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Our website began due to a painful divorce I went through in 2007. Thankfully Pastor Ron and his wife, Sue Sauer, told me that prayer and counseling were two things God can encourage us with. But in addition to prayer and counseling, Ron and Sue strongly suggested that I encourage others. This worked like a miracle since it gets us out of our problems to help someone else. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 These suggestions can help you get your life back on track, no matter what you may be going through, just as God did for me. ~ Bill Greguska



We Suggest Using The Search Bar On The Top Of The Pages To Find Exactly What You Want.

~ Bill Greguska






Only God Can Move Mountains!


Click Here To View This Very Encouraging  Book.

I wrote this book titled Only God Can Move Mountains to share what God had done in my life and how He helped me. My life was going nowhere fast without God, and I knew it. The insights and encouragement you will read about will help you through your life problems. No longer on your own, but with God’s help








More Encouraging Pages

What is your biggest problem? Each one of us have to choose weather to serve the Lord or not?

Watch this video to learn how to change your life and make it count for something special. 




A Very Simple Thought To Encourage Yourself And Others, Is To:

Call a friend, text them, email them, or even send them a USA letter to reach out to them, to let them know you care about them and are thinking of them. Here are some more ideas! (Remember that when you put perfume on someone else, you can not help but get a little on yourself).





We All Make Mistakes And Blunders From Time To Time,

But With God…

He Can Change Those Situations Into Solutions If We Take Them To God In Prayer!





Are You Trying To Solve Spiritual Problems With Your Human Efforts?



Here Are Some Great Resources To Encourage You!





God Is For Us, Not Against Us!

  • Do you know what the promises of God are? There are over 3,000 promises made in the bible.
  • Do you know what the grace of God is? Mercy is not getting the penalty that you deserve. Grace is getting something you did not earn or deserve.



Free Christian Counseling

Disclaimer ~ My name is Bill Greguska, and I am not a licensed therapist or counselor, but I offer solid Christian spiritual advice, encouragement, resources, and prayer. Requesting free Christian counseling means you understand that my advice is drawn from the Bible, prayer, personal life experiences, and Biblical education. My goal is to encourage you and point you to God, who is the One who will be the real encourager!

  • Chat online anonymously with a Christian who cares. 
  • Find someone who cares and can help you by calling 800-633-3446 24 Hours A Day.
  • Talk to a mentor and find the power of encouragement.
  • I thank God for helping me recover from my problems with drugs, alcohol, and sin while growing up as a teenager and young adult. I pray that if you don’t have a good relationship with God and want one, you can start a relationship with God through our website!  



Free Christian Counseling

Could you use Free Counseling if you have been through some hard times? 

Hello, can we help you? Live Chat!

Please feel free to Chat Here!












Simple Tips For A Better Life!




For Free Christian Counseling, Prayer, Or If You Have A Comment, Contact Us Below!


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    3. Accept Jesus

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    6. Addiction

    7. Addiction Information

    8. Additional Encouragement

    9. Alcohol And Drug

    10. Alcohol Problem


      We all need encouragement to deal with the probems in life!!

      Encouragement to find solutions for life’s problems!


    13. All About Religion

    14. Allan Parr

    15. Am I Holy?

    16. Anger

    17. Anger Information

      Why you need hope?

      Watch this video if you want to know why we are all. Need hope and encouragement?


    19. Anxiety

    20. Apologetics

    21. Are You A Good Person?

    22. Attitude

    23. Avoid Bad Counseling

    24. Avoid Evil

    25. Avoid Sin

      Has Fear Got You In A Cage You Can Not Seem To Get Out Of?

      Watch this video if fear is tormenting you and to want to break free!

    26. Bad Days

    27. Bad Habits


    29. Basketball Testimony

    30. Basketball Testimony 2

    31. Be A Good Friend

    32. Be A Good Parent

    33. Become More Like Jesus

      Get up and don't ever give up!

      Watch this video. If you sometimes feel almost like giving up, ask God to give you strength!

    34. Be Encouraged

    35. Be More Friendly


    37. Be Wise

    38. Ben Hersh

    39. Best Sermon

    40. Better Marriage

    41. Better Sleep

      With God all things are possible!

      Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you!

    42. Bible

    43. Bible Basics

    44. Bible Challenge

    45. Bible Definitions

    46. Bible Dictionary



      Do all roads lead to God?

      Watch this video if you think that all roads lead to God!

    49. Bible Quiz


    51. Bible Inspiration

    52. Bible Memorization

    53. Bible Reading Plan

    54. Bible Related

    55. Bible Study

      Bad days are inevitable so you got to be strong and trust God!

      Watch this video after a bad day and you want to get your eyes back on God!

    56. Bible Topics

    57. Bible Truths

    58. Bible Verses

    59. Biblical Encouragement

    60. Bill Greguska

    61. Blinded By Addiction

    62. Born Again

    63. Brian Larson

      Basketball Testimony Bill Greguska

      My hard times started in high school. Read my book about my testimony of how God impacted my life as I would never expected.

    64. Brainstorming

    65. Broken Relationships

    66. Building Healthy Relationships

    67. Bummed Out

    68. But Why God?

    69. Calendar Goals

    70. Call For Help

    71. Cancer Recovery

    72. Care About You


    74. Challenging Relationships

    75. Character Qualities

    76. Charley Brown

      Healthy friendships!

      Do not put off doing an act of kindness to one of your friends today!

    77. Chat

    78. Childlike Faith

    79. Christian Advice

    80. Christian Affirmation

    81. Christian Faith

    82. Christian Guidelines

    83. Christian Influences

    84. Christian Information

    85. Christian Life Coach

      Grace and forgiveness go hand in hand!

      We all need grace. Do you give grace to others?

    86. Christian Ministries

    87. Christian Music

    88. Christian Perspective

    89. Christian Terms

    90. Christian Testimonies

    91. Christian Websites

    92. Christianity

    93. Chronic Illness Or Injury

    94. Church Attendance

      Has depression been getting you down?

      Depression is real, But there is hope to be found from God through prayer, His word, others, medication, and therapy.

    95. Church Beliefs


    97. Clean Heart


    99. Complaining

    100. Common Questions

    101. Communication

    102. Confidence

    103. Contact Us

      He who angers you, controls you!

      How you respond to your anger will determine the good or bad outcome. 

    104. Contentment

    105. Control Your Temper

    106. Could Be Worse

    107. Counseling Information

    108. Covid-19


    110. Cross References

    111. Dating

    112. Dating Advice

      It is better sometimes to just keep quiet because words are powerful!

      Sometimes it is wisest to keep our mouths shut unless we have something intelligent or helpful. 

    113. Dating Information

    114. Death

    115. Debt Of Love

    116. Debunked Videos

    117. Deep Sadness

    118. Define Your Faith

    119. Denying Yourself

    120. Depression

    121. Depression Or Sadness

      Facts, Faith, Feelings!

      Facts run the train, faith follows behind, and feelings result from the facts and faith.

    122. Determination

    123. Devotionals

    124. Difficult Emotions

    125. Disability

    126. Distractions

    127. Divorce

    128. Divorce Information


    130. Do Not Mock God

      Get some free Christian counseling.

      Who are you going to listen to? God, the world, your flesh, or the devil? 

    131. Do Not Quit

    132. Do Not Worry

    133. Does God Allow Evil

    134. Drinking Problem

    135. Eat Healthy

    136. Elderly Care


    138. Email List

    139. Emotional Encouragement

      Basketball testimony Bill Greguska

      Kevin Reddy and Bill Greguska, former high school players for Pius XI. Check out basketball testimony 2.

    140. Emotions

    141. Encourage A Friend

    142. Encouragement Blog

    143. Encouragement For Men

    144. Encouragement For Singles

    145. Encouragement For Teens

    146. Encouragement For Women

    147. Encouragement Ideas

    148. Encouragement Information

    149. Encourage Someone

      God's primary way of reaching people is through people. Be one of those people!

      Have you reached out to anyone lately about God?

    150. Encourage Yourself

    151. Encouraging Scriptures

    152. Encouraging Words

    153. End Your Addiction

    154. Enjoyment

    155. Enthusiasm

    156. Examine Your Life

    157. Experience God

    158. Facebook

    159. Faith Bible Church

      Alchohol and drug recovery is possible witih God's help and your cooperation. Bill Greguska

      Alcohol and drugs took me on a destructive journey I wish everyone could recover from too! 

    160. Faith Information

    161. Falling In Love

    162. False Religions

    163. Fathers Love Letter

    164. Favorite Scriptures

    165. Fear

    166. Fear Of Failure

    167. Fear Related

    168. Feelings

      Quit Smoking

      I smoked almost two packs of cigarettes for abouten10 years, but by God’s grace, I quit in 1990, and you can do the same!

    169. Feelings Identifier

    170. Find A Good Church

    171. Find Encouragement

    172. Find Help

    173. Find Jesus

    174. Finding Friends


    176. Fix Marriage Problems

    177. Follow Jesus Christ

    178. Forgive And Grow

      Laughter is the best medication!

      I have discovered that in my entire life that nothing can compare to a hardy laugh that can make you actually cry!

    179. Forgiven

    180. Free Bible

    181. Free Cards

    182. Free Christian Advice

    183. Free Christian Bumper Stickers

    184. Free Christian Counseling

    185. Free Daily Devotionals

    186. Free Food

    187. Free Resources

    188. Free Things

      Michael Jordan Missed more that 9,000 shots, but did he quit?

      When we fail at something, that does not mean we are a failure!

    189. Fresh Start

    190. Friends Can Help

    191. Friendship Information

    192. Friendships

    193. Frustration

    194. Funny Stuff

    195. Gambling Problem

    196. Game Plan Phone Helpline Resource List

      Find a Helpline phone number for the exact area you need help with!

    197. General Encouragement

    198. Gentleness

    199. Get A Life

    200. Get Involved

    201. Get Right With God

    202. Get to Know Others

    203. Getting Real

    204. Goal Setting Information

    205. God Help Me

      The first to apologize is the bravest, the first tio forgive is the strongest, the first to forget is the happiest!

      It has been said that it takes two to tango, but it takes a wise man or woman to apologize for their part in the disagreement. Romans 12:18

    206. God Is Faithful

    207. God Is Good

    208. God Looks At Our Heart

    209. God Loves You

    210. God Promises

    211. God Related

    212. God Tube

    213. Good Works

    214. God’s Plan For You

    215. God’s Will

    216. God’s Word

    217. Going To Heaven?

      Count your blessings, not your problems!

      No matter your situation, we all have someone or something to be thankful for!

    218. Going To Hell?

    219. Good Relationships

    220. Good Marriage

    221. Good Works

    222. Got Faith

    223. Got Questions?


    225. Gratitude

    226. Grief



    229. Habits To Break

    230. Habitual Sin

    231. Happiness

    232. Healing

    233. Healing From Divorce

    234. Health Concerns

    235. Health Check

    236. Health Topics

    237. Healthy Food

      The Encouragement Mobile!

      Are you using your resources to point others to Jesus? 

    238. Healthy Friendships

    239. Healthy Relationships

    240. Hear God Speak

    241. Helping One Another

    242. Helping Yourself

    243. Home

    244. Homosexuality

    245. Honesty

    246. How Can I Be Saved?

      Porn is destroying America.

      In our society, porn has become a tool of the devil that even church people are venerable too.

    247. How I Found Jesus

    248. How I Met Jesus

    249. How To Be Kind?

    250. How To Encourage Others

    251. How To Forgive

    252. How To Live Right

    253. How To Know God

    254. How To Pray

    255. How To Read The Bible

    256. How To Share Your Faith

    257. Humor

      Health Concerns!

      What kind of health concerns do you have in your life today?

    258. I Choose Jesus

    259. Improve Your Life

    260. Improve Your Marriage

    261. Importance Of Encouragement

    262. Ineffective Prayer

    263. Information Related

    264. Inspirational People

    265. Alcohol and drug recovery is possible with God's help and your cooperation.

      Unfortunately, I had an alcohol and drug problem, but God took my desires away and gave me a new life! ~ Bill Greguska

      Internet Friendships

    266. Jesus Does Miracles

    267. Jesus Information

    268. Jesus My Best Friend

    269. Jesus Saves

    270. Johari Window

    271. John Wegner

    272. Joy

    273. Joy Information

      Pastor Adrian Rogers!

      Adrian Rogers preached God’s word effectively in a way anyone could understand!

    274. Keep It Simple

    275. Keep Trusting God

    276. Kindness Information

    277. King Of Kings

    278. Knowing God

    279. Learn About God

    280. Does God allow evil?

      Why do we have evil in our world?

      Learn About Jesus

    281. Life Principles

    282. Lisa Stackpole

    283. List of Sins

    284. Listen To God

    285. Loneliness

    286. Lora Kesselhon

    287. Love

      The Feeling wheel. NeedEncouragement.ocm

      With this feeling identifier, you can know what precise feeling you are experiencing by narrowing it down.

    288. Love Information

    289. Love Or Lust?

    290. Love Your Enemies

    291. Lover Or Hater

    292. Main Blog

    293. Make A Difference

    294. Marijuana

    295. Marriage Information

    296. Marriage Insights

    297. Marriage Relationship

    298. Marriage Tips

    299. Meditation And Journaling

      Happy birthday from

      Experience your birthday in a Christian way!

    300. Main Blog

    301. Make A Difference

    302. Mental Illness

    303. Mike Hayden

    304. Miracles Happen

    305. Miscellaneous

    306. Mobile App

    307. Motivational Videos

    308. Mom’s Legacy

    309. Mom’s Recipes

    310. My Book

      Church finder.

      Check out this link if you do not have a Bible-believing church, but want one!

    311. My Divorce Hurt

    312. My Drug And Alcohol Problem

    313. My Priorities

    314. Names Of Jesus

    315. Nate And Adam

    316. NBA Christian Players

      How has your exercise been lately?

      How has your exercise been lately? Do you honestly need to get back into shape?

    317. Need Advice

    318. Need Employment?

    319. Need Encouragement?

    320. Need Exercise?

    321. Need Faith?

    322. Need Forgiveness?

    323. Need God?

    324. Need Grace?

    325. Need Help?

      In God We Trust.

      God is trustworthy; do you trust God with your whole heart?

    326. Need Hope?

    327. Need Laughter?

    328. Need Integrity?

    329. Need Love?

    330. Need Prayer?

    331. Need Recovery?

    332. Need To Relax?

    333. Need Understanding?

      Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

      Temptation and evil will never go away, but we can choose to avoid them!


    335. New Believer

    336. New Creation

    337. New Life

    338. New Start

    339. Negative Triggers

    340. Nicene Creed

    341. Nominate Someone

    342. On The Brighter Side

      Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.

      Do you eat healthy and get enough exercise?

    343. Optimism

    344. Our Emotions

    345. Overeating

    346. Overwhelmed


    348. Pastor Adrian Rogers

    349. Pastor Billy Graham

    350. Pastor Charles Spurgeon

    351. Pastor Charles Stanley

    352. Pastor Francis Chan

    353. Pastor Greg Laurie

      What is love?

      What does love mean to you, and how do you share it with others?

    354. Pastor Jeff Schreve

    355. Pastor John Piper

    356. Pastor Mark Mallwitz

    357. Pastor Ron And Sue Sauer

    358. Pastor Ron West

    359. Pastor Stuart Briscoe

    360. Patience

    361. Peace With God

    362. Peer Pressure

    363. Personal Bible Study

    364. Personal Encouragement

      Are you a new believer?

      If you are a new believer, click here

    365. Personal Inventory

    366. Personal Testimonies

    367. Phone Helplines

    368. Pity Party

    369. Plan A Budget

    370. Politics

    371. Pornography

    372. Pornography Or Purity

      God does not give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given.

      Trust that God will equip you for what He wants you to do!

    373. Positive Emotions

    374. Powerful Prayers

    375. Power In Words

    376. Practical Advice

    377. Pray And Believe

    378. Pray Each Day

    379. Pray Hard

    380. Pray To God

    381. Sex and what God's plan is for it!

      Are you aware of God’s plan for sex?


    382. Prayer Information

    383. Prayer Requests

    384. Praying For Others

    385. Prejudice

    386. Prevent Divorce

    387. Pride

    388. Problems Addiction Caused Me

    389. Prophecies Of Jesus

      Death is a part of life; eternity is forever!

      Death does not have to be a depressing word to be afraid of.

    390. Protestant Or Catholic?

    391. Puzzle

    392. Questions About 

    393. Question Information

    394. Quiet Time

    395. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

    396. Quit Smoking Now

    397. Quit Smoking/Save Money

      A new command is to love one another!

      John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


    399. Ray Jablonski

    400. Rebound From Discouragement

    401. Reconciliation Information

    402. Recovering From Divorce

    403. Rejection

    404. Recovery Principles

    405. Relationship With Jesus

    406. Relationships

    407. Religious Skeptic

      Keep calm trust in God!

      Take time to learn about what God’s plan for your life is! 

    408. Remember The Truth

    409. Remorse From An Abortion

    410. Resume Of Jesus Christ

    411. Response Letters 1

    412. Response Letters 2

    413. Response Letters 3

    414. Response Letters 4

    415. Response Letters 5

    416. Response Letters 6

      Why God wants us to wait until marriage to make love.

      Abstinence in dating is God’s plan for us all. You can learn more about dating here.

    417. Response Letters 7

    418. Response Letter 8

    419. Romans Road

    420. Romantic Relationships

    421. Root Of The Problem

    422. Salvation

    423. Satan Is Real

      Daily Devotional.

      Besides reading the Bible, free daily devotionals are an excellent tool to strengthen your faith and love for God!

    424. Say Yes To Jesus

    425. Scripture Topics

    426. Scriptures 1

    427. Scriptures 2

    428. Scriptures A Thru M

    429. Scriptures – A

    430. Scriptures – B

      Free Bible.

      Get your free Bible with free shipping, with no strings attached. 

    431. Scriptures – C

    432. Scriptures – D

    433. Scriptures – E

    434. Scriptures – F

    435. Scriptures – G

    436. Scriptures – H

    437. Scriptures – I

    438. Read about some personal testimonies.

      Everyone has a testimony about how God has affected their life; others hopefully will soon! 

      Scriptures – J

    439. Scriptures – K

    440. Scriptures – L

    441. Scriptures – M

    442. Seek Wise Counsel

    443. Self Disclosure

    444. Self Encouragement

    445. Set Boundaries

    446. Sex

      I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. ~ Chuck Swindoll.

      Learning how to make wise choices is a skill to be discovered.

    447. Sexuality

    448. Sex Information

    449. Sex Is Not A Sport

    450. Sex Outside Marriage

    451. Shame

    452. Shame Related

    453. Share Compassion

      May the God of hope fill you with great peace as you trust in Him. Romans 15:13.

      Seek after God, and you will discover a true joy you would never want to trade for anything.

    454. Share Encouragement

    455. Share This Site

    456. Share Your Story

    457. Signs of Depression

    458. Silliness

    459. Simple Encouragement

    460. Sin

    461. Sin And Satan

    462. Being alive is a miracle!

      Think of all the miracles that you have experienced in your lifetime!

      Sin Information

    463. Sin Temptation

    464. Site Map

    465. Six Major Areas

    466. Skeptic

    467. Skit Guys Ministry

    468. Solutions

    469. Solve Problems

    470. Special Topics

    471. Spirit-Filled

    472. Spirit-Filled Life

    473. Spiritual


      There are right and wrong ways to do everything, including your sexuality!

    474. Spiritual Encouragement

    475. Spiritual Gifts Test

    476. Spiritual Goals

    477. Spiritual Information

    478. Spiritual Warfare

    479. Spread Your Faith

    480. Smart Goals

    481. Start Here

      Think Positive!

      Think positive it is always more productive than thinking of the worst scenarios!

    482. Start Your Ministry

    483. Stinking Thinking

    484. Strength And Wisdom

    485. Stress

    486. Stress Information

    487. Stop Hating

    488. Stop Negativity

    489. Stop Sinning

      Too much stress!

      Too much stress is not good for anyone!

    490. Stop Swearing

    491. Stop Wearing Masks

    492. Suicide Prevention

    493. Take The Challenge

    494. Take The Test

    495. Talk To A Mentor

    496. Talk With Someone

    497. Tattoos

      You can't be bitter and expect your life to be sweet.

      What goes around, comes around! Be kind to everyone you come across each day!


    499. Tell Us Something Good

    500. Temptation

    501. Ten Commandments

    502. Tension

    503. Terri Mitchell

    504. Test For Addiction

    505. Test Your Faith

    506. Testimonies

    507. Testimony Information

    508. Testimony Of Bill Greguska

    509. The Devil Made Me Do It

    510. The Good News

      Romanss 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

      God calls us to love and forgive everyone in our lives as far as we can!

    511. The Gospel


    513. The Trinity

    514. Things To Learn

    515. Think Positive

    516. Time Management

    517. Topics For Encouragement

    518. Toxic Relationships

    519. Toxic Thoughts

    520. Trust In God

      Together SInce 1952

      It is worth sticking in even when your marriage is stressful sometimes!

    521. Turn To God

    522. Twitter

    523. Two Minute Testimony

    524. Understand Others

    525. Understand The Bible

    526. Uplifting Photos

    527. Victory Over Pornography

    528. Walk With God

    529. We Are Here To Pray

    530. Website Links

    531. What Choice Will You Make?

    532. What Is Holiness?

    533. What Is Love?

    534. What Is Success?

      Knowing God which comes from knowing Christ!

      Billy Graham shared the gospel worldwide; an estimated 2.2 billion people heard him preach.

    535. What Do You Believe?

    536. What To Pray For?

    537. Who Am I?

    538. Who Is Jesus?

    539. Who Is Jesus Christ?

    540. Who Is The Holy Spirit?

    541. Why Do People Sin?

      My new life chapter 1

      Start your New Life chapter today!

    542. Wisdom

    543. Wisdom In Relationships

    544. Wise Choices

    545. Wise Words

    546. Words Of Encouragement

    547. Working Out

    548. Worrying

    549. Wrong Ideas About God

      I am not in control, but I am deeply loved by the one who is!

      Do you understand that God truly loves you?

    550. You Shall Not Perish

    551. Your Birthday

    552. Your Decision

    553. Your Funeral

    554. Your Spouse

    555. YouTube Videos

    556. 12-Step12 Step Program

    557. 365 Devotionals

    558. 365

    559. 40 Day Journey

    560. 7 Promises Of God




    Videos To Find And Encourage You!



    How To Find Peace And Encouragement?

    • Talk to God first and ask Him for help. Ask God, “What do you want me to do?”
    • Seek fellowship with other believers and consider their godly advice.
    • Open your Bible and gain the wisdom you need for yourself.





    Things Can Turn Around When We Encourage And Love One Another! 





    How Are You Taking Care Of Your  Health?

    1. Eat healthy foods rather than junk.
    2. Avoid alcohol and sugar.
    3. Drink plenty of water.
    4. Get exercise every other day.
    5. Work hard, and play hard.
    6. Sleep 7 to 8 hours each night.
    7. Keep in touch with family and friends.
    8. Find humor in things.
    9. Keep yourself active and productive.
    10. Help or encourage someone else (especially if you feel down).




    Find Hope And Encouragement From Our Links!

    1. If you just started believing in God, we have a page specifically for you.
    2. If you are dealing with anger, stress, or depression, we have information to help you.
    3. We have phone helplines, website links, and  YouTube videos.
    4. You can learn more about us, our goals, and our purpose.
    5. If you have a drug/alcohol problem or want to get right with God, you are at the right place!
    6. If you need to talk to someone right away, you can call 800-633-3446 or click here.
    7. Finally, if you have any questions or want to get on our email list, just let us know.


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