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The free Bible and postage we refer to is a very nice offer through Bibles For America. However, if you are interested in a more personal Bible, you can always find one at your local Christian bookstore or online. Either way, make sure you get a free Bible or one you can pay for. If you or someone you know needs a Free Bible, you can get it here. Understanding God’s word in your head first, then in your heart, and finally in your life is our goal for you. Pastor Mel from Oshkosh, WI, told me that when the Bible is open, it will speak to me and my needs. When it is closed, it can not. The Bible will help keep me from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible. ~ Bill Greguska

Psalm 119:105  Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.





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Get Your Own Free Bible!

Would you like a free Bible? NeedEncouragement.com

We are thrilled to share how you can get a free Bible with no strings attached!

I believe that every person needs a Bible of their own to learn more about Jesus Christ / Hope / Salvation / Forgiveness / Sin, and much more, including God’s plan for your life. Bibles for America would like to deliver you a free Bible because they, too, want everyone to be able to have a Bible of their own.

Get a Free Bible with Free Shipping and no strings attached. ~ Bill Greguska









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Let Me Tell You Why The Bible Is So Important!

A free Bible can be a lot of help for you! NeedEncouragement.com

Get your own free Bible with free shipping for yourself or someone you love!

When you spend time alone with God, you can experience His presence and absolute joy. Find other Christians who will help you study God’s Word, know God personally, and learn how God wants you to deal with life. The Bible is a lamp unto your feet and will show you how to live a Godly life. Reading it and applying it wisely to your life will protect you from Satan and deliver you from falling for temptations.

Find out how to read the Bible, which is the most efficient way to begin to understand more and more. Consider the Bible as God’s love letter to you! He gave us the Bible to tell His story of how he loved us enough to send His Son Jesus to forgive our sins. When we see Jesus’ example of love, joy, and peace, our job is to follow His example and do the same as He did. The Good News is all there in the Bible!  

Where Can You Find Your Strength For Your Faith?

Other excellent sources, such as GotQuestions.org, point you to what you need to know. I have learned that the truths written in the Bible are life-saving and practical, encouraging, inspirational, and motivating. At the same time, the Bible can be both convicting, uplifting, and logical. Let the Bible speak to you and your needs, and you will enjoy the Bible that much more and get more out of it. Where do you look to get direction and wisdom in your life? Is it from the news on TV, the Internet, friends, or family? We urge you to get your guidance and insight from the source of all knowledge, “God,” through His word from the Bible that we make so straightforward to receive a free Bible!


Additional Free Christian Things

Free Christian things! NeedEncouragement.com

There are many free Christian things available. The greatest of them all is That many free Christian things are possible just for the asking. The greatest of them all is salvation!

Here are the websites for Missions that offer FREE Bibles, free Bible Studies, and Books

Bibles for America – BFA.ORG (free Christian Books)

Steps to Life- StepsToLife.org (Bible studies by US mail free)

BibleStudents.com (Bible study booklet free by US mail)

Billy Graham (free DVD pamphlets and more) BillyGraham.org

World Video Bible School (free DVDs) WVBS.org

Words of Hope (free devotionals) WOH.org

House to House/Heart to Heart (free booklets study material) HouseToHouse.com



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