Are You Experiencing Depression Or Sadness?When depression hit me, I recall crying a lot and wishing the pain would just go away. Although I found comfort in God's word and from family and friends!

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Depression or sadness can be crippling if you do not go to God in prayer. I have been depressed a couple of times, and it was miserable that God never leaves us and puts good people in our lives when we need them. Depression or sadness can be very painful at times. The trick is to pray about it and find someone to talk with to help you get back on your feet. ~ Bill Greguska
Psalm 143:7-8  Answer me quickly, Lord; my spirit fails. Do not hide your face from me, or I will be like those who go down to the pit. Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Please show me the way I should go, for to you, I entrust my life.



Depression Or Sadness, Both Can Be Difficult!



Getting The Help You Need Is Just A Step Away!

If depression or sadness comes into your life, prayer is the first place to turn to God. God is the one who created you and knows what is best for each one of us. When you pray to God, ask Him for wisdom and strength to endure what you are going through. Either depression or sadness can be overwhelming, but do not panic because God loves you and has a plan for your life.  Sometimes God will put certain people in your life to walk with you and help you get back on your feet. Other times, if you are dealing with actual depression, sometimes the best thing to do is get medical help from a doctor. It could be something physical that is the matter which is making you seem depressed. Maybe it is a lack of exercising, eating wrong, not sleeping enough at night, or allowing life situations to overwhelm you. A person does not have to be a professional counselor. I am just someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression in my life. I encourage you from my experience. If your situation calls for it, please get the professional help you need. In the meantime, keep praying to God, fellowship with others from your church, and taking care of your physical needs, as I mentioned, with exercising, eating, sleeping, and letting go of stress and anxiety. ~ Bill Greguska

Depression Is A Real Illness.

If you think you might be depressed, see your doctor.
  • Talk to a doctor about how you are feeling.
  • Get a medical checkup. Ask to see a doctor or nurse who can screen you medically.
  • Either a doctor or nurse may also check to see if you have another health condition.  
  • A situation like thyroid disease can cause depression or make it worse.
  • If you have one of these health conditions, getting treatment is essential.


Check List To Consider Concerning Depression:The Survivor's creeed by Max Lucado!

Here are some basic ideas to consider why you might not be feeling well:
  1. Are you getting enough exercise?
  2. Are you eating healthy and avoiding junk?
  3. Are you drinking enough water?
  4. Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night?
  5. Is there any unconfessed sin in your life?
  6. Is there anyone you need to ask forgiveness for?
  7. Is there anyone you need to forgive?
  8. Have you been feeling sorry for yourself?
  9. Have you been laughing very much lately?
  10. Have you been socially connected?
If you wrote down ten things you are grateful to God for, you would begin to feel much better. I get “depressed” sometimes too, but since I have experienced real depression in high school and a broken marriage, I have learned that depression feelings are usually just feelings of sadness, or physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually tired, or spiritually burnt out temporarily.
But if you think you are genuinely depressed, consider getting professional help. Antidepressants can be helpful discretion is needed to determine if you are only experiencing sadness; I would try first to read the list above and see if that helps. If you feel suicidal, then get help right away. Here is a good page with information to help if you feel suicidal. Visit suicide prevention or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) right away. A good video on this link right below can help you determine if you are either depressed or feeling great sadness—signsSigns of depression.

What Are The Signs Of Depression Or Sadness?

It’s normal to feel sad sometimes, but if you feel sad or “down” sometimes. When you are down for more than two weeks, you may be depressed. Depression affects people differently. Some signs of depression are:
  • Losing interest in activities you usually enjoy.
  • I am feeling hopeless or empty.
  • Forgetting things or having trouble making decisions.
  • Sleeping too much or too little.
  • Gaining or losing weight without intending to.
  • Thinking about suicide or death.



Depression Can Be Very Draining!



Get Active!

Getting active can lower your stress level and help your treatment work better. It can also help keep you from getting depressed again. But it’s important to know that physical activity isn’t a treatment for depression. 
  • If someone you care about is down and can not get back up.
  • If you think a friend or family member may be depressed, check out these tips on how to talk to a loved one about depression.
Get help immediately if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide.
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Ideas To Help Fight Depression Or Sadness!

If you or someone you know need help, here are some helpful tips and encouragement about how you can overcome this type of thing and build your faith:
  • Avoid being alone; be with people who love and care about you.
  • Sing or listen to uplifting, Godly music.
  • Read the Bible daily (especially the Psalms) and draw strength from it to renew your faith in God.
  • Get enough rest! Don’t try to handle your depression when you’re sleep-deprived.
  • Exercise and examine your diet for needed changes.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer refined sugars.



More Ideas To Fight Depression

  • Seek help from others if you feel overwhelmed with your discouragement.
  • Praise God and give thanks, even if you don’t feel like it. Try to speak words of encouragement instead of falling into the rut of complaining. Focus on your blessings: You have many of them, even if you can’t always see them.
  • Work on the solutions for your problems. Don’t focus on the symptoms.
  • Is there a spiritual problem you need to deal with? Is there a relationship you need to reconcile? Become active in a recreation you enjoy.



Don’t Hesitate If You Need Help!

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or otherwise in severe crisis, call 911.  Get to the nearest emergency room, or contact the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
Don’t try to do this on your own. Beyond your doctor and therapist, you’ll want to bring a group of trusted friends and family members in your corner. Sometimes you need others to comfort you, help you with tasks, and hold you accountable.

Deal With Depression One Day At A Time!

Some people do not have a clue about depression or sadness! Depression or sadness may seem to last forever, but it too shall pass! Some people don’t understand. They will tell you to get over it or stop being depressed. Some people will likely say things that are unhelpful and wrong. Do not listen to these people. Others may have the best intentions, but we all know where that road leads! Avoid these people, if possible, while working through your problems.
After you and your doctor and therapist develop a plan, work it! You may not see how it will help and probably won’t feel like doing the required activities. Be strong and do them nevertheless. If your trusted support system tells you to get out of bed, go to the gym, take your medicine, etc., then do it! A competent therapist will help you determine the underlying emotional and spiritual causes. You’ll work with this person to develop a blueprint for addressing symptoms and the root issue(s).

Depression Is A Real Illness!

If you think you might be depressed, see your doctor.
  • Talk to a doctor about how you are feeling.
  • Get a medical checkup. Ask to see a doctor or nurse who can screen you medically.
  • Either a doctor or nurse may also check to see if you have another health condition.  
  • A situation like having thyroid disease can cause depression or make it worse.
  • If you have one of these health conditions, getting treatment is essential.


What About Cost?

If you don’t have insurance, you can still get health care. Find a health center near you and make an appointment.
Get treatment. When you have depression, seeking help is the best thing you can do. You and get support through prayer. Also, it can be treated with talk therapy or temporary medication.

Take Action! First Prayed About It Then Take The Next Appropriate Steps

Ask your doctor for a referral to a mental health professional, or use this treatment locator to find mental health services near you. Some programs offer free or low-cost treatment if you don’t have insurance. 
Here are some places you can go to for help with depression:
  • Doctor’s office or health clinic
  • Family service or social service agency
  • Psychologist
  • A counselor or social worker
  • Psychotherapist
  • Remember, even if asking for help seems scary, it’s an essential step toward feeling better. 
Check out this guide to finding a mental health professional.

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