We All Need Encouragement!

What Encouragement do You Need?

You-can-do-it with Gods Help


Pastor Jill Briscoe talks about one of the most destructive emotions that people need to try to overcome. Do you at times find yourself anxious or stressed out?



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Welcome to NeedEncouragement.com

Hi, my name is Bill Greguska. Like you, I have been through my share of problems in life. Thankfully, I have received much encouragement.

In 2007, as a result of the hope and encouragement that I’ve experienced, I decided to create this web site NeedEndcouragement.com. I wanted to encourage others in the way I have been encouraged myself. 

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 number-1-iconStart off by taking an inventory of your life!



You might not have done this for a while, so in other words, take a close inventory of your past, present, and what you hope the future would look like for you 

  • Begin by sitting down quietly with God and write down on a piece of paper both of the negative things and also positive things affecting your life today to get a starting point to begin. You will need to make a decision that will make the difference.
  • Then with the help of prayer, ask God in your own words to show you what you need to do next. It is also a good idea to reach out to a friend, pastor, counselor or someone you know who can give you some good insights and encouragement.

You will most likely be surprised with what insights you will gain about yourself both good and not so good, but keep in mind that we are all imperfect human beings. 

Consider the following questions to see which ones might apply to you?

  • Do you realize having gratitude will naturally make you feel better about yourself?
  • Do you often seem stressed out and want to change that?
  • Do you have someone you need to forgive who has done you wrong?
  • Do you think you possibly might have symptoms of depression?
  • Do you think your marriage could use a little help?
  • Do you find relationship difficult and could use some help?
  • Do you usually find yourself lacking self-esteem?
  • Do you find happiness hard to find?
  • Do you have any clue of what the meaning of life is?




Watch these very encouraging videos!



#1 Encouraging Video

Billy Graham- What choice will you makeWhen you watch these motivational videos you will not only be inspired, but you will be able to figure out what you need to do next without feeling the pressure that sometimes goes with it!

More encouraging videos:

  1. Where to turn when you need some hope?
  2. What is your personal pursuit of happiness?
  3. Do you have a bad habit that you like to quit?


#2 Encouraging Video 

Life-Jacket Encouragement will be with you soonLearn that when you encourage someone, there is a natural reaction that takes place, you yourself will be encouraged. You will find this interesting!

More encouraging videos:

  1. What do you do when you are having a bad day?
  2. Do you have any idea on how to be a survivor?
  3. What do you usually do after you fail at something?





Apply the information we have made available to you here!



  • God did not intend for us to wrestle with life all on our own. While you are working through your list, keep in mind to trust that God has a plan for your life and your job is to find out what God’s plan is during this time of your life.
  • You can also view our many pages and our online resources / phone help lines and by using our extensive drop down menu on the top of the page. Tell yourself that the best thing to do is to try to focus on the solutions and stop focusing on the problems, by trusting that God has the answers that you need. Also Visit our other web site NeedTheLord.com
  • Take one thing at a time and do not get discouraged, but ask God to help you and if you need to do not be afraid to ask help from a friend or professional to find some encouragement!
  • If you have been encouraged in any way or have any questions, let us know and also share us with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and those on your email list.


Today’s Encouragement is from Pastor Chuck Swindoll was quoted to have said,

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”.


The NeedEncouragement.com team has been encouraging people since 2007. We are located in Milwaukee, WI.  Our purpose is to encourage people to stop focusing on their problems, but to focus rather on the many solutions and opportunities that God provides. 

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, on the bottom of this page.

Or, call 1-800-633-3446 and a caring, trained Christian counselor will talk with you about any difficulties, whether ordinary everyday concerns or seemingly insurmountable hardships, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.





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