We All Need Encouragement!

Get encouragement to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Do you have someone to help keep you accountable and give you encouragement?

First of all, I would like you to take a moment. Think about how you personally have experienced encouragement in the past. Remember how helpful it was for you?

Encouragement is a very powerful tool, it can actually change your entire day, week or even your life!

We have many pages that provide answers to questions about what is going on in your life. 

I suggest the first and best place to go to find encouragement is to go to God in prayer! After you have talked with God, then reach out to a close friend, pastor, parent, brother, sister, cousin, Christian counselor or anyone you trust who knows the Lord, and who can help point you to the Lord and give you the encouragement you need, keeping in mind that the best place to go to is to God in prayer. ~ Bill Greguska


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Chat with a trained Christian counselor and find encouragement!

Chat with someone who cares who can help give you some encouragement!



Learn How We Can Help You

Find out that a little bit of encouragement might be just all you need!

The best way we can help you is by you utilizing the numerous resources we have made available. Our hope is to help you realize that whatever you are personally going through you will discover that God loves you and is in control when you reach out to Him. You just need to trust Him and follow the instructions He has given to us from his Word, the Bible, by doing the following:

  1.  First, take your concern to God in prayer. If there is any shortcoming in your life you need to confess to Him, do so and get right with God again! 1 John 1:8-10
  2. Secondly, check out our website for the particular issue that concerns you. On our website, you will find 261 pages of encouragement that are full of relevant Christian insights. These insights will help you to promote positive change in your life.
  3. Third of all, if you still need help, we would be very happy to offer you some support. If you contact us, we will get back to you ASAP. If you need attention right away, you can Chat or feel free to call 800-633-3446 and talk with a trained Christian who really cares.


Ask questions and find encouragement!Ask questions and the answers that you find might be the encouragement that you need.


Effective Steps To Find Long Lasting Encouragement:

Learn how to pray and fill your life with encouragement from doing so!

Do you want to know how to pray in a more effective way? Prayer can help you find the direction and encouragement that you need.

  1. Pray to God about the circumstances in your life and ask for wisdom to figure out how to deal with things the correct way.
  2. Getting right with God is both a choice and a process. Unconfessed sin can be a big stumbling block when trying to find encouragement in your life.
  3. Learn what God wants you to know about Himself and about the Bible, and what is the meaning of life? Be hungry to learn all you can about God and what you need to believe and value.
  4. Search for Godly resources for more information. There are over 250 pages to choose from that can point you to the truth.
  5. Chat with a Christian online for support. Do not try to live out your faith all by yourself- without assistance you are vulnerable.



Prayer is the best thing you can do for yourself to find some encouragement!



More Ideas To Help You Grow And Gain Encouragement:

Love and encourage one another! Give and receive encouragement!

Help yourself by helping others…You will discover a special type of encouragement when you do so!

  1. Call 1-800-633-3446 to get help from a Christian counselorthey would love to listen and talk with you about what is on your mind.
  2. Go and contact your local Bible-believing church and talk to the pastor. Get to know him, more about the church, and most importantly discover more about God.
  3. Talk to someone you know who is a Christian who could help you. It has been said that iron sharpens iron, which is the truth.
  4. Believe that God has a plan for your life because He does have a plan and would love to assist you to achieve it.
  5. Share your hope with others because when you do that, your individual faith gets stronger. Encourage others with the encouragement that you have received in your life.



What does God expect from you to do? Discover encouragement from the answer to this question!



How Would You Define Your Faith?

Find encouragement to change the things you need to change!

It is probably time right now to ask God to help you with things that need changing in your life. 

  1. Do You Find Yourself Practicing “Religion?”
  2. Or Do You Have A Personal “Relationship” With God?” 

In my life, I have discovered that there are two totally opposing viewpoints on this topic. Some people like to feel “religious” and others cherish their “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. 

How about you? Have you grown up practicing “Religion?” Or do you have “A Relationship” with God? Here is the difference…

  1. Unfortunately, for many, religion follows a set of man-made Rules.  It is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship their created “God”.
  2. On the other hand, having a relationship with Jesus Christ is a daily personal way of life. The relationship is between our creator God and ourselves, based on the truth of God from the Bible, not on a denomination’s interpretation. Having a relationship with Jesus offers us love, comfort, direction, hope, and the forgiveness that we all need. Learn more by watching this short video (Why I hate religion?).


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