Do You Need Encouragement? 

We all need encouragement!

Need Encouragement? Surf our website to learn how we can be of assistance to you in specific areas of your life personally!

We all need encouragement! Our hope is to help you get, or help keep you, on the straight and narrow in the areas that are affecting you in a negative way! No matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, everyone needs encouragement. Encouragement can be a very powerful tool, it can actually change your entire day, week or even your life!

  • Trying to deal with whatever your situation is that you are dealing with in your life, all on your own is not the best way to do things. Proverbs 3:5-6  
  • You will find wisdom and encouragement as you check out our many pages. You will find answers to questions about how to cope with things better in your life. 


Encouragement To Face Today’s Problems!

Some Helpful Suggestions:

Find your encouragement from God!

If you think you can, or if you think you can not, you are probably right! Spend time with people that give you encouragement, not knock you down!

I suggest the first and best place to go to find encouragement is to ask God in prayer what to do!

  • After you have talked with God, then is the time to reach out to a close friend, pastor, parent, brother, sister, cousin, Christian counselor or anyone you trust who knows the Lord, and who can help point you to the Lord and give you the encouragement you need.
  • Keep in mind what it says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


We are glad you came to visit our website, we hope you get a lot out of it and will want to tell others!

  1. Is it possible that your struggles in life are partly because you don’t understand God’s will? Or possibly don’t honor Jesus as your Lord and Savior? 
  2. We’re not talking about a RELIGION, we’re talking about a real RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ!

God has plans for your life, not to harm you, but give you hope and a future…



Ways We Can Encourage You:

Find out that a little bit of encouragement might be just all you need each week!

The best way we can help you beside pointing you to Jesus is by you utilizing the numerous resources we have made available for you.


More Helpful Suggestions:

If there is any sin in your life you need to confess to God, then do so and get right with God again! 1 John 1:8-10

  • Check out our website for the particular issue that concerns you. On our website, you will find 262 pages of encouragement. Find many links, videos, and text, that are full of relevant Christian insights. These insights will help you to promote positive change in your life.
  • We would be very happy to offer you some support. If you contact us, we will get back to you ASAP. If you need attention right away, you can Chat or feel free to call 800-633-3446 and talk with a trained Christian who really cares.


Ask questions and find encouragement!

Ask questions and the answers that you find might be the encouragement that you need.


It Is Important To Take Positive Steps:

Learn how to pray and fill your life with encouragement from doing so!

Do you want to know how to pray in a more effective way? Prayer can help you find the direction and encouragement that you need.

Most importantly, Pray to God about the circumstances in your life and ask for wisdom to figure out how to deal with things the correct way.

  • Getting right with God is both a choice and a process. Don’t overlook this important step!
  • Unconfessed sin can be a very big stumbling block when trying to find encouragement in your life. Remember, unforgiveness of others is something that needs to be resolved in your heart too. Matthew 6:15


Here are some helpful links:



Chat with a trained Christian counselor and find encouragement!

Chat with someone who cares who can help give you some encouragement!



Take Steps In The Right Direction:

Get encouragement to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Do you have someone to help keep you accountable and give you encouragement?

Learn what God wants you to know about Himself and about the Bible, and what is the meaning of life? Be hungry to learn all you can about God and what you need to believe and value.

  • Search for Godly resources for more information. Find many pages here to choose from that will point you to the truth.
  • Chat with a Christian online for support. Do not try to live out your faith all by yourself- without assistance you are vulnerable.



Prayer is the best thing you can do for yourself to find encouragement!



Keep Your Eye Set On Your Goals:

Don't let your discouragement cloud up the possible encouragement around the corner!

When you feel like giving up, remember that God has carried you this far…Encouragement is just around the corner!

Call 1-800-633-3446 to get help from a Christian counselor, they would love to listen and talk with you about what is in your heart and on your mind.


Share Your Hope With Others:

Talk to someone you know who is a Christian who could help you. It has been said that iron sharpens iron, which is the truth that you need to experience.

  • Believe that God has a plan for your life because He does have a plan and would love to give you wisdom and strength in order that you can achieve it.
  • Share your hope with others because when you do, your personal faith grows stronger. Encourage others with some of the similar encouragement that you have already received in your life.



What does God expect from you to do? Discover encouragement from the answer to this question!



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