Does God Allow Evil?

Learn Why From The Video And Description Below!

Does God allow evil to happen?

Does God allow evil to happen? What do you think? Watch this video and learn what the Bible says about this question?



Wonder Why God Allow Evil?

Many people have a hard time believing the goodness of God. They wonder why God could allow evil to happen.

The bottom line is that God loves us so much, that he wanted to give us all free will to choose from right and wrong. If God made us robots, He could just program us all to be only able to do good. God wanted to have a relationship with us from the beginning when He put us in the Garden of Eden where there was no sin. We (Adam and Eve) chose to disobey and eat from the forbidden tree which is when sin came into the world.

It is us that messed up things. Even though God is all-powerful and controls everything, the free will He gave us overrules the result of sin and evil that happens.




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