked together to have her enjoy some foods so that her last years she did not have to be on a strict food diet. The doctor, my mom, and I work to have her enjoy her old age gracefully.



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Do you have a will set up for yourself?


I Had Two Great Parents!

Both of my parents went to church every Sunday and were both great people. To me, that was excellent, but I knew that just going to church and being a good man, does not mean either one of them was going to heaven. I had many talks with both my parents before they died.
I explained to them that they needed to confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus was their Lord and Saviour. Romans 10:9-13
Both my parents were Catholic that made it harder for them to understand the need to do what I asked them to do. I am grateful that they could both understand the Gospel and that they are now both in heaven together. 
Make sure you know where you are going when you die. Also, be sure to know where your loved ones are going when they die. There should be no fear of death. God wants nobody to be left behind.
When it comes to being with him in heaven, and that is why it is so important to share the Gospel with others! This way, there will be no need to have a fear of death. ~   Bill Greguska


One Of The Greatest Gifts:

One of the greatest gifts we can give people is the hope that their death is nothing to fear – you know, not that it has no fear of it, but the promise of the scripture is that God will lead us through the valley of the shadow of death. ~Max Lucado

Parental Discipline

Why God is discipline something politically incorrect? I always loved my mom, even when she had to discipline me because I knew she loved me. She had to be the mother and father of the home since my dad worked so much, and his personality was not as assertive or in charge of my mom. Looking back as an adult, I could have used a few more spankings as a child.
Also beneficial would be more motivational things, like what my mom did for me by getting me involved in basketball in 4th grade. That seems like the only real incentive that I had to behave. Looking back now, I see that I did have it easier in some ways, but because I lacked some discipline, school, and my early twenties were tougher than they to be. Without training, life will become more of a challenge than you can imagine!

Proverbs 3:12 Because The LORD Disciplines Those He Loves, As A Father The Son He Delights In.

Do you think you get away with things just because you are not caught right away? Dad was very honest, hardworking, wise, and kind. Remembering when I was about seven years old, my dad found a penny on the rug in church one Sunday and being so honest. It must have convicted him because the next week, he brought it back.
My mom has always been loving, outgoing, fun-loving, firmly determined, smart, and loyal. Thought I went astray from their example for many years, the Lord was merciful and kind to me to give me a second and third and fourth chance. Growing up, I had problems with my integrity, which resulted in being arrested a few times and even going to jail a few times.
Why, God, was it not until I let go of my alcohol and marijuana that I could honestly say that my integrity started to grow. It took me a while to realize that God’s gift to me was my life; my gift to God is what I do with it. God watches over us because he is omnipresent, which means he is everywhere watching what we say, think, and do, so we can never fool God.

Mom Would Have Loved To See This! Tim Hawkins


What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?

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