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A Little Bit About Myself…

NeedEncouragement-sign-back-yard started because of all the help Pastor Ron and Sue Sauer gave me trying to keep my marriage alive.

My name is Bill Greguska and my past life has brought me through some difficult times, most of them were because of alcohol and drugs when I started using them as a teenager.  A big part of my life was basketball which I used to play an extraordinary amount of the game. I did get pretty good, but when alcohol and drugs and depression got the best of me, it put my life on hold.

I am thankful for good parents who loved me and went well beyond what was required of parents. This website is a result of the encouragement that I received from my parents, pastors, friend and family. I just wanted to pay it forward to put this website together out of gratitude for how others have helped me, namely my mom, Sue Sauer, Mark Mallwitz, plus a few other Christian friends. ~ Bill Greguska




A Little More About Bill Greguska

Pius XI high school basketball in my sophomore year about age 16 with dreams of basketball in my head!

I started my life in grade school by getting very good at basketball, my mom used basketball as leverage for me to get passing grades and stay out of trouble in school. After finding that I was improving in basketball later on in grade school and high school, I found a lot of self-worth from playing basketball, and I got a lot of self-satisfaction and attention from playing. It engulfed my life, and while growing up, it was all I did each summer, year after year, month after month, and literally day after day, and it kept me busy on my teams during the school year. 

Everything was going relatively well it seemed until my best friend Steve Mader died when I was 16 years old on March 12th, 1976. Before I knew it, I started to smoke marijuana and cigarettes to escape the pain in my life and depression got the better of me. I threw a lot of potential out the window in my life due to my addiction to alcohol and drugs and depression.

Things eventually got worse, and I ended up having problems in high school which I eventually ended up hospitalized for drug and alcohol addiction for the first time at age 16. My life was on a roller coaster from the time I was about 16 years old until I got long-term treatment in 1986. By the time I was 28 years old after participating in long-term drug and alcohol treatment, I began to learn that I needed was to discover what God wanted me to consider most important, not what I thought to be so important when I was living only to please myself, not Him.


At age 45 with a vision of encouraging others with the Encouragement ministry.

I thank God that He helped me quit drinking alcohol and using drugs on June 25th, 1986 also helped me quit smoking cigarettes January 10th, 1988. He also opened up a personal relationship with me. 

It is very strange how we can have our priorities messed up sometimes, but God is faithful if we trust in Him. By the way, I still enjoy watching basketball on TV or shooting hoops once in a while at the park, but it is no longer a god to me! I am thankful for what basketball taught me about not giving up, but instead creating a new standard!

I thank God I got out of the driver’s seat when I was 26 years old when Jesus Christ both shook up my life and at the same time, started me on a journey of being born again and living my life for the Lord instead of for myself. If you sense that your life might need some help like I did, do not wait another minute, please call 1-800-633-3446 today! 




I Live Who I Believe I Am – Pete Briscoe


To the best of my ability, I have learned from the past. I live in the present and I have hope for the future, and I strive to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Pete Maravich’s story is inspirational to me!~ Bill Greguska

2 Corinthians 5:17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!


With God’s Help, I Quit Drugs and Alcohol on June 25, 1986. 

Encouragement Ministry Sign

My back yard sign at my house many years ago. 

I have stayed clean and sober over 30 years. Before that, I went in and out of treatment many times, yet I always seemed to end up right back at the places where I knew the drugs and alcohol were. It was not until I went to the last treatment center that I got the help and encouragement I needed. So many people, like myself, did not know how to stop drinking or using drugs or how to deal with the physical addictions to drugs or alcohol.

I am so very thankful that I quit using drugs – and the same can happen for you. Also, thank God that He could even help me quit smoking cigarettes. The drugs and alcohol were creating more obvious problems with my behaviors, but the cigarettes were slowly killing me from the inside out. I pray that you too can get help like I did because living with an addiction is not easy and will not get better without help from God and others who are willing and able to help. ~ Bill Greguska


I’m An Ordinary Person No Different Than Yourself

Trust in God, not in yourself!

I just happened to have gone through my share of hard times because of some fault of my own and just the way things turned out. But God has been faithful to me each step of the way and that God has blessed me even though I did not deserve it. (by His grace and mercy)

I have my issues that I deal with for which I need encouragement from time to time like anyone of us. What I can say that God has helped me through many in my life.  When you focus on your problem or obstacle, the problem increases.

When we concentrate on having trust in God, He points us to the solutions that we need.  ~ Bill Greguska

The Old is Gone, The New is Here!

Too Many Things Were More Important To Me Than God:

  1. Basketball
  2. Drugs
  3. Alcohol
  4. And Life I Once Lived. 




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Some Great Advice To You?


There is a little bit of good in the worst of us, and a little bit of bad in the best of us. 

  • Let your faith lift you up when life knocks you down, having trust in God helps you to laugh instead of cry. Your trust and confidence in Him (instead of your ability) will help you find lasting peace. When you give up trying to live on your own (and begin trusting God), that is when you begin to grow. 
  • Then when you practice forgiving others when you speak positive words of truth to both yourself and others, and when you love one another the way God has instructed you to do, you will experience peace.
  • I think that it would be safe to say that if God is willing to help me, then I am sure He is more than prepared to do the same or more for you, no matter what your situation, as long as you let Him know you need help and encouragement. 
  • I have personally experienced God’s help many, many times throughout my life. Because of all God has done in my life, having faith in Him is a very normal and a natural thing for me. Make today the day that you will begin to look at life through a new set of eyes. 
  • If there is a problem or sin that is bothering your conscience, then it’s best to try to attempt to make things right. Reach out for the help you need. God has a plan for you. Your job is to find out what that plan is and to follow it the best you possibly can. Jeremiah 29:11-13


God Can Help You Too as He Has Helped Me!

Bill High school basketball

My high school basketball picture Gary Hass drew of me, later to find out Gary helped designed the Bradley Center court in Milwaukee! ~ Bill Greguska

If you want to win in the game of life, let the coach call the shots. God loves us all and has a plan for each of our lives – we just need to either follow him or choose to do our own thing and suffer because of it like I did. No matter what your weaknesses or strengths are, without God, we are ultimately lost like sheep who have gone astray, like I was for so many years.

God Gave Me a Good Sense of Humor

I thank God for the sense of humor that he blessed me with. I grew up as a class clown/basketball player, which somehow worked for my benefit for the most part. My mom insisted that if I wanted to play on the basketball team, then I needed to buckle down and keep my sense of humor in check. It became a real motivating factor in my life. (Except when I was depressed), I always seemed to have a smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart. People appeared to gravitate towards me because I was humorous. Below is a video that I found that describes how I learned on my own how to be so-called funny


My Alcohol and Drug Addiction of The Past!

It was not until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired that I finally asked for help with my addiction to marijuana and alcohol. It was not until then that I could finally start my recovery, and God began to answer my prayers! God changed my life. He can change yours too! He put the right people in my life and gave me a strong desire to quit using drugs and alcohol. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

God helped me. He can help you too if you just put your trust and faith in Him. From the time I was 16 years old until I was 26, I had a problem with drugs and alcohol that caused many problems in my life – like so many teens and adults in our society. My physical addictions created a world of troubles and heartaches in my life and for my family and friends, which was very depressing to me. I (Bill Greguska) wanted freedom from alcohol and drugs, but as much as I tried to get help, I never could seem to free myself. When I did make any progress, it was usually just a temporary fix. ~ Bill Greguska






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Thank God that He gave me a good sense of humor. My mom always told me that if you don’t laugh about things in life, you will end up crying about them. ~ Diana Greguska

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