Encouragement For Men Is So Very Important!

Encouragement For Men! NeedEncouragement.com

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There is a significant need for encouragement for men, more than men would be willing to admit! I have found it easy to take counsel in a good way since I know I do not have all the answers to all the world’s problems. My pastor’s wife, Sue Sauer, told me I have a teachable spirit. That is something I believe is very valuable to have. It is not until men look to God for their direction, rather than allowing personal pride, fleshly desires, and our egos to guide us. A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, wise enough to learn from them, and strong enough to do it right next time. ~ Bill Greguska

1 Peter 3:7   Husbands, in the same way, be considerate as you live with your wives and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life so that nothing will hinder your prayers.





Encouragement For Men To Be A Good Husband!


Encouragement For Men!

Mens leadership is under attack! NeedEncouragement.com

God has appointed men to lead the family. Men are to love their wives as God has loved the church. (Sacrificially)

The fact is that encouragement for men comes in many forms, but the biggest thing is respect. Men need respect, and women need love. We all must point our sails in the direction God calls us to. Being a husband myself for almost ten years, I know how stressful life can get from time to time. Having an understanding and respectful wife helps lighten the burdens of life that men carry on their shoulders. Men need encouragement, although I believe that all people, in general, need motivation for that matter.

Men thrive on positive comments rather than negative ones at home from their wives, in the workplace, their boss,  their coaches, and in sports. Women, keep in mind that encouragement for men starts with respect for them, and at the same time, men keep in mind that you need to show your wife that you love her. 

Women need to hear that you love them over and over, and you need to back it up with your actions. When appropriately used, a balance of the sexes works the way God created it to be! The biggest thing to keep in mind to have a good life is to keep your relationship with God your highest priority. When you do this, all other things will fall into place. Naturally, this is spelled out clearly in:

Matthew 6:33  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 

Encouragement For Men!

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Remember That A Happy Wife, Is A Happy Life! (Funny)




Types Of Encouragement That Men Need to Hear:

Encouragement for men! NeedEncouragement.com

Encouragement for men does a lot to motivate us!

All Men Need Encouragement! Below is what every man needs to hear sometimes because men need respect and encouragement, just like women need love and help:

  1. I like that you are a godly man.
  2. You are such a great husband!
  3. I’m glad you’re my best friend.
  4. Thanks so much for fixing that for me!
  5. Very handsome man.
  6. You are a good man!
  7. Take good care of me.
  8. Simply excellent!
  9. You have my heart.
  10. You have always been an incredibly thoughtful man.
  11. My favorite person in the entire world!
  12. You’re a great provider.
  13. Make me feel like a real lady.
  14. Have a particular way that you inspire me.
  15. You’re brilliant
  16. You amaze me with the way you handle things!
  17. You are so very masculine.
  18. You’re a good worker.
  19. When you hold me close, I feel safe with you.
  20. I like you.
  21. I appreciate all you do.
  22. I Love your great sense of humor.
  23. Thanks for a lovely date with you. I enjoyed myself.
  24. You’re a great lover.
  25. I’ll always be at your stand.
  26. I’m yours.
  27. I’m very blessed that you are my husband.
  28. You are a great leader in our family.
  29. Being your wife is a blessing to me.
  30. You know how to make me happy!
  31. Your ideas are right on!
  32. I love that you like to barbecue sometimes!
  33. Thanks for helping around the house as you do.
  34. I always love it when we are together.
  35. Thanks for being such a faithful husband to me.





Encouragement For All Men To Hear!




More Things Men Need To Hear! 

Types Of Encouragement That Men Need to Hear! NeedEncouragement.com

One of the best forms of encouragement for men is to know in their hearts that they can do it!

  1. I love to work with you.
  2. You did an excellent job, and that looks fantastic!
  3. I love being with you.
  4. I learned a lot from you.
  5. You’re a great Dad!
  6. Our kids are lucky to have a dad like you!
  7. I’m a much better woman because you’re my husband.
  8. I look forward to growing old with you.
  9. You’re an excellent kisser.
  10. Thanks, you are always so very kind to me.
  11. Maybe we should go to bed early tonight.
  12. I always trust your best judgment.
  13. Thank you for caring so much about my feelings.
  14. I appreciate how you show me respect in front of others.
  15. I trust you.
  16. You are the first person I go to for my advice.
  17. I respect you so very much.
  18. I am so glad we can talk together so well.
  19. I’m very proud to be your wife.
  20. There’s no one else like you.
  21. I am so happy that you stand for the Truth.
  22. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
  23. I like that you are a man of conviction.
  24. I married an honest man of integrity.
  25. You make me feel like an individual woman.
  26. You are unbelievable!
  27. You’re my dream come true, do you realize that?
  28. You look great!
  29. I love it when you teach me things about the Word of God.
  30. Do you realize that you have helped me become a better woman?
  31. Our kids look up to you, and I do too.
  32. Thank you for always thinking of me.
  33. I’m that you are such an excellent role model for our kids.
  34. You’re a real gentleman.
  35. Do you realize how much I love you?




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