Recovering From Divorce!


Recovering from divorce can be very emotional. Keep in mind that it takes time, usually years, depending on how long you were married. Here are some encouraging scriptures concerning divorce.

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Divorce is so painful. I wonder why it is so popular? I would think people would better prepare for marriage in the first place. If you have been divorced and are seeking recovery from divorce, I encourage you to take your divorce to God and confess your part in the divorce and repent from your part in it. You can not do anything for your ex-spouse except pray for them.
I know for sure is that without God, a few close friends, and faith that God has a plan for my life, it would have been excruciatingly painful and would have taken even longer than it did take to heal in a way that I could go on with my life again. ~ Bill Greguska

Can Recovering From Divorce Sometimes Be Quick Or Easy?

  • The quick answer is no, BUT with God’s help and support of other believers, it won’t be as hard as you may think. God loves each one of us, and his compassion for us is overwhelming.
  • Yes, God hates divorce, but he loves us and knows our needs of a companion, and if it is His will, He will prepare us the right person if we are patient to wait on the Lord. Keep in mind that there needs to be a grieving time and healing time. My grieving time was almost five years, and my healing time was an additional five more years. 
  • Each of us heals and grieve at different speeds, but a rule of thumb to consider is for dating again is to wait 1-3 years at least (per year of marriage), so you can get over your divorce. (yet you can experience measurable growth along the way.
  • It is hard enough not to bring into your new relationship baggage that will only make things harder, but if you did get serious with your new partner, the chances are it would be possible to sexual attraction. You need to keep an open palm and allow the Lord to put into your palm the right person into your life, not just anyone, to fill the void of loneliness.
Matthew 19:8  Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning.



Recovering From Divorce With Prayer!


God heals the broken heart of those who come to Him for help!


Recovering From Divorce Hurts Everyone With No Exception!

  • Your marriage is worth the effort to try to rebuild. In our society, people go through financial, emotional, unfaithfulness, lack of love, or respect, to name a few.
  • If you are in a struggling marriage, go to God in prayer for help. Examine your part in the situation and work on that, rather than pointing the finger at your spouse.
  • If you are single, take your time to make sure you are ready for marriage and that you and your partner take marriage very seriously for life. Hebrews 13:4
  • Don’t say I do. If you mean, I hope so, yes, of course, people do change, and sometimes for the worst, but that is when real love needs to apply.
  • There are situations of abandonment, unfaithfulness that come into play, but that still doesn’t mean one is obligated to divorce their partner, but it is an option.


Marriage Is The Ultimate Team Sport!

  • If you are married, treat your spouse the way you did when dating, and don’t take your spouse for granted. If you do not work at your marriage, it opens a door for Satan to do damage.
  • Marriage is a two-way street, and there are times when a partner does not care any longer to work on the marriage. God permitted divorce “Because of the hardness of their hearts.” People need to be willing to work through the hard times and find healing from divorce.
  • The pain and scars may fade over time, but they will always be there to some degree deep down inside. Divorce is not something to jump into out of anger or hurt. It would help if you made an effort to learn how to heal from divorce or have even more problems on your hands.


How To Start Recovering From Divorce?

  • Divorce is not recommended or even encouraged. Most can be said that sexual immorality and abandonment are grounds (an allowance) for divorce. Confession, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration are always the first steps.
  • Divorce should only be viewed as a very, very last resort as a form of the safety of either of the spouses. Prevent separation as far as possible as you can within your power and with God’s strength and wisdom!
  • It is extremely dangerous to go beyond what the Bible says 1 Corinthians 4:6. The most common other grounds for divorce that people try to exercise are spousal abuse (emotional or physical), child abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual), addiction to pornography, drug/alcohol use, crime/imprisonment, and irresponsible use of money (such as gambling addiction). Many people do get divorced on these grounds. It is not recommended to do so upon any of these discoveries. Instead of talking and counseling and prayer need first to be called upon for assistance.

More Ways People Are Recovering From Divorce!

  • Try to understand that by saying the above are not biblical grounds for divorce, we are certainly not saying that a man/woman whose spouse is practicing such activities should stay in the situation.
  • If there is any risk to self or children, separation is a good and the right step, and potentially down the road divorce, if all else fails. For the children’s sake, avoiding a divorce can be a real motivation, yet the parents must seek help for themselves.
  • Bottom line, what are the biblical grounds for divorce? The answer is sexual immorality and abandonment. But are there more reasons for divorce beyond these two?
  • Possibly. Is divorce ever to be treated lightly or used as the first recourse? God is capable of healing and renewing any marriage, no matter how complicated things have gotten. Always prevent a divorce if you can because separation or divorce should only occur in cases of repeated and unrepentant heinous sin.


Recovering From Divorce Is The Goal!

  • An excellent resource to use is called; they will help you heal and get your life back.
  • No matter your situation concerning your divorce, the answer to the question, “Is there life after divorce?” A simple response to this issue is, “YES,” but that is not without any scares or sometimes life-long damage involved.
  • One of the first things to do is get closer to God and maintain friendships with those you love and love you and are out for your best interest. The second point to keep in mind is not to rush into a new dating relationship, trying to fill the void; that only asks for big trouble.
  • I have compared death to divorce. I experienced one divorce and a few real immediate deaths in my life, including my mother, a couple of best friends, and other family members like my dad. All the deaths in my life were not as bad as the divorce that I went through.
  • The reason is the hurt and bad feelings connected to a divorce, not to mention the splitting of the mutual friends and back-biting of the other spouse’s family and friends who took sides with the husband or wife that they were dear to you. Contrary to death, divorced people are still around, which can be haunting in a current type of way.

How Long Does Recovering From Divorce Take?

  • Your divorce will follow you for the rest of your life, but the intensity of your feelings will diminish. To answer that depends on how long you were married and other variables. So the answer to the question, can you heal from a divorce? The answer is, without a doubt, is YES!
  • Just remember that yes, you can heal from a divorce, although it depends on how you deal with your feelings and thoughts. Stay close to godly people, and be sure to get some emotional support from a pastor, counselor, support group, or even a close friend that you can trust.


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