Marriage Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage!

Marriage tips

Some good marriage tips can help keep your marriage healthy, or even bring it back to life. Here are some encouraging scriptures about marriage.



Marriage Tips Can Be Very Helpful!


You need to give it all you have when you are in a divorce.

Marriage Tips For You!

Marriage tips can be beneficial to your marriage. Be sure to make God the center of your marriage, and make forgiveness a high priority and that you can have a sense of humor when troubles come.
Make your spouse your best friend so that nothing or no one can get between the two of you.
Be sure to talk everything out, or make temporary agreements. Sometimes it is okay to agree upon a couple of hours to allow things to settle before trying to rehash whatever difference you might be experiencing.
One of the many marriage tips would be to pray for your spouse and be willing to do whatever it takes to not only keep your marriage together but to make sure it grows and gets stronger year after year!
Here are some practical marriage tips from divorcees who have learned the hard way!~ Bill Greguska


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Marriage Video Topics

  1. Better communication isn’t the whole solution – here’s what you need even more! (6:35 minutes)
  2. “Getting to know you.” How to get to each others’ hearts. (6:03 minutes)
  3. The two pillars you need to support a good conversation. (7:22 minutes)
  4. The two secret weapons for any argument. (5:14 minutes)
  5. “You are not the boss of me!” Freedom and control in a relationship! (6:11 minutes)
  6. Why we fight. The good news about those four main reasons. (5:20 minutes)
  7. Good Fights – Bad Fights! (7:55 minutes)
  8. When fights get “historical.” (2:22 minutes)
  9. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in an argument. (4:31 minutes)



Ten Marriage Tips For A Happy Marriage!


Marriage Tips Kept Simple!



Marriage Tips For A Happy Married Life, And Happy Wife!

  1. Make time for your spouse every day. You and your spouse can increase the probabilities of marital success by devoting time each day to each other.
  2. Compliment your spouse regularly and often. Instead in private and in front of others. 
  3. Love your spouse in the way he or she wants to be loved. For example do not buy a gift for your spouse that you would like to receive, get him or her what they would like.
  4. Take care of how you look. Look your best for your spouse, and this also means taking care of your health, including eating properly and exercising regularly.
  5. Remain faithful without any question or doubt in your spouse’s mind. Accept the fact that you are no longer single and how much you value your spouse and your vows.


Plan To Have A Healthy Marriage And You Are Half Way There!

  1. Do things together. Whether that’s ballroom dancing, taking walks, bowling, playing cards, participate in at least one activity that you both enjoy every week. If you have kids, make sure at least half of these activities are for you and your spouse only.
  2. Utilize your time apart. It is important that you can feel free to do something like take an art class while your spouse goes to the gym. You also can play cards, and your partner visits their parents. You don’t have to love everything your partner enjoys. But you do have to allow him or her the freedom to pursue the hobbies they like. 
  3. Be best friends with your spouse. The key to marital happiness and success is friendship. Demonstrating affection and respect for each other on a regular daily basis, and sincerely enjoying each other’s company.
  4. The terms of your relationship. Communicate, reevaluate, or at least to clarify your values from time to time to be on the same page. Most disputes that break up marriages are over sex and money. 
  5. Say to your spouse “I love you” every day, this is especially important when you’re not feeling the sensation of love; at these times, you have to generate it actively. Saying those three little words, and performing loving gestures, will warm both your and your spouse’s hearts.


Put Marriage Tips Into Practice!

Marriage tips

Marriage tips are general, but there are things that work for one couple, yet not another!



One Of The Greatest Marriage Tips!

Chains do not hold a marriage together. Rather it’s threaded, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years. ~ Simone Signoret

  • Colossians 3:19  Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.
  • Ephesians 5:22  Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.



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Marriage Tips Concerning Having Children, Or Not.

  • How many children? 
  • How many years apart?
  • Would we possibly consider adoption?
  • What are the standards of behavior we would agree upon with the children?
  • Are we willing to be a team in raising the children?
  • Would one parent be the disciplinary parent and the other the backup? Who would be what?
  • What are the proper ways to discipline them? How many strikes before they’re disciplined?
  • The expectations of time spent with them and when they go to bed?
  • What signs of affection will you show them?
  • Their education? Homeschool? Christian school? Public school?
  • Would both parents help with homework or just one primarily?


Weird Things All Couples Fight About!


Marriage Tips About Making Choices For Entertainment!

  • How much money should we spend on entertainment?
  • How often should we eat out? Where?
  • What kind of a vacation is right and helpful for us?
  • How many luxuries? Snowmobile, boat, cabin?
  • Should we own a TV? Where? What is fitting to watch? How much?
  • What are the criteria for movies and theater? What will our guidance be for the kids?



Marriage Tips About How To Deal With Conflict!

  • What makes you angry?
  • How do you handle your frustration or anger?
  • How should we bring up an issue that is bothersome?
  • What if we disagree both about what should be done, and whether it is severe or not?
  • Will we go to bed angry at each other? Ephesians 4:26-27
  • What is our view of getting help from friends or counselors?


Love Is Not Just A Feeling; It Is A Choice!

  • How would you rate your marriage if you are in one?
  • What do you expect from a marriage before you get married?
  • If you have been divorced in the past and would like some help getting
  • back on your feet, go to         



What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?




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It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Hebrews 13:4 Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.