Personal Testimonies To Inspire You!

Personal testimonies

When people share their personal testimonies, it can encourage others in their faith! Here are some encouraging scriptures that relate to our own personal testimonies.



Each One Of Us Has Our Own Personal Testimonies!

Personal testimonies that will inspire you!

Personal testimonies encourage those who hear them, and also for those who share benefit too!


Personal Testimonies Of Changed Lives Because Of Jesus!

What I may have experienced in my life, might encourage some people, yet what you have experienced might encourage others!

Each one of those personal testimonies is unique to the individual. Each and every one of us has our own personal testimony. Our personal testimonies are unique to each individual and can help others to come to faith in God.

When you share your own personal testimonies, you are sharing a part of your life that made you who you are today. 

When people like you and I share our personal testimonies, it not only helps the people who get to hear it, but it also reinforces and strengthens our own faith in Jesus Christ!

Below you will find a list of some helpful testimonies about how God works in peoples lives in so many different ways.

When you share your story with others you will inspire others to know God and to reach their own personal best. It simply just works that way. ~ Bill Greguska


Here Are Some Helpful Links:



Bill Greguska’s Personal Testimony

No matter what your story it, it is important and worthy to be heard by others. Share your story!


Helpful Testimonies:

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  2. Ben Hersh
  3. Bill Greguska
  4. Pastor Billy Graham
  5. Brian Larson
  6. Diana Greguska
  7. Pastor Francis Chan
  8. John Wegner
  9. Pastor Mark Mallwitz
  10. Ray Jablonski
  11. Pastor Ron West
  12. Pastor Stuart Briscoe
  13. Terri Mitchell
  14. Pastor Ron and Sue Sauer



I think that I am a walking testimony to you can have scars. You can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life. ~ Natalie Cole

Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


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A Sample of My Testimony by Bill Greguska

I was introduced to God when I was in grade school, I went to St. Gregory’s the Great and I did learn some good things about God, yet I was too young and immature to really apply them and live them out in my life.
I got myself involved with basketball quite heavily with encouragement from my mom. Basketball was the only thing that motivated me to behave in school and get passing grades.
But then fast forward to me getting involved with drugs and alcohol which took my life on very bumpy and miserable road from about the age of 17-26 years old.
I was thankful to have some people in my life who cared about me such as my mom, and later on in my life Ron and Sue Sauer, plus Mark Mallwitz and a few others.
I got out of long-term treatment in 1988 and got involved with Elmbrook church where I stayed and grew for about 23 years which helped a lot, I even worked at Elmbrook for 4 years which was good for me especially during that time in my life.

The Lord Came Into My Life!

I committed my life to Jesus Christ on June 25, 1986. That was the beginning of the end, and the start of better days to come, it was the last time I used drugs or alcohol. There were many things that lead up to that life-changing decision.
I did not see fireworks or anything like that, but I knew in my heart and mind that the answer to my life was Jesus Christ. The Lord gave me back my life, so I decided that it was only right I lived my life for him.
With all the help and encouragement that I was encouraged by Ron and Sue Sauer, I was encouraged to start in 2007 to encourage others in a similar way.
My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is very important to me because of all that God has taught me and saved me from, I have gotten into a good habit of starting each day in God’s word and journaling for a number of years now, I also have stayed active in Bible study and church for many years.
I do not believe that just memorizing the Bible is what God wants from us (even though it is important) but rather God wants a relationship with us, and that is what I have which I am so very thankful for. My life still is not anywhere near perfect, but I am far past where I used to be and striving forward to where God wants me to be more and more each day.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!



Many People Write Personal Testimonies

When you share your story it encourages others in their faith by hearing what God has done in your life!


Keep In Mind When Sharing Your Personal Testimony:

When sharing personal testimonies (or in other words your story), I would strongly advise that you outline it on paper, go over it by yourself or with someone you know before you share it.
Be sure that you are somewhat organized and your story is familiar to you and easy to understand and follow others who you are planning to share it with.
  • How did things use to be?
  • What personally made the difference in your life?
  • What actually changed in your life?
Try to share it like you are just talking with someone, try not to seem like you are just reading it off a piece of paper, but it that is the way you need to do it, that will work too.

Remember that your story is your story and that nobody can argue with what you say because it happened to you which is why it is called your personal testimony. It is not you who is going to influence the person(s) you are speaking to, but it is the Holy Spirit that will be doing the work.




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A testimony of the truth of the gospel does not come the same way to all people. Some receive it in a unique, life-changing experience. Others gain a testimony slowly, almost imperceptibly until, one day, they simply know. ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

Mark 10:19 You know the commandments: ‘You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, you shall not defraud, honor your father and mother.’”