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Our website’s primary purpose is NOT for you to merely find encouragement and happiness, but to help you get right with God, which IN TURN, you will find lasting joy and happiness…

~ Bill Greguska.



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#1. How Is My Relationship With God?


#2. How Are My Relationships With Others?




Get Out Of The Problem, And Into The Solution!

Find the encouragement by focusing on the solution, not the problelm!

When we focus on our problems in life, have you noticed that they only seem to get worse?

Because when we focus on the possible solutions with God’s help, our issues always get resolved more quickly.

We have Over 500 Pages of Encouragement, including links, videos, and much more, all to direct you to the forgiveness, grace, love, wisdom, and power of Jesus Christ!

Are you struggling in a relationship or marriage?



Encouragement To Know What Choice To Make?


Do You Really Understand That The Lord Is Watching Over You?



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