Many Website Links To Encourage You!



Website Links To Inform And Encourage You!

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Website Links…

Discover many excellent website links that you will be able to use to obtain more information on different topics of concern to you.

The Internet has become a tool for either do harm or to help. Our purpose is to use it to help others like you to find what you need.

Our goal is to point you in the direction you need to be through website links of other quality established Christian ministries and Christian caliber type sites.

If you would like to be located on our page, contact us and let us know. ~ Bill Greguska



Listed Below Are Over 100 Helpful Websites Links!



  1. Information about Jesus
  2. Are you a seeker or skeptic
  3. Free Streaming of Christian music
  4. Ken Ham talks about the Bible and creation an apologetics ministry


  1. Helping kids one move at a time
  2. Sports players and coaches
  3.  Milwaukee inner city ministry
  4. Multiple Bible translations
  5. Find passages from the Bible
  6. One minute Bible love notes
  7. Free Bible Tracts
  8. Free Bibles for yourself or others
  9. Bible concordance
  10. Biblical counseling and encouragement (Ron & Sue Sauer)
  11. Bible study tools
  12. Bible study tools
  13. Pastor Billy Graham’s ministry


  1. Encouragement for those who are hospitalized
  2. Share the Gospel with others
  3. Christian news, commentary and more
  4. Viewing the Bible through Jewish eyes
  5. Great advice from a Christian perspective
  6. Lots of Biblical resources to help you.
  7. Family Christian Movies
  8. Clean Christian jokes
  9. Find a Bible believing church to attend
  10. Understand creation from evolution
  11. Finding Employment
  12. “Campus Crusade For Christ.”
  13. Christian recovery
  14. Free Christian Video Advice
  15. Truth about God, the Bible, sin, and salvation
  16.  Corrie Ten Boom Museum Is it possible for God’s love to sacrifice for others?
  17.  Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and Filtering for sexual purity
  18. Your questions about faith
  19. Help for Bible studies
  20. Encouraging e-cards to send free


  1. Communicating and relating better
  2. Medical information for better health
  3. Medical and emotional help
  4. Keep your kids from drugs and alcohol
  5. Find help for drug addictions
  6. If you have been divorced


  1. Non-denominational Christian church
  2. Bible dictionary tool
  3. Non-denominational Christian church
  4. Protecting your children online
  5. Motivational Basketball
  6. Inspirational video clips


  1. Help for your marriage
  2. Free Bible Tracts
  3. Good Christian comedy
  4. Family advice
  5.  Food Addictions


  1. Christian videos
  2. Learn more about God and the Bible
  3. Transition from prison to self-sustaining in Milwaukee
  4. Help with grieving the of a loss of a loved one
  5. Free Internet Christian counseling


  1. Freedom from homosexuality
  2. Find available homeless shelters in the US
  3. Teen suicide prevention


  1. Christian college ministry
  2. Pastor Charles Stanley teaching ministry
  3. “Institute for Religious Research.”


  1. Video of the story Jesus Christ
  2. How to receive the gift of Jesus
  3. Ministries for those with disabilities
  4. Pastor Josh McDowell’s ministry


  1. Christian legal council
  2. Encouragement for women
  3. Encouragement and motivation from Nick Vujicic
  4. Pastor Ray Comfort’s “Living Water” project
  5. Pastor Adrian Roger’s ministry
  6. Find steps to following Jesus


  1.  Help to give a child who is ill a wish
  2. Bus turned into an evangelic tool for the Milwaukee area
  3. Organize meals for a friend after birth, surgery, or illness.
  4. Bible memorization techniques and tools
  5. Resources from Moody Bible Institute
  6. Discover both good and bad about your life


  1. Insights on faith, relationships, addictions
  2.  Needencouragementcom-Encouragement-Ministry.Business.Site Photos of and friends
  3. A list of many more great website links
  4. How to know if you have eternal life with Jesus
  5. Find answers to life’s questions


  1. Over-eaters Anonymous.
  2. Christian teachers on internet radio
  3. Plan to help you read the entire Bible in one year
  4. “Daily Bread” devotional materials.”


  1. Dealing with Chronic Pain
  2. Four Steps to finding peace
  3. Using the Bible to bring people to faith
  4. Resources for Ex-Prisoners
  5.  Learn How to Recover from Pornography


  1. Making the best use of your time
  2. Nationwide Christian business directory


  1. Thousands of free messages from God’s word
  2. Short video skits that teach biblical truth
  3. Milwaukee inner city ministry
  4. Share random acts of kindness and/or share your faith with someone.
  5. Inspirational Christian Poetry
  6. Mentoring teens who need guidance
  7. Lighthearted humor and inspiration
  8. The Psalms set to music


  1. Paintings of Christian artist Ron DiCianni
  2. Helping teens get away from drugs and alcohol
  3. The ministry of Pastors Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe
  4. Ten basic steps a Christian needs to take
  5. Information about addictive drugs
  6. Finding God’s wisdom and influencing your world
  7. Inspirational 4-minute video
  8. Preserving the truth and accuracy of the Bible
  9. Non-religious yet solid advice based on Biblical principles
  10. Teaching from pastor Tony Evans
  11. Christian teaching resources for children


  1. Devotionals from Christian author Oswald Chambers
  2. Pro-life resources


  1. Inspirational materials about values
  2. Battle sexual temptations
  3. Find opportunities to volunteer


  1.  People with a disability
  2. How to balance work and family
  3. Wisconsin pro-life organization
  4. More than 40 years of Bible study ministry
  5. Resources for sharing the gospel


  1. Help with sexual accountability


  1. 365 promises from the Bible


Free Christian Things Websites

Websites links that offer FREE Bibles, free Bible Studies, and Books

  • Bibles for America – BFA.ORG (free Christian Books)
  • Steps to Life- (Bible studies by mail free)
  • Billy Graham (free Dvd’s brochures and more)
  • World Video Bible School (free DVD’s)
  • Words of Hope (free devotionals)
  • House to House/Heart to Heart (free booklets study material)

(As of 4-15-17)


If you want to reach potentially a lot of people and share helpful information with them, a website is a good place to consider putting some energy into. ~ Bill Greguska

Proverbs 3:13 Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.



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