Terri Mitchell, Wise On And Off The Court!

Terri Mitchell


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Coach Terri Mitchell has been encouraging people both on and off the court for many years. Terri and I have two things in common: a love for Jesus Christ and a passion for basketball. Basketball is meant to be played hard and enjoyed, but loving God and his people is what life is really all about! ~ Bill Greguska

Terri Mitchell is not only a great basketball coach, but she is also a wonderful Christian woman. Here are some encouraging scriptures that refer to competing.

1 Timothy 4:8  For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Terri Mitchell And Her Faith In God

Her faith has brought her through a lot in her life. She has shined a spiritual light on others. Terri has been very active in literally and figuratively passing the ball both on and off the court for many different groups of people! 


There Is More To Terri Mitchell Than Just Basketball!



Terri Mitchell! Basketball Coach And Christian!

Terri Mitchell Great On And Off The Court!

Terri Mitchell has given 100% on and off the basketball court! 

I initially met and heard Terri Mitchell speak at Rhea Briscoe’s Bible study. I realized right away that she and I have two significant things in common.
First is our mutual love for Jesus Christ, and second of all, a passion for the game of basketball.
Terri was Marquette’s women’s basketball as the head coach for 18 years. She was very successful on and off the court. Not only did Terri teach the game of basketball to the women.
She also instilled confidence in her players to be all they can be.

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Terri Mitchell Knows Basketball And The Lord!

She has been on a basketball court as a player or coach since she was nine years old. So, where else would she feel most comfortable? 

“Besides relationships, which are number one, I say what the two areas are? My faith life — my faith in Christ and basketball, so I want to give back.

As I look forward to March and what doors I hope are going to open in the basketball world, I want to give back,” Mitchell said. That means traveling to Africa with “Soles for Jesus,” speaking in the Milwaukee community, and doing prison ministry.



Terri’s Confidence In God!

Mitchell believes that her interaction with each player not only leads to success on the court but off it as well. Her vision for each player in her program is that they enter as girls but leave as well-rounded, confident young women. 

“Do I love coaching? Yeah. The ball goes up — the butterflies in the stomach.

Terri Mitchell had a 348-215 record and 15 postseason appearances in her 18 seasons as Marquette coach. Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports“I would like to thank Father Wild, Bill Cords, and the University for allowing me to be a part of the Marquette community for the past 23 years,” Mitchell said in a statement. “In my 18 years as head coach, I have been privileged to work with amazing coaches and staff.



Terri’s Faithful Service!

Through her faith, compassion for others, and commitment to service, she has touched many lives. For example, in May 2006, Mitchell took a mission trip to Rwanda, where she spent 16 days in an impoverished African country.

In November of 2011, Mitchell coached barefoot in support of Soles for Jesus and helping to build awareness for the non-profit organization that provides new and gently used shoes to people in impoverished areas in Africa. In addition to her coaching duties, Mitchell is active in the community and is heavily involved with charitable events. She is an avid speaker on campus, at local schools, basketball clinics, nonprofit organizations, and is actively involved in prison ministry.



Terri Mitchell Is A Blessing!

Through her speaking engagements, Mitchell incorporates the program’s five principles and encourages her audiences to dream, believe, and live in the now. Mitchell believes in giving back to her profession and the community by serving on several Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) committees, the State Farm Wade Trophy Committee, the Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund Board of Directors, and many other service-oriented organizations. Service is a significant part of Mitchell’s life and her team’s life as well.

The Golden Eagles are involved in many service projects throughout the year, including Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee, Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund, the American Heart Association, the WBCA’s Pink Zone initiative, school speaking engagements, and basketball clinics.

Written By Journal Sentinel staff with some editing by Bill Greguska.  For details on past coaching clinics of Terri Mitchell at Mount Mary University


Terri Mitchell Speaks About The Importance Of Balance!



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