Time Management Used Wisely Is Priceless!

Time management!


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You are doing yourself a huge favor when you practice proper time management! God has given us life, and the way we can show our thanks is to use the time that He has given us wisely. Please do not put off things you can do easily today by procrastinating and often never getting to them. Make sure you have a system of reminding yourself of appointments and deadlines; otherwise, trying just to memorize things is a recipe for trouble and forgetting things!  Use your cell phone, calendar, sticky note pads, or pocket notebook to help you stay on track. ~ Bill Greguska


Ephesians 5:15-16  Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 





Time Management Is Not As Hard As You May Think!


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Questions To Focus On God’s Best

If today were the last day of my life, how would I choose to spend it?

What does God want me to do today?

Who will I most likely encounter that needs my help or encouragement today?

Where have I seen God’s blessing in my life recently? Should I do more of that activity?

What do I feel passionate about? Could my day take on greater significance by devoting more time and energy to that cause?

What task can I, and only I, do that could have great results in building God’s Kingdom if done well?



Questions To Help You Produce More

What can I do today that will matter in 5 years?

What can I do today that will matter in eternity?

God has given me a unique set of spiritual gifts. Where can I apply those gifts to realize the most significant possible results?

What 20% of my day produces 80% of my results? How can I increase my results by enlarging that 20%?

Who do I need to partner with to multiply my effectiveness?

What skills could I learn or improve upon to achieve my goals?

What is the biggest problem in my life right now? What can I do about it today?



Questions To Develop Godly Character

Who can I serve today without expecting anything in return?

What fruits of the Spirit do I need to work on today?

What promises and commitments do I need to keep today?

What have I been procrastinating on that needs my attention today?

Which area of my life is lacking and needs my attention today: Spiritual, Financial, Family, Career, Health, or Social?


Questions To Avoid Many Dangers, Toils, And Snares

What am I most likely to do today that would keep me from doing what I should do?

Where did I fail yesterday, and how can I avoid making a similar mistake today?

Of the many things I could do, which one should I do?

Where are today’s interruptions and distractions most likely to arise from?

How can I simplify my life today? What clutter can I cut out? What can I delegate?

What would it take to end today with no regrets?


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Change Seldom Takes Place Without First Asking Questions.

Jesus shaped His disciples’ thinking by asking them questions. When Jesus was asked questions, He often responded with questions. Questions can be beneficial in discerning God’s will. Here are some questions you will want to ask to discern God’s best for your life and become more effective for Him.

Questions for Simplifying Your Life*

1. How would you complete this sentence: “I would like to trade ____ in my life for _____. What simple pleasures do you most enjoy (napping in a hammock, picnicking in a scenic spot)? How do these activities affect you spiritually?
2. Do you get newspapers, newsletters, or magazines you seldom read? If so, name them. Why do you continue to subscribe?
3. How do you sacrifice the quality of life (more joy) to achieve a higher standard of living (more stuff)?
4. How might the absence of a TV in your home help simplify your life and help you spiritually?
5. Since the 1950s, our houses have doubled in size, on average, while at the same time, our family size has been cut in half. Why do you think this is? How does this help or hurt our efforts to live a simple life?
6. In what ways can living a life of simplicity lead to a life of irresponsibility?
?. During what period of your life was your lifestyle the simplest? How happy were you then?
8. What “toys” in your life complicate more than simplify?
9. Scripture often speaks of moderation. What does moderation look like in an affluent society?
10. If you were to hire your best friend or spouse as a consultant to streamline your life, what advice do you think that person would give?
11. Where do you need to be more ruthless with the clutter in your life?
12. What are simple pleasures you most enjoy (napping in a hammock, picnicking in a scenic spot)? How do these activities affect you spiritually?
13. Someone said, “That man is the richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” In what way is this true or not true in your own life?
14. What have you bought in the past month because of an ad that you would not have bought otherwise? How do you feel about the purchase now?
15. Does generosity go hand in hand with living simply? Why or why not?
16. What is the highest maintenance part of your life right now? What would it take to make it low maintenance?
17. Name three things that require more time and energy than they are worth? Can they be eliminated?
18. How do credit cards help or hinder you in pursuing a simple life?
19. Some believe the best way to leave this world is the same way you came in with not a dime to your name. Do you agree or disagree with the “die broke” philosophy?
20. If you budgeted time like you budget money, would you budget more and less time?
21. How would you teach your children moderation and restraint?
22. What is enough, and how can we know when we have it?
23. Do you have enough silence built into your life? How do you respond to silence?
24. In what ways do you practice moderation in your diet? How does this impact you spiritually?
25. Think of a time when you visited someone living “below their means.” What was it that surprised you most about their home or lifestyle?
26. What family traditions could you initiate during a holiday to help avoid excessive pressures?
27. Could buying in bulk simplify your life?
28. How does your choice of floor covering impact your life?
29. Would you ever consider having no yard or a low-maintenance yard?
30. Do you tend to buy fewer things that are more expensive or more things that are less expensive? Which approach leads to simpler living?
31. Do you observe a Sabbath day in your week? In what ways do you protect this time?
32. What can we learn from Jesus’ example of simple living?
33. What are some things a busy life leaves no time for?
34. Do your pets complicate or simplify your life?
35. Is your life more focused or scattered? What could you do to bring more focus to it?
36. Is it true that contentment comes from wanting less instead of getting more? Where is your focus- getting more or wanting less?
37. Someone said, “The more we have, the more we are faced with fears of losing what we have.” Is this true in your life?
38. When it comes to living simply, what cultural influence will require the most significant resistance on your part?
Questions to Help Redeem the Time
39. What does God want me to do right now?
40. What will be the fruit of this activity in 5 years?
41. What will be the fruit of this activity in eternity?
42. What job do I usually do? Can someone else do 80% as well?
43. If I died today, what would I wish I had done that I did not accomplish?
44. Have I trained myself to go down my to-do list without skipping over items?
45. What is the total cost of this activity, not just in money but in time?
46. What is the opportunity cost of doing this?
47. Is there anything else I could do right now that would have better results?
48. How can I do it faster?
49. How can I do it better?
50. Is all my reading done with some purpose and action step?
51. How can I do it as a Christian in a way a non-Christian would not?
52. What will happen if I continue to procrastinate on this?
53. What is the one thing that I and only I can do that would tremendously benefit the Kingdom of God if done well?
54. What resources are available to help that I haven’t tried yet?
55. What am I going to produce today?
56. If I knew that I would die six months from today, what would be the highest priority for using my time between now and the day I die?
57. Will I obey God right now, yes or no? (No other option)
58. If I spent every day like I did yesterday, would I be satisfied at the end of my life?
59. Is there a vision God has given me in the past that I have not yet seen come to pass?
60. What is the worst thing I have to do today, so I can get it done first?
61. What have I seen the best results from in the past?
62. What is my most significant obstacle to completing my goals?
63. Why have my previous efforts not been successful?
64. What great thing would I attempt for God if I knew I could not fail?
65. What skills or knowledge must I gain to reach my goals?
66. Are my goals identified?
67. What deadline am I setting to achieve my goals?
68. What are the benefits of reaching my goal?
69. What specific action steps will I take to reach my goal?
70. Can I use the internet to achieve my goal?
71. Is there technology available to help me that I am not currently using?
72. What can I learn from the mistakes of others who have tried similar goals but have failed?
73. What are others who have become successful in my field doing that makes them successful?
74. Can I barter with someone for what I need?
75. What would Jesus do?
76. Where am I most likely to waste time today?
77. How much news do I need?
78. Am I choosing the most profitable recreation, relaxation, and entertainment form?
79. How do I want my children to remember me?
80. If I keep doing what I’ve always done, will I achieve my full potential?
81. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get God’s best?
82. How can I do what I did today even better tomorrow?
83. How can I go today beyond what I have already mastered?
84. Which of today’s tasks can be batched together for faster accomplishment?
85. On which of my tasks does perfection matter, and on which ones does it not matter?
86. Instead of saying, “Look at what I’ve accomplished,” ask, “What could I have accomplished with what I was given?”
87. Will this help me or anyone else makes it into heaven?
88. Will this activity promote personal holiness?
89. Am I leaving myself sufficient “open time” in my schedule to stay flexible enough for God to use me?
90. Would anything terrible happen if I didn’t do this priority?
91. Have I blocked time sections to focus, concentrate, and pray over a high-priority item?
92. Have I learned to think on paper?
93. Am I committed to not wasting the time of others?
94. Do I handle each piece of paper only once?
95. Do I have a place for everything, so I spend as little time as possible looking for things?
96. How can I avoid crowds and waits by changing my schedule or routines?
97. Have I experimented with my body to determine the right of sleep I need to be at my best?
98. Do I know when to leave well enough alone?
99. What productive and time conscience people can I associate with?
100. Have I mastered the telephone as a time-saving device, or am I its slave?
101. Is my desk organized for maximum effectiveness with the slightest distraction?

*Most questions in this section are adapted from “201 Great Questions the Help Simplify Your Life” by Jerry Jones. Navpress.



Time Management!

Do Not Waste Your Time!

Time management is a wise choice!

You will notice that others will also want to take your time with your time management.

I sometimes do not spend my time wisely or poor planning things ahead of time.

To consider time management, do you need to consider spending time wisely and take an inventory of how you spend your time each day?

The. evaluate if you are spending time wisely or not.

If not, which will probably be the case, you need to think about using your time more wisely.  

We are all guilty in the area of wasting time. The question now is, what are you currently willing to do about it? Are you ready to spend time wisely, or do you choose to continue not spending time wisely?

Are you practicing proper time management?

Our days are numbered, so it is wise to use them in the best possible way. Don’t waste your time because time is more valuable than money. You can always earn more money, but you can not get back the time that has been destroyed.

For that reason, time management is critical to practice!~ Bill Greguska




Time Management VS Time Wasters!






We Are In An Instant Answer Society!

  • Hungry- we have a drive-thru mentality where we can get our food in minutes.
  • Medical care we have Urgent  Care Clinics to see us that day
  • Computers, cellphones, and tablets will answer any question we have at lightning speed.
  • Cars that have built-in GPS and know where to take us. 
  • Phones on our wrists and in our pockets, and we can call to talk to anyone anywhere at any time and get through immediately. 
With GOD, it’s a different story.  We are on His timetable, not ours.
And when we don’t get an immediate answer, we may think he has abandoned us or does not hear or care. That is far from the truth. 
Our God is working our life out in HIS perfect timing.  Whether or not we are ready for something, he knows when we are in need, our motives are correct, and the heart is right. He also protects us from things he knows may harm us in the long run. 
Our GOD knows what we need even before we ask Him.  We have a God who is limitless in HIS understanding. He can surely take care of our questions and what we need. He hears us immediately when we petition Him with our prayers.
Psalm 147:5 “Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.”
Waiting on God can be difficult when we want immediate answers, but we can trust and be assured that when we are asleep, God is still awake and IS working on our behalf, and He will provide HIS plan to us when we put him in charge and seek HIS perfect will.
Bless you, today ~ Peg 


Google Calendar

You can synchronize your calendar on your computer with your phone, giving you access to your schedule at home or out and about. All you need to do is go to Gmail.com and sign up today!

How Do We Spend Our Time Every Week?

Use Time Management Wisely!

Time management, when used right, will make your life more productive and useful!

Let’s consider how a typical person uses time management:  

There are 168 hours in a week (24 hours times, seven days a). 

  • 40 hours is a standard working week
  • 5 hours commuting to and from work (assume about 1 hour each day and working five days a week)
  • 7 hours, at least 1 hour each day of the week, preparing and eating meals and cleaning up after.
  • 49 hours at least 7 hours a day sleeping
  • 7 hours Sunday other activities – At least 1 hour each day (on average) doing housework and all the other responsibilities which need to be done (taking children to school, etc. ).
  • 60 hours of spare time?
  • (168 Total)

The hours mentioned above are an example and would vary from person to person, but I believe you get the idea! What will you choose to do with those 60 hours left over – your spare time where you are free to decide what you do? Do? Do you see yourself spending time wisely, or is there room for vast improvement?

There are numerous activities which we could do in our free time. Some of these activities take us toward God, and others lead us away from God. What is the Bible’s advice on how we use our spare time? We each have a finite time to use – this is why it is essential to use it effectively.




 Ten Steps To Redeeming Your Time!

  1. Choose to make each moment count.
  2. You are not guaranteed tomorrow.
  3. The only day you have to make a difference is today!
  4. Each day is the beginning of a new day.
  5. God has given you this day to use as you see fit.
  6. You can waste it or grow in its light and be of service to others.
  7. What you do with this day is essential because you have exchanged a day of your life for it.
  8. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever.
  9. I pray you will not regret the price you paid for it.
  10. Redeem the time!

Redeeming The Time Website




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