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Have You Ever Heard The Gospel In Four Minutes?


Many people might know the gospel, but do they all share the gospel with others in their life? Share the gospel with anyone you come into contact with that God opens the door to share with. It helps to know the person first, but it is not necessary. Having an understanding of the Gospel in four minutes will help you with your relationship with God.


Do You Understand What It Means To Be A Christian?

It Is The Gospel In A Nutshell Of 142 Words Below!

Good News (Gospel) & Bad News (Sin)

The bad news is that sin entered the world when Adam and Eve fell into temptation by disobeying God, and because of that original sin, we are separated from God.

The good news that God sent His Son Jesus, to redeem us from our sins. Jesus was born, lived, was crucified, died, buried, and rose from the dead, in order to save us from God’s judgment. It is our free choice to accept the good news of the Gospel, or reject it.

We need to realize we live in a sinful world (just watch the news to understand) and that we are all sinners. We need to understand that without Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross for us, our sins would not be forgiven, and we would be separated from God now and for eternity. ~ Bill Greguska





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