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We All Need Encouragement!

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Please Let us Know How We Can Encourage You?

You came to this website for a purpose, and I do not believe it was by accident. began in 2007 after some close friends encouraged me through some difficult times in my life. I decided that I wanted to pay it forward by sharing encouragement, and support with others via this website. This site is not about religion, but instead, it is about a personal relationship with God.


Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Contact-Us-150Today our site cover almost 200 pages of topics such as stress, anger, forgiveness, relationships, addictions, plus many other subjects. It is my sincere hope and prayer that you or someone you care about will benefit greatly from these encouraging resources. Sign up if you would like to get on my email list and receive motivational emails weekly that I am sure you will find encouraging. ~ Bill Greguska


Valuable Information and Resources!

Got-questions-NeedEncouragement     Links NeedEncouragement     Help-line-NeedEncouragement     Billy Graham prayer is simply a conversation between you and God


Encouragement to Reach Your Goals! 

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Joshua 1:9 Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Not one of us have all the answers about life, but since 1986 when I became a Christian, I’ve been slowly learning from the one who does have all the answers! I like to share with you some of the things I have learned, which will give you encouragement for your life.

This website can assist you by pointing you to topics concerning relationships, addictions, faith, stress, anger, and depression plus numerous other helpful topics. Check out our resources to help you get your questions answered.



Encouragement and Help for Potential Addictions!

There is recovery from alcohol and drugs    Quit-smoking-and-save-money--150x150     Eating in moderation     gambling-problem


God Wants The Best for You!


What are you going to do with your life?

It is only logical that to overcome a problem in life; you need to get your mind out of the problem and focus on to the solution instead. We all go through our difficult times; it is what we do with them that matters? 
Over the years, I have learned that God always wanted the best for me, and since I have been learning more about Him, everything seems to be making sense. Do you want to know more about Jesus Christ? The same result can happen for you.



Emotional Encouragement for Your Needs!

He who angers you, controls you NeedEncouragement     Stress relief     Stop Depression NeedEncouragement     overcoming-fear


How to Develop A Game Plan, And Find Purpose In Life!

Discover Gods-game-plan-NeedEncouragement Ephesians 4 11

Figure out what God’s plan for your life is through prayer!

 To find joy and peace of mind, you need to trust in God and realize that He has a plan for your life, Jeremiah 29:11-13 and your only real job is to figure out what God’s plan for you is?

While you are taking the time to find your purpose, you can also take the time to discover many resources and a lot of support through the videos, testimonies, prayers, links, Bible verses, stories, photos, all throughout this website which hopes to be of help to you and others you know.



Different Types of Encouragement for Your Life!

Encourage someone today777     What-is-love-300-x-300-NeedEncouragement     Faith or Religion NeedEncouragement     ??????????????


How Much Happiness and Joy do You Have in Your Life? Pius-XI-Basketball-picture-sophomore-year

First, find God, then discover your passion and abilities, then seek where ever God leads you!

Watch Your Thoughts

Guard your eye and ear gates!

It would be a lie if I said that every moment,of every day of my life, I was full of happiness. Although I can tell you that my life has direction and purpose, centered in my relationship with God. To find happiness in your heart, you need first to define what real happiness is, and know where to go to find it? Pastor Stuart Briscoe from Elmbrook Church has a tongue-twisting, yet so very true definition of happiness, that goes like this:

“Many people feel that their happiness is directly related to their happenings and if their happenings happen to happen the way they happen to want their happenings to happen, they are happy. But if their happens don’t happen to happen the way they happen to want their happenings to happen, they are unhappy!”

If this describes you at all, you can now choose to find your true happiness and encouragement from following the example and teaching of Jesus Christ. Just to let you know my life has changed because of my relationship with God. I am still growing, and I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I’m sure NOT where it used to be! We are all works in progress.



Looking for Healthy Relationships!

Before you speak, think NeedEncouragement     Heart love is the answer     Healthy Relationships couple NeedEncouragement     Prevent Divorce NeedEncouragement


20 Principles to Help You Live a Healthy Life of Encouragement!

1. Know God and to love God.

2. Have a purpose in life.

3. Love others and be loved by others.

4. Be free to choose right from wrong.

5. Free yourself from the slavery of sin.

6. Be able to forgive others when they do wrong to you.

7. Having the able to laugh, when things are going haywire.Reach out to help others.

8. Overlook other people’s bothersome qualities.

9. Know that God loves you so much, that He died on the cross for you.

10. Have something to look forward to in your life.

11. Make someone else’s life better just for knowing you.

12. Understand that failing does not make you a failure.

13. Pursue what interests you and to enjoy your life to the fullest.

14. Add to other people’s joy in life.

15. Recognize that someone else cares about you even when they are not with you.

16. Know the encouragement that tomorrow is a new day.

17. Have an open mind and a clear conscience.

18. Always try, to be honest, and to have integrity.

19. Be able to smile even though things are not going your way.

20. To chat with someone about your problems if you need to.


Additional Important Topics to be Aware of…

Bible will keep you from sin NeedEncouragement        porn fishing hook     The-truth-about-sex-NeedEncouragement-150x150    Testimony tree


One of the Best Ways to Getting Encouragement!

I am sure we all could use some encouragement, especially if you are not having the greatest day in the first place. So in that case, right now, make it your goal to attempting to encourage someone today. In doing so, you will discover that it is like wiping perfume on someone else, you can not help to get some on yourself. Often people dwell too much on their problems and troubles which only makes them bigger! Be thankful for what you have, even to be able to acknowledge that whatever you are going through, you will get through it.  

Like it says in Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


Special Tools to Help You Dig Deeper and Learn More!

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Utilize these tools below to help to give you encouragement and to help you to get or stay on track.

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