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How to Grow Through a Challenging Relationships?Hardest decision

We all have had experience with challenging relationships in our lives. How do you handle them? A good place to start is with prayer! Then trying to treat the other person as you would want them to treat you. It surely is easier said than done, but without even trying your challenging relationship will remain challenging.

Try to respect the other person and even ask questions to get to know and understand them better. Another way to break the ice with someone you are struggling with is to offer to do them a small favor or even buying them a soda or cup of coffee or something.

Making an effort to reach out to the other person is a great way to show them that you care and want to have a better relationship with them. ~ Bill Greguska


Turn a Challenging Relationship into a Good Relationship!

  • The first way you can get good relationships with others is to make yourself available. There are many ways to do that: the telephone, emails, text, and even a written letter or card depending on where the other person lives. 
  • Whatever you do, make sure you get connected with encouraging people on a regular basis, keeping in mind that we were created to be relational people. Find good friendships and you will not be disappointed! 
  • Love others as you would want to be loved.
  • Do not harm other since you do not want to be hurt either which includes dealing with toxic relationships!
  • Practice a little extra patience with the person who is giving you challenges.
  • Try not to allow the other person to get under your skin, ask God to help you in this area.



Deal With Difficult Relationships With Real Communication!