Want A Healthy Marriage Relationship?

Good marriages last for ever!

A marriage relationship will go through struggles, but the ones that can talk things out and work together as a team are the ones that stay together! Here are some encouraging scriptures about marriage.

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A healthy marriage relationship is a three-way partnership in which God is the head, and the man and woman are under His authority. Without a man and woman working together, the relationship is in vain. ~ Bill Greguska

Hebrews 13:4  Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.




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God’s Guide For A Good Christian Marriage Relationship!


How Is Your Marriage Relationship?


How To Have A Strong Marriage Relationship That Lasts?

Want a healthy marriage relationship?

A healthy marriage relationship starts with God and takes effort, energy, forgiveness, patience, understanding, commitment, mutual submission, and love!

Learn from both what others have done in their successful marriage relationship. And also learn from those who’s relationship, like mine that did not work.

It takes two willing and committed partners to stick together through the storms of life. Otherwise, the storms will overtake the marriage relationship, and it will crash into the rocks! Every marriage when it starts has two people (both who have a sin nature) who bring their own “baggage” or “preferences” that need to be somehow blended to make the two people into one.

Each spouse does not have to lose their identity, but instead, they gain a philosophy of teamwork through communication and compromise all under the authority of Jesus Christ. 

I was married for almost ten years that ended in divorce and looking back at what I know now; for sure, I would have done some things differently.

I would have focused on our communication more and gotten to know her better when we were dating. Sometimes learning from what others went through makes it, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel sort to say.

~ Bill Greguska


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Marriage Relationship = What You Put Into It!


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The Marriage Relationship Is Like A Dance!

Unfortunately, my ex-wife and I did not see things eye to eye almost from the start, yet I always hoped that we would grow together and work together on our marriage. 

  1. In your marriage relationship, do you need always to be right?
  2. Do you work together as a team or individual players?
  3. Are you good at forgiving?
  4. Are you good at apologizing?
  5. Is your marriage partner your best friend?
  6. In your marriage relationship, do you need always to be right?

If marriage is centered on God and each other, the success of the marriage should be okay, but commitment, sacrifice, and teamwork need to be present.



Marriage Relationship Tips To Avoid A Divorce!



Principles That Will Help Any Marriage Relationship!

Marriage relationship!

A marriage relationship can be a beautiful thing if you work at it.

  • First, remember that a happy wife is a happy life! This happy life comes both the husband and wife following Jesus Christ.
  • A happy marriage is the union of two people who can forgive.
  • Understanding the importance of headship and mutual submission in the Bible and your marriage? Ephesians 5:21-25
  • What are the expectations about situations where one of you might be alone with someone of the opposite sex?
  • How are tasks shared in the home: cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, yard work, car upkeep, repairs, shopping for food, budgeting and paying bills, and other household concerns and responsibilities?
  • Have you shared your fears, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, goals, desires, and plans?
  • When differences come up with each other, do you resolve them by talking them out or covering them with a rug and ignore them? In other words, are you a healthy, loving, decent fighter?
  • Are you able to admit you might be or were wrong in any situation?
  • Can you agree to disagree respectfully?
  • How do you decide the frequency of enjoying sex together?
  • Who does the checkbook—or are there two checkbooks?



What If My Problems Seem Out Of Control?






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