Do You Have Any Wrong Ideas About God?Wrong ideas some people have about God!

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Learn about some wrong ideas about God. This will help you see things more clearly!

Wrong Ideas About God That Many People Have:


Some people think that if God is real, we would always “feel Him.” It does not say that in the Bible.


Some people think that if bad things happen to “good people,” God must not be a good or real God.


Some people feel that God constricts them with rules in the name of God, and they can not have any fun.


Some people think that if God does not answer our prayers, He must not be a good or real God.


Some people use God like a vending machine to get what they want from Him.


Some college students have been forced to think they must choose between God and science, which is not true.

7. GAP GOD ~

Some people explain whatever is unexplainable in terms of luck or good fortune.


Some people think that God is not a God of guilt, but he is a God of love, mercy, and grace in reality.

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Do You Have Wrong Ideas About God?

Are You Possibly Going In The Wrong Direction?

As We Grow In Our Christian Faith, We Understand More Clearly!

I have learned over the years that God did not give us the 10 Commandments to wreck any possible fun we could have. No, He did so to protect us from ourselves and give us good orderly direction (G.O.D.) in our life.
I learned that God gave us all free will to love him freely, not like programmed robots. God is not a God of guilt, but he has given us all a conscience that knows right from wrong, good from evil, which some people consider that being a guilt God.
If you think about your own life, you too will see that what you once learned and believed as a child, hopefully, developed into a more mature understanding of who God is, not what our imaginations or those who informed us might have said inappropriately. Below are eight misleading notions that many people have learned in the past, only to discover they were inaccurate. ~ Bill Greguska


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