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What Kind of Encouragement Do You Need?


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Got-questions-NeedEncouragementHow can we encourage you?

We offer you many types of encouragement. You will discover encouragement through the videoslinks, testimonies, prayers, Bible verses, stories, photos, and recorded messages all throughout this website.  If you want some help and are willing to start  to make some positive changes in your life, then you have come to the right place for encouragement!We can help you by pointing you to topics concerning relationships, addictions, faith, stress, anger, and depression plus numerous other helpful topics. Our goal is to help you find solutions from the wisdom, comfort, and support you will find in God’s Word. Check out our resources to help you get your questions answered. Read More ~ Bill Greguska


What is your responsibility?Gods-game-plan-NeedEncouragement Ephesians 4 11

Just check our menu. We offer encouragement that is based on faith, trust in God, and by how God works in each of our lives when we are walking with Him. Allow us to help you locate the encouragement you need from the many pages on our website today! If you want to find encouragement, you need a good plan! It is only logical that to overcome a problem in life; you need to get your mind out of the problem and focus on to the solution. There is no secret; our straightforward approach is to point people to Jesus Christ and share the benefit of what trust in God has done for many people and can do for you too. To find encouragement, you need to trust in God and understand that He has a plan for your life, Jeremiah 29:11-13 and your job is to figure out what God’s plan for you is?  Read More


what-to-doMore helpful encouragement…


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