Christian Testimonies

We all have our own testimony.

We all have our own testimony. When was the last time you shared yours?

Everyone Who Has Become a Christian Has Their Own Christian Testimony.

All Christian Testimonies usually have three things in common that are shared.

  1. Where we were before we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savoir.
  2. How we came to know Jesus.
  3. And the difference that Jesus Christ has made in our lives.

~ Bill Greguska


  1. Allan Parr

  2. Ben Hersh

  3. Bill Greguska

  4. Brian Larson

  5. John Wegner

  6. Mike Hayden

  7. Lisa Stackpole

  8. Lora Kesselhon

  9. Mom’s Legacy

  10. Pastor Billy Graham

  11. Pastor Charles Spurgeon

  12. Pastor Charles Stanley

  13. Pastor Francis Chan

  14. Pastor Greg Laurie

  15. Pastor Jeff Schreve

  16. Pastor John Piper

  17. Pastor Mark Mallwitz

  18. Pastor Ron And Sue Sauer

  19. Pastor Ron West

  20. Pastor Stuart Briscoe

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