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Jesus Christ is your best choice. Take your problems to God in prayer; if you still need help, talk with your pastor, a friend, or a Christian counselor.  We want a pastor to give us three helpful tips on living a more comfortable life while overlooking sin and topics that can be uncomfortable to preach on, such as abortion, homosexuality, and other issues our society faces every day. Instead of letting God help shape our lives according to His will for our lives, it seems more comfortable to preach what feels good to hear too often. Christian counseling is for helping heal someone who is broken, and a Christian life coach is for someone who wants to grow more. Both are tools that God can use to help you live the life that God wants you to live.  ~ Bill Greguska

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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Pros And Cons About Christian Counseling

Forgiveness! is not as hard as you might think it is.

God commands us to forgive one another, or He will not forgive us.

If someone brings you closer to God, then embrace them as a gift from God. Although sometimes some good meaning people can pull you away from God instead of towards God for many different reasons, you need to pull away. The negative thing is that there is a cost for coaching. If you do not have the money to pay, I suggest talking to someone at your church to hook you up with a lay counselor who does not charge for helping you. Here is an excellent phone number you can call to talk to a Christian who cares for free. 800-633-3446
I have noticed that many Christians would often instead want God to be their life coach, counselor, or friend rather than their Lord and Savior. This is a red flag that you need to be aware of. We tend to look at prayer as a last resort instead of prayer being the go-to place where we need to start the battle on our knees. There is nothing wrong with talking to a pastor or friend, or counselor, but unfortunately, going to the source has been overlooked. It is almost like we are afraid to get our hands dirty, trying to wrestle with God over our sins and the sins of others. Until we take our problems to God in prayer, we will not have the success we would seek. I am not saying all pastors do this because many wise pastors divide God’s word the way it ought to be.


Counseling Can Be A Helpful Tool!

Just as long as the life coach points his “players” to the actual coach (Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior), God has conquered death through his Son Jesus on the cross, although we still live in a fallen world and remain in a spiritual war between good and evil. Sometimes we can forget that God has won the battle over sin, and we need to live in that victory. The difference between being a Christian counselor is someone reaching out to help those who are broken in some way and seeking healing. A Christian Life Coach is someone who meets you where you are at a level of functioning and helps you get to where you hope to be from that healthy point that you are already in at present.





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