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Each one of us has our perspective on life and living. Growing up, some of what we have been taught has influenced us, but it might not have always been the total truth. Yet, from a Christian perspective, God has revealed many things through his word from the Bible, nature, and how he created us. There is a difference between having a Christian perspective and having Christian tendencies. A proper Christian perspective comes only from the word of God found in the Bible. Know why you believe what you believe? Maybe you have been brought up as a Jehovah’s witness, Catholic, or maybe without any genuine faith at all. You might have heard bits and pieces of what is true, but I would encourage you to look at the truth of the matter of Christian faith. What lenses have you been looking through? Take time to take a closer look today. ~ Bill Greguska.





You Will Be Able To See Clearly With A Christian Perspective!






Pages To Deepen Your Christian Perspective

  1. Apologetics

  2. Best Sermon

  3. Born Again

  4. Childlike Faith

  5. Christian Affirmation

  6. Christian Faith

  7. Christian Guidelines

  8. Christian Influences

  9. Christian Ministries

  10. Christian Music

  11. Church Attendance

  12. Church Beliefs

  13. Common Questions

  14. Cross References

  15. Define Your Faith

  16. Devotionals

  17. Faith Information

  18. Going To Heaven?

  19. Good Works

  20. Got Faith

  21. Healing

  22. How To Share Your Faith?

  23. Keep Trusting God

  24. Life Principles

  25. Miracles Happen

  26. Need Faith?

  27. Need Grace?

  28. New Believer

  29. Nicene Creed

  30. Protestant Or Catholic?

  31. Quiet Time

  32. Religious Skeptic

  33. Remember The Truth

  34. Salvation

  35. Skeptic

  36. Special Topics

  37. Spirit-Filled

  38. Spirit-Filled Life

  39. Spiritual

  40. Spiritual Encouragement

  41. Spiritual Gifts Test

  42. Spiritual Information

  43. Spread Your Faith

  44. Start Your Ministry

  45. Ten Commandments

  46. Test Your Faith

  47. What Choice Will You Make?

  48. What Do You Believe?

  49. What Is Holiness?

  50. Who Am I?

  51. Who Is The Holy Spirit?



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