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Do You Pray Each Day?

If you do that is awesome, if you do not, I would like to know why not? I am not trying to shame you or make you feel bad, I just wonder why not? Prayer is a beautiful thing!

I have learned how to pray each day in the morning when I wake up, the reason I pray in the morning each day is because if I waited until later I used to always forget or be too busy, or if I waited till right before I went to sleep, I found myself very often too tired to pray.

If you decide that you want to start to pray each day, and then one day you either forget or are too busy, do not beat yourself and feel guilty, just get right back at it the next morning. God does not keep a scorecard and when you pray a certain amount of times you do not get any type of bonus points. Praying to God is something that I guarantee that when you start to do it regularly, you will enjoy it and want to pray each day! ~ Bill Greguska

Make it a 30-day Challenge to Pray Each Day!

Gods 3 answers to prayers

When you pray to God, there are usually three answers to prayers. 1. Yes, 2. Not yet 3. I have something better in mind.

Do you need the power of prayer? If you keep praying, you will find out why! Prayer is like a bridge to God! It is the link between your world and God’s world. It is the bridge between what’s going on in your life and God’s care and love for you in the middle of whatever you’re going through in your life. 

I need prayer, not only when things get difficult! Prayer has everything to do with my relationship with God. When I start off my day by talking to Him, I start my day off on the right foot! For many of my friends and me, facing the start of the day with prayer and some quiet time with God has been beneficial. In all relationships, communication is critical. Well, the same applies to your relationship with God.


Pray Each Day Because We’re  in a War!


Use The Letters A-C-T-S to Remember How to Pray

  • A stands for adoration. Tell God you adore and praise Him, spend time worshiping Him.
  • C stands for confession. Confess your sins to God and ask Him to forgive you.
  • T stands for thanksgiving. Thank God for His Son, Jesus, and the blessings in your life.
  • stands for supplication. Ask God to supply your needs and the needs of others.