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Bill Greguska

Once I realized what God has done for me in my life through others like Ron and Sue Sauer, Mark Mallwitz and others… God lead me to want to be a fisher of men and point them to Jesus Christ like others did for me in my life!  ~Bill Greguska


The Story/Testimony Of Bill Greguska...

There is nothing so bad that God cannot help you overcome it! ~ Bill Greguska


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I Live Who I Believe I Am – Pete Briscoe


A Look Back At Facebook ~ Bill Greguska

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Posted by Bill Greguska on Sunday, February 9, 2014


I Had Two Great Parents, But I Choose To Do Wrong Anyway…

My Parents were good parents to me!


My Personal Testimony, by Bill Greguska

My past has been a mixture of good and also not so good. Some things I got myself into and other things were beyond my control.

My first encounter that I remember was when I was about seven years old.  I knew in my heart that Jesus Christ was real and I wanted to follow him, but I also knew that I had a problem with behaving which cause great conflict in me.

In grade school, once I got very good at basketball. my mom used basketball as leverage for me to get passing grades and stay out of trouble in school.

Realizing that my abilities in basketball helped me with my self-worth,  I got a lot of self-satisfaction and attention from playing basketball.

My parents took me to church every weekend and even put me in a church school to instruct me, which developed some of the fundamentals of my faith. 

Faith in God was very frustrating to me, because I learned about what was good and acceptable, but it was hard for me to live it out.


Basketball Was The Center Of My Universe!

Bill Greguska Basketball days!

Pius XI high school basketball in my sophomore year about age 16 with dreams of basketball in my head! ~ Bill Greguska


While Growing Up, Basketball Was All I Did Each Summer

Year after year, month after month, and literally day after day, and it kept me busy on my teams during the school year.

I tried out for varsity my sophomore year at Pius XI, yet coach Joe Bunneta wanted me to play JV in order to get a lot of playing time which I did.

A very big part of my life became basketball which I got pretty good at, although without a doubt alcohol and drugs got the best of me, it totally ripped my life apart which took many years of recovery to put the pieces back together with God’s help.

I need to say that school was very challenging for me just to try to sit quietly in class and pay attention. I was not dumb at all, but I did struggle with reading until I was almost in high school.  

My silliness and hyperactivity made school something I did not enjoy and I found myself easily distracted, even though I got B’s and C’s but school did not come naturally to me. I was very popular due to the fact I was very friendly with a big heart, very humorous.

I thank God for the sense of humor that he blessed me with. It is not surprising because I grew up as a class clown/basketball player, which somehow worked for my benefit for the most part.


I Dreamed About Making It Big In Basketball…

Bill Greguska

Basketball was the biggest part of my life, until my bout with drugs and alcohol, after my recovery, Jesus Christ was put on the thrown where He always belonged! ~ Bill Greguska


The Church Helped Point Me To Jesus!

In my teens, the Lord allowed me to get into multiple difficulties, such as a drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and problems with the law, to ultimately help me understand the deep need that I had for God.

Everything was going relatively well it seemed until my best friend Steve Mader died when I was 16 years old on March 12th, 1976. Thoughts of totally giving up on life would not leave me alone and suicide was looking like something I was thinking of doing.

On April 1, 1976, Depression And Mental Illness put my life on a screeching halt, I was only 16 years old and I was admitted to St. Mary’s Hill hospital which did not help at all, it only made me angrier.

For 9 months they gave me pills and had to shot me up with tranquilizers at times since I was angry the way they treated me. I was scared and was trying to protect myself from all the side effects of the medicine.

That definitely was a waste of time. I was also in Depaul Hospital and Dewey Hospitals and County Hospital but nothing really changed me or my life until I go into long-term treatment at Winnebago Mental Health Institute combined with Elmbrook church shortly afterward.

When a person contemplates suicide it is very hard to go through the motions of life and living with that on your mind.


The Life of Bill Greguska…

Bill Greguska


My Parents Did Not Know What To Do To Help Me?

I was totally depressed, drinking and using different types of drugs. Drugs such as marijuana, hash, and even angel dust, cocaine, and acid a number of times not to mention Pam aerosol inhalation. Bottom line, I did not want to live anymore.

That definitely was a waste of time. I was also in Depaul Hospital and Dewey Hospitals and County Hospital but nothing really changed me or my life until I go into long-term treatment at WMHI combined with Elmbrook church shortly afterward.

There was a period in my life when I got really serious about my faith.  God orchestrated that I ended up in long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation for two years, where I got the help I truly needed.

It was not until I was 26 years old on June 25, 1986, when I was in long-term treatment for drugs and alcohol and mental illness at WMHI that I really got the help and understanding that I needed.

I was so thankful because it was a blessing to get away from Milwaukee where I knew where all the places to get high and party were.


The Sign In My Back Yard Sums It Up!

Bill Greguska NeedEncouragement.com

This website ministry I started back in 2005. Before then I had a 24 hours phone help line. God has been good and faithful to me, I want to be an encouragement to others! ~ Bill Greguska


God Put Elmbrook Church In My Life

After I got out of treatment 2 years later, I got involved with NA and AA for a little while longer until I got involved in Elmbrook Church.

I got out of long term treatment in 1989.  Shortly after that, I started attending Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI on a regular basis.

Elmbrook church had an open basketball program which caught my eye. Basketball was the “carrot” that got me back in church again!

Looking back I am so thankful that God put Elmbrook church in my path to help me to grow as a Christian under the teaching of Stuart Briscoe and the rest of the staff.  I was very grateful for all the church and people did to help me. This was back in 1989 shortly after I got out of long-term treatment.

The church took me in and helped me to grow as a Christian under the teaching of Stuart Briscoe and the rest of the staff.

My life has not been perfect or even easy and I still sin, but since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. God has blessed me with some key people to help me and He has done the same in your life, you just need to be more aware of it.

I know God created me, why I am here on earth, and that I have a purpose for my life. God loves me, and I love Him and want to serve him out of gratitude. For what He has done so much for me in my life to let Himself be know to me.


I Helped Take Care Of My Mom The Last 8 Years Of Her Life

Bill Greguska and my mom Diana Greguska

Like any one of us, my mom was not perfect. But she was such a wonderful woman who loved me through thick and thin. Her faith, wisdom, sense of humor and love were some of her stronger points. ~ Bill Greguska


Alcohol And Drugs Has No Longer Got The Best Of Me!

Most of the bad situations were because of some extremely bad choices I made concerning alcohol and drugs which I got into when I was a teenager.

Often I thank God that He helped me quit drinking alcohol and using drugs on June 25th, 1986 also helped me quit smoking cigarettes January 10th, 1988. He also opened up a personal relationship with me.

I have stayed clean and sober over 30 years.  Although I have been in and out of treatment many times. Yet I always seemed to end up right back at the places where I knew the drugs and alcohol were.

It was not until I went to the last treatment center that I got the help and encouragement I needed. So many people, like myself, did not know how to stop drinking or using drugs or how to deal with the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This website is a result of the encouragement that I received from God, my parents, pastors, friends, and family. I just wanted to pay it forward to put this website together out of gratitude for how others have helped me, namely my mom, Sue Sauer, Mark Mallwitz, plus a few other Christian friends.

2 Corinthians 5:17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!


I Was No Michael Jordan, But I Loved Basketball


What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?











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We all need encouragement...

From basketball to addiction, from addiction, to faith in God! ~ Bill Greguska


In My Life…The Old Is Gone, The New Is Here!

Too Many Things Were More Important To Me Than God:

  1. Basketball
  2. Drugs
  3. Problem With Alcohol

Until I Gave Up The Life I Once Followed… 


Lew Alcindor (Kareem Jabbar) Was My 1st Role Model!



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Thank God that He gave me a good sense of humor. My mom always told me that if you don’t laugh about things in life, you will end up crying about them. ~ Diana Greguska


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  • To the best of my ability, I have learned from the past. I live in the present and I have hope for the future.  Strive to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Thank God that He made Himself known to me through my life difficulties and never left me. ~ Bill Greguska