Inspirational People In Our Lives?

Inspirational people!

We all have inspirational people in our lives. Who are some inspirational people in your life?



Who are inspirational people in your life?

Like me, I am sure you have had many inspirational people in your life. I thank God for those who are willing to reach out to others!


Inspirational People…

Both you and I have had people that have tried

to encourage us in our life.  So I believe it is only right that we would want to help others in return somehow if possible!

Each one of us has looked up to someone in their lives. It could have been a family member, friend, neighbor, teacher, coach, classmate or even someone on television.

But the point is there are usually inspirational people in everyone’s life.

God has put many people in my life that I would consider inspirational people. Below are just a few of the main inspirational people in my life.


Have You Set Any Goals Recently?

I have made it a goal in my life to encourage others via this website and also in my everyday life. Committing to this plan has helped not only other people but because of it, God has helped me in my life too by forcing me to think of others more and in turn has gotten me from focusing on my own problems and worries.  

Don’t you believe that encouraging others is what God wants us all to do? Do you want to inspire others? These are two important questions that you can answer. ~ Bill Greguska


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Inspirational People Who Have Encouraged Me

  1. Below are pictures of a few people behind the scenes who have personally been a big influence and encouragement in my life!
  2. Think about who has been a significant influence and support in your life and let them know today!


Mom and Dad 300 x 300

Mom and Dad


Ron and Sue Sauer

Mark-and-Lisa-Mallwitz 300 x 300

Mark and Lisa Mallwitz

Stuart and Jill Briscoe


Dr. Kathrine Baugrud

Ron West Elmbrook Church

Ron West


Kevin Reddy


Lora Kesselhorn and family


Ben Hersh


Bill Barry









Sherry Tomaszewski

Chris Weness






A Very Inspirational People Type Of A Video!

 When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference. ~ Zig Ziglar

Matthew 10:42 And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.



Inspirational People Are A Blessing From God!

Who were some of the inspirational people who encourage you? And who can you encourage?



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Inspirational People

There are many inspirational people in your life, you just need to figure who they are?



Inspirational People Who Encouraged Me!

Some of the encouraging people in my life, who have made a significant impact on me!

Below are individual inspirational people who encouraged me throughout my life:

  • Jesus Christ (God) for giving me life, and forgiving me of my sins, for giving me instruction from the Bible to know how to deal with problems, for showing me how to live right while I am still here on earth, and how to be saved and live with Him for eternity.
  • Diana Greguska (my mom), Inspirational people like my mom who taught me, loved me and encouraged me throughout my life even when I was a problem growing up. She taught me how not to give up, to be strong, how to have a sense of humor to make it through hard times. Mom was an unyielding yet loving, wise lady. She taught me many good things in life, such as how to cook, and influenced me greatly with her love!
  • Bill Greguska (my dad) taught me how, to be honest, hardworking, and patient.
  • Tom Greguska (my brother) gave me a good example to follow in how to think wisely and be disciplined enough to turn the page on things I could not change.
  • Pat Giese (my sister) taught me how to accept others the way they are not the way I would like them to be.



Many People Have Touched My Life…

  • Sherry Tomaszeski (my daughter) made me realize to have more patience and understanding to love her like my mom loved me when I was growing up because she is like me in some ways. There is a special bond between a father and daughter that I believe is true. 
  • Chris Weness (my son) who taught me how to be a real dad and as I enjoy raising him from age 4-14. He gave me the chance to be an active father who did many things with him. Fair, firm and fun was my motto while raising Chris and he turned out to be a good young man.
  • Joe Bova (my cousin) who shared much laughter with me, taught me to enjoy chess and to have compassion towards others. He taught me how to look for solutions to problems by being proactive while using intelligence, wit, and humor as the primary resources.
  • Erica Bova (my cousin) who encouraged me when I needed advice, also shared much laughter with me. She has a knack to know what I think before even saying anything sometimes.
  • Mike Brown (my cousin) good friend and brother who is very uplifting and has a good sense of humor.



Here Are More Inspirational People Who Encouraged Me…

  • Sue Sauer (a pastor’s wife and friend) who encouraged me. Sue helped me with my relationship, separation, divorce with my former wife, and depression. She made herself available on the phone and email when I was going through some very hard times.  She is a strong woman of God.
  • Ron Sauer (a pastor and professor at Moody Bible College), who showed me how a man should conduct himself. He taught me discipline and integrity and kept me faithful to my wedding vows despite the stress and pain. When Pastor Ron spoke at the church, his words seemed to speak right to me.
  • Kevin Reddy (my basketball friend at Pius XI), Who shared friendship with me on and off the basketball court. He was a strategic friend in high school.
  • Mark and Lisa Mallwitz  (a pastor and friend), who regularly pointed me to Jesus, taught me a lot in Bible studies and showed me about being a faithful friend. He patiently taught me to try to be a wise man of God.



We Ought To Be Thankful For All People In Our Lives…

  • Brian Larson (a friend) has taught me a lot about the computer and has been a loyal, friend and brother in Christ. When around Brian the good things about him seem to rub off on me.
  • Stuart and Jill Briscoe (pastors at Elmbrook Church), who was the first pastor that taught me much from each Sunday sermon.
  • Bill Barry (my boss at faith Indeed for ten years), who taught me about being a gentleman, as well as generosity and loyalty. A very wise man with a big heart.
  • Ron West (my boss at Elmbrook Church, at Faith Indeed, and friend) who taught me much about building wheelchair ramps, friendship and being a good employee and Christian man.
  • Dave Briscoe (Elmbrook pastor and friend), who helped me overcome some fears and uncertainty while going through my divorce and depression. Helped me overcome some fears while going through my divorce and depression.
  • Dave Pabley (drug and alcohol counselor), who helped me quit smoking cigarettes January 10, 1988.



Inspirational People Over The Many Years Of My Life!

  • Steve Mader (friend), who spent a lot of time playing basketball, racing HO cars, swimming, shooting pool, and hanging out when we were growing up. Steve’s death was very hard on me since we were only 16 & 17 years old.
  • Jim Ingerson (basketball friend at Pius XI), with whom I spent a lot of time playing basketball and sharpening our athletic skills. (Jim was the best basketball shooter that I ever knew in my life.)
  • Scott Winter (mentor and friend), who spent time with me, helping to know God better as a new Christian.
  • Shawn O’Gorman (friend), who was the first person to share the Gospel with me in the summer of 1976.



Many Types Of Inspirational People…

  • Dr. Kathrine Baugrud (doctor for about 20 years), who has given me excellent medical treatment, treated me when I was depressed, and she has gone out of her way to help me, and my mom for about 3-4 years too. Dr. Baugrud is very knowledgeable medically and cares a lot too.
  • Sister Rosemary (a nun), who visited me and encouraged me when I was in jail when I was in my twenties.
  • Sister Carol Hagg (Nun, a teacher at Pius XI), who taught me to type well by being firm. I learned perseverance and patience when I was in her class.
  • Dale Radke (a 24-hour phone helpline pastor), who encouraged me when I was in my twenties until I turned fifty.From 2005-2012, he inspired me and helped me to set up my 24-hour helpline, 414-541-HELP.
  • A very special thanks to all my basketball coaches and teammates in grades 5-12, at both St. Gregory’s School (Mike Barton, Jim Zon, Mr. Jay, John Horwath) and Pius XI High School (Tom Dicalula, Jim Rehm, Gary Pieski, Joe Bunetta).
  • I am also thankful for the camps and staff at the many summer basketball camps my mom sent me.



Gratitude Video HD Moving Art Of Inspiration!


Special Thanks!

I would also like to give special thanks to all the inspirational people who encouraged me and others on a regular monthly and yearly basis, like all those who helped with the Encouragement Ministry 24-hour helpline and website:

  • Diana Greguska (my mom), for believing in me, for encouraging me to keep up with the Encouragement Ministry, for helping me edit the messages for the 24-hour helpline, for her donating her recipes to the Healthy Food Recipes page, and for all her moral support and love.
  • Brian Larson, Cindy Emmett, Jordan Artensen, John McCarthy, Cynde Starck, Raymond Jablonski, Mike Zilavy, Carolyn Czysz and others for helping me with computer technical advice and resources for



There Are Many Parts Of The Body

  • Editing was done by some inspirational people – Sharon Dykema, Sue Sauer, Melissa Wuske, Brian Larson, Terry Bolda, Mary Rautmann, Cynde Starck, Peg Gogonelis, Jackie Hynes, and Lisa Stackpole all who helped with the editing of the website in different degrees.
  • Mike Haden, for teaching me about the Holy Spirit at Eastbrook Church years ago and for contributing to getting the word out about the Encouragement Ministry.
  • Ron West, for encouragement and printing business cards for me for
  • All the people on this page are people who encourage others!



Special Thanks To The Resources And Helpful Information From:

  •, for the biblical resources I used from their site.
  •, for some of their inspiration and direction
  •, for the many videos posted on this site. Many thanks to

I might have accidentally overlooked someone. In that case, I apologize. They know who they are, and so does God! Many inspirational people have positively influenced my life. I am very grateful to God for each of them and wish each of them a very special thanks! Many people encourage others, try to be one yourself! Bill Greguska



Happiness Challenge- Being Grateful For people




The Sermon On The Mount

  • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
  • the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
  • those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
  • the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
  • the pure in heart, for they will see God.
  • the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
  • those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.



Three Different Types Of People We Need.

  1. A person to help you be the best person you can be.
  2. Someone that you can help to be the best person they can be.
  3. Another to walk side by side with as a friend.



What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?











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I have learned to be molded by God into the person He wants. I want to help and encourage others to be the best they can be. ~ Kim Alexis

Luke 6:21  Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.