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There was much truth in the quote of Henry Ford when he said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” I also like Charles Swindoll’s quote in which he said, “Life is 10 percent what happens to me, and 90 percent how I react to it.” Yet, we need to understand that God is the one who gives us the ability to do things, although our frame of mind influences the results. To live life to the fullest, a person needs to have optimism in their circumstances and, more importantly, faith in God’s will for your life. ~ Bill Greguska

Romans 12:12  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.







Optimism Like Happiness Is A Choice And A State Of Mind!



Can Optimism And Depression Live Simultaneously?


Half full or half empty?

How do you see things? Half-full or half-empty? 

Is your glass half full or half empty? Optimism will tell you your glass is half full. It is a fact that I have been depressed in my life before. Thank God people around me have pointed me to Jesus Christ. That was the best encouragement I could have received. Generally, I have been an optimistic person throughout my life, even while going through two major depressions.

Without a doubt, it must have been the Holy Spirit working in me. Making those two dark seasons of my life work out according to God’s plan and purpose. To find encouragement, one must also be optimistic, for who in the world goes fishing thinking that there are no fish in the water. Optimism is hoping and knowing in your heart that God provides for us. He gives us what we need because his word promises us that! ~ Bill Greguska




How Can We Practice Optimism?


  • Pause With God- Stop and catch ourselves when we start allowing the devil to influence our thinking. Cast all your anxiety on to God.


  • Pray To God- Once we realize that our attitude needs some adjustment. We need to ask God to fill our thoughts with truth and the knowledge of His powerful ability and rest in His care.



  • Have Peace With God- We must choose and pursue peace instead of allowing our minds to pound against the waves. We need to trust in the Lord and His promises.


  • Soak In God’s Word- It’s so effortless and unfruitful to sit and worry. It’s much harder and more worthwhile to fill ourselves with God’s Word. We can try to memorize some verses or learn where to find them, which will help us struggle with pessimism. God will bring the right scriptures to mind when we need them.





Learned Optimism Can Help The Way We Process Our Thoughts!



Can Optimism Be Considered An Act Of Faith?

Optimism is “anticipating the best possible outcome to what might happen.” Optimists usually feel that “good things” will happen to them in the future or that what they hope for will happen.
Generally, people lean toward either being optimistic or pessimistic, no matter what they believe about God. People typically see their glass as either “half full” or “half empty.” So, optimism does not mean the same as faith in God. It can be just their personality and have nothing to do with religion. Optimistic people often find more joy in life and are usually more pleasant to be around because they refuse to worry about things they cannot control. However, just because a person appears optimistic does not necessarily mean they have great faith in God.





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