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We all have different gifts from God; the gift you have, others may not have, and vice versa. Everyone can communicate encouragement to others, but sometimes because of fear, insecurity, and feeling of possible ridicule or rejection, Encouraging ideas comes naturally for some. For others, it takes a little effort on their part. Encouragement is like the fuel for a car; without encouragement, the vehicle does not go far; that goes for you and me. I encourage you to think of more ideas of how you can be encouraged and encourage others. If you need encouragement, the first place to go is to God in prayer. You will be encouraged automatically if you try to encourage someone else. We have listed 200 encouragement ideas below to give you some great ideas. I have learned over the years that when I do anything repeatedly, it tends to stick with me and eventually becomes a habit. I found this to be true when trying to encourage others. Even simply saying hello to a stranger or giving a family member or friend a call, text, or email can be a way to inspire others. Give it a try yourself, and you will see what I mean!  ~ Bill Greguska.


Hebrews 3:13  But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.




Find Out What Encouragement Ideas Are Best For You?

  1. Acknowledge that God can use you just as you are to help someone. Be yourself.
  2. Affirm and be encouraging with everybody you meet.
  3. Aim at being an excellent listener. Do not cut others off when they are speaking.
  4. Always encourage others to make wise decisions based on God’s Word.
  5. Always speak the truth in love.
  6. Always stay focused on God and His love for you and others.
  7. Ask God to help use you to encourage others.
  8. Ask someone a question or two to heart, seeing more hope in their situation.
  9. Ask someone how you can be of help to them.
  10. Ask someone how God has worked out things for them in the past, and share what God has done for you.
  11. Assure the other person that your conversation is confidential.
  12. When on social media to share thoughtful words or scriptures with someone.
  13. Attempt when someone is discouraged or hurting to offer specific, practical help if they are open to it. Otherwise, could you listen?
  14. Available to help a friend move; ifPsalm not physically, offer to bring some food to share.
  15. Avoid all nonconstructive criticism.
  16. Babysit for a young couple.
  17. Bake something and share it with friends for no particular reason.
  18. Be aware that people notice and appreciate when putting others’ needs into your own.
  19. Be generous with others since all things come from God.
  20. , but never be disrespectful or cold when sharing with others or cold.
  21. Be mindful that exercise is so very critical to good health.
  22. Be willing to help when it comes to something you are good at, such as cleaning, cooking, etc. (or even not so good at)
  23. Brainstorm with someone to try to make things better.
  24. Buy someone flowers that are known to be struggling in their life.
  25. Buy something small for someone who needs a pick-me-pick-me-up.
  26. Call someone to let them know you are thinking of them.
  27. Celebrate accomplishments with a note, a dinner, and a phone call.
  28. Chase your most important dreams, and encourage others to do the same.
  29. Choose to live a life of integrity.



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Here Are Some More Good Encouragement Ideas!

  1. Choose your words with kindness, love, and respect.
  2. Clean someone’s house for an elderly or disabled person.
  3. Comfort others so that you would appreciate being comforted yourself.
  4. Compliment others more often and freely.
  5. Connect an event that happens in your life regularly to remind you to do something positive for someone else.
  6. Cook a meal for a friend who is struggling.
  7. Cook for someone who just got out of the hospital.
  8. Display patience with the cashier at the gas station and offer a word of encouragement.
  9. Do not complain; it leaves a negative ripple effect on others and drags people down. Point out good things.
  10. Don’t be a negative Nancy or Ned. Instead, choose to be cheerful like Peg like a Pete.
  11. Don’t compare yourself with others; do your best with God’s gifts.
  12. Don’t hesitate when you feel led to pray for someone.
  13. During your quiet time, lift friends in prayer.
  14. Dwell on your blessings instead of your problems.
  15. Encourage others with simple challenges to boost their confidence.
  16. Encourage someone when you notice that they are making some progress.
  17. Encourage someone’s slightest effort or success.
  18. Express how you feel about someone in writing.
  19. Express your gratitude without reservation.
  20. Extend neighborly kindness and care.
  21. Fast from something you enjoy and use the money you save to donate to a worthy cause or towards a friend in need.
  22. Fill empty jars with flowers from your garden and take the flowers to a nursing home to bless the residents there.
  23. Find absolute satisfaction in the person God made you.
  24. Focus and share your positive stories from your past with others.
  25. Focus on things that are humorous that happen in our lives.
  26. Focus on the possible good in a situation rather than the negative that could happen.
  27. Forgive others even when you do not feel like doing so.
  28. Freely offer words of praise.
  29. Freely say thanks for every kindness extended your way.
  30. Get active in church or Bible study.
  31. Get to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


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Thirty More Encouraging Ideas

  1. Give a genuine compliment to someone.
  2. Give information that you have that might help someone.
  3. Remind others of Christ’s second coming.
  4. Give positive affirmations to a friend or family member who needs your help.
  5. Give someone a CD or a book that has been a special blessing to you.
  6. Give someone a handmade gift made by you or a unique personal uplifting gift.
  7. Go out of your way to help a co-worker or friend.
  8. Gossip is very destructive, plus it is also a sin.
  9. Handle failures and failures maturely.
  10. Have a couple of small gifts or blank greeting cards to give someone on the spur of the moment.
  11. Help others who are in need find their way out.
  12. Help someone break down their issues into bite-size pieces.
  13. Help someone in a crisis temporarily to lessen their burden or responsibility.
  14. Help someone with their yard work that needs help.
  15. If someone drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes, compassionately encourage them to cut back or quit soon.
  16. If someone needs financial help and can afford to help, decide if you are willing to help.
  17. If your friend is grieving the loss of a loved one, encourage them to talk about the person and listen intently.
  18. Inform someone about what has worked and has not worked.
  19. Introduce someone and share a few positive words about talent or gifts they may have.
  20. Invite someone out for lunch or a movie.
  21. Invite someone to your church.
  22. Just a pat on the back can lift someone’s spirits.
  23. Listen to people more.
  24. Keep humble and be Christ-like with others.
  25. Keep in touch with others by phone, email, text, or written letter.
  26. Keep things in perspective.
  27. Know that you will let someone talk without being judgmental of what they say.
  28. Know when to be more assertive.
  29. Learn about someone in a conversation today, and show genuine concern.
  30. Learn people’s “love languages” and how they communicate and like to receive love.



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More Ideas!

  1. Leave a waitress a 40% tip. It will make their day.
  2. Lend a helping hand anywhere and at any time.
  3. Let someone know that God knows their needs.
  4. Let someone know that they are not alone, that you care, and God will never leave them.
  5. Let someone know why you think they are special and unique.
  6. Let your love be evident in your conversations.
  7. Look for what is right before looking for what is wrong.
  8. Love God and love others.
  9. Love someone with your words and the respect you show them.
  10. Make an effort to smile and nod more when listening to someone.
  11. Make it clear to someone that they are essential to you by turning off your cell phone when someone starts sharing with you.
  12. Make positive, sincere comments about someone slightly down in spirit.
  13. Make smiling your brand new habit.
  14. Ensure that you are wise, a serpent, and peaceful as a dove; be careful; some people might try to abuse your kindness. get proper sleep, get regular exercise, and plenty of water, and ensure you are getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, plenty of water eating healthy to be strong for others.
  15. Make sure you show interest in others with eye contact, questions, and comments.
  16. Memorize an excellent clean joke and share it with others.
  17. Mow a yard, rake some leaves, and shovel snow for an elderly or disabled person.
  18. Never forget that every good and perfect gift comes from God.
  19. Never speak as if you are superior to anyone.
  20. Offer a compliment or word of praise can make someone’s day.
  21. Offer someone who is discouraged a hug.
  22. Offer to drive them somewhere if they can not drive.
  23. Offer to help do something for someone they can not do for themselves.
  24. Offer to share a book that changed your life to some degree, and it could be the Bible or any other text.
  25. Offer yourself to be available to talk with someone more in the coming weeks if they would like to do that.
  26. One positive comment can make someone’s day.
  27. Pay more attention to God’s blessings instead of your problems.
  28. Perform a random act of kindness.
  29. Please pick up the phone and call someone to let them know you care.



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More Encouraging Ideas!

  1. Placing a hand on the shoulder of someone or similar polite touch can be very encouraging.
  2. Plan mini celebrations as a more regular part of your relationships with others.
  3. Play upbeat music and offer to share it with others.
  4. Please focus on the good that others are doing rather than their blunders or mishaps.
  5. Please write a letter and send it to someone via US mail.
  6. Point out that you notice someone’s positive parenting. Parents need encouragement.
  7. Practicing acknowledging someone’s pain and letting them work through it without trying to rescue them can be helpful.
  8. Practice being a good listener. Sometimes when people talk, they answer their problems.
  9. Practice smiling more often; it will increase your face value and encourage someone.
  10. Practice thinking positively about things.
  11. Pray a short prayer with someone immediately when they ask, not later when we tend to forget to.
  12. Pray for uplifting words to share with someone to provide comfort and encouragement.
  13. Pray that God shows you how to encourage the person.
  14. Pray that God will make you love being an encourager.
  15. Provide rides to doctors’ appointments.
  16. Purposely, ask someone for information on subjects they know a lot about.
  17. Put together a care package for someone in need.
  18. Put your helpful words into action.
  19. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  20. Quick to listen and slow to speak; often, the best encouragement is a listening ear.
  21. Random acts of kindness have a powerful ripple effect.
  22. Realize that a hug could be nearly life-changing for some people.
  23. Realize the power of just being present with someone.
  24. Refuse to fall into the trap of feeling negative about yourself.
  25. Refuse to gossip or backbite others.
  26. Relate to someone’s story in your life similar to theirs and how you worked it out with God?
  27. Remember that sharing a smile can change the mood of someone’s day.
  28. Remember to be kind to yourself too.
  29. Remember, we are to love one another.
  30. Remind others to rest.




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Be Creative With Your Ideas!

  1. Remind someone that God never gives up on us, even when we fail.
  2. Respectfully ask someone if you could share specific scriptures to help them if they are open to it.
  3. Restore hope with someone by sharing new perspectives from the Bible.
  4. Say something good about someone that others are gossiping about
  5. Secretly send someone a card going through a tough time. Optional include a gift card for Starbucks or any place.
  6. Send a kind note to someone.
  7. Send a short note to someone in a text message with a few encouraging words.
  8. Send flowers to encourage someone.
  9. Share a scripture that would lift someone’s spirits.
  10. Share at least a part of your story with others.
  11. Share encouraging thoughts that come to mind with others.
  12. Share the Gospel with someone interested in hearing it.
  13. Share with someone how they’ve encouraged you in the past.
  14. Share your testimony; keep it short unless they want a more detailed version?
  15. Sharing your time with someone is priceless.
  16. Show genuine interest in someone’s situation and that you care.
  17. Simply listening to someone can lift their spirits!
  18. Consider inviting a friend to dinner and let them do most of the talking.
  19. Someone is out of work, invite them to dinner and send a gift card to the grocery store.
  20. Sometimes, it is best to encourage others in private.
  21. Speak positively and joyfully; it is contagious and becomes a habit.
  22. Speak words of encouragement instead of criticism.
  23. Speaking highly about someone in an authentic way can be very positive.
  24. Spend time just being with someone for their sake if they need company.
  25. Stay positive with everyone in all your communications on the Internet, social media, phone, etc.
  26. Strategically use encouragement as a form of outreach to someone.
  27. Take care of your health; fatigue makes us not think clearly and make poor decisions.
  28. Take the joy in yourself and give it to someone else.
  29. Take the smaller piece of the pie (or anything) to let someone else have the more significant piece.
  30. Take time to update your address book.




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The Final Thirty Encouraging Ideas

  1. Tell all your friends or family member that you love them.
  2. Tell others interested in knowing more about your relationship with God.
  3. Tell someone how you feel about them face to face.
  4. Tell someone one or two of the specific promises of God.
  5. Tell someone that they are worthwhile and God loves them.
  6. Be sure to tell someone you love to thank God that He put them in your life.
  7. Tell someone you know you are praying for them, and remember to do so.
  8. Tell your boss, your pastor, or someone that you appreciate him.
  9. Thank and recognize others when you see them doing an act of kindness.
  10. The glass may be half full, so focus on what is right rather than wrong.
  11. Think of a creative to do a strategic act of kindness.
  12. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  13. Treat yourself as your best friend and reflect that example to others.
  14. Try to be pleasant even if you don’t agree with someone.
  15. Try to figure out someone’s love language and use that information to share the love with them.
  16. Try to pay it forward to others as often as possible.
  17. When appropriate, try to use scripture to encourage others but refrain from coming off as holier than thou.
  18. Uplifting and respectful when speaking with someone sharing their heart because they may lack self-esteem.
  19. Uplifting conversations are more likely when you keep your words positive.
  20. Use the mouth God gave you to build others up instead of tearing them down.
  21. Visit a nursing home since they have very few visitors.
  22. Volunteer to watch kids. Let parents have a date night.
  23. Volunteer with Special Olympics, the local food bank, the homeless shelter, or any worthwhile cause.
  24. When someone has problems, be there for them by pointing them to Jesus.
  25. When you encourage someone else, a part of you becomes encouraged too.
  26. Work to understand someone’s feelings the best you can.
  27. Work hard at remembering a person’s name; it can often be a key to their heart.
  28. Write down a particular scripture that meets the need of someone’s heart and send it to them.
  29. Write encouraging things down on paper, so you do not forget to share them with someone.
  30. Write letters and share your love for others in nursing homes, prisons, homeless shelters, etc.

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