How To Pray With Confidence?Simply pray to God by saying... What do you want me to do Lord?

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Prayer is a conversation between you and God! There is no wrong way to pray, just as long as your prayers are to God and with the intent to be in God’s will, and you honorably direct your devotion to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. (The TrinityI have learned how to pray more effectively with the acronym. “PRAY” = Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield. I have heard with my own ears people saying, “We can at least pray about this or that,”  BUT prayer should be the first thing that we ought to do, not the last thing. Keep in mind that prayer is a conversation between you and God. (the creator of the universe and you also). ~ Bill Greguska

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.





Katy Nichole – In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)



Here Are Some Simple Guidelines You May Want To Follow.

  1. It is wise and essential to confess to God any unconfessed sins before you start to pray. (Confession)
  2. When you begin praying, thank God for something He has blessed or protected you from. (Praise)
  3. You can also talk to God as though He is a friend (if you have been Born Again) since He died for your sins and mine. (Relationship)
  4. You can ask God what you feel you need in your life or a need for someone you know. The words you choose are not as important as your heart’s sincerity of your heart. (Requests)
  5. When praying, it is a two-way conversation, not just you talking to God, but you also earnestly and diligently understand what God wants from you and is trying to have you know and apply this to your life. ~ Bill Greguska



What If Your Healing Comes Through Tears?

Do You Think Prayer Always Need To Be Formal?

I love coming to McCarthy Park to pray on my prayer bench. Mc Carthy Park Bench Prayer! Besides my bathroom at home, my favorite place is McCarthy Park. This is how I start my prayer…”Lord, what do you want me to do?”~ Bill Greguska

Because the Holy Spirit lives IN us, He is intimately connected with the Father & Son. Our every thought is before Him night and day, YES – I believe it is more and more us becoming aware of that fact, so that prayer is less & less a “formal” thing, and more and more a profoundly integral working, living mainstream reality of our lives. ~ Sue Sauer











Pray, Stop, Meditate, Spend Time With God, And Allow God To Comfort You! ~ Nick Vujicic.


A Wonderful Way I Learned How To Pray Better!Pray = Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield!

Lord, what do you want me to do?

I know that I am tempted to do what is wrong…

I know I know what my options are…

I know what I usually have done that has gotten me in trouble…
I know what feels good but is not always good for me…
I know what the world chooses to do…..
I know what others have told me what to do…
But Lord, help me to know and to do WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?

~ Bill Greguska






How To Pray In The Morning!



Which Of The Three Below Are You?

  1. Yes, I want to follow Jesus.

  2. I am a follower of Jesus.

  3. I still have questions.





Some Simple Ideas About How To Pray!




Lord, What Do You Want Me To Do?

I realize quite clearly that every day I cannot be jumping up and down spitting quarters. But Lord, please help me appreciate every day, no matter what comes my way. You put difficult days and testing days in my life for your purpose. I may not always like it or agree with them, but it’s your will, and who am I to complain or argue? I just need to see things your way, not mine.
Yes, I wish every day could be fantastic, but it’s not. That does not mean you don’t love me, Lord. It means you have a different plan for my day than I did. Sometimes when it seems as though life gives me lemons, your word tells me to make lemonade by seeking you out through prayer. I know that additional difficult days will come pretty well, and I will never forget that you love me and have a purpose plan for my life. I just need to keep on seeking it.
Help me to continue to find joy in each moment of each day, even if the world seems to be falling apart. Please show me exactly what you want me to do daily and who to talk to. Help me love not only my friends but also those who mean harm to me. Help me be a peacemaker in any way I can. Give me the strength and obedience to completely forgive those who have done me wrong and have hurt me in any way in my past. Especially those who have scarred me. Help me to let go of what, and hold on tight to what you want me to hold on tight to. Show me ways that I can be kind to others to make them want to know what makes me tick and to open the door to share your good news with them. Let me always find joy in all I say and do. Help me make others laugh and also make them think.
Thank you for how you created me, even with my shortcomings and flaws. I appreciate it. Let me realize that my days here on Earth are numbered, so I may use each to glorify you the best I can. Guard My heart Lord against attacks from others and Satan. This world is evil, yet I am still here for a purpose; I do not want to waste one moment or day. Let me continue to trust in you, Lord, and may my simple faith be contagious to others.  I know my understanding about you of your word is somewhat limited, but I know enough to know it’s true and that you have saved me from my sins of the past, present, and future. You are my Lord and Savior. Let no other idols get in front of me or any temptation to grieve your spirit. Give me strength, Lord so that I can share it with others; please have your word flow through my mind and influence me every moment of my day.
I thank you, Lord, for not allowing me to stay the way I was trapped in my addictions and sin. Please never let me forget what you have done for me, and please equip me to help others like you have helped me by pointing them to you…Help me hunger to know, read your word each morning, and connect to you through prayer. Show me how to put everyone and everything on an open palm to you, Lord, knowing you can take anyone or anything from me at your will. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name AMEN.

How To Pray The Right Way?






Here Are Seven Reasons Why We Need To Pray:

  1. Prayer Builds Our Relationship With Jesus Christ.
  2. It Helps Us Overcome Temptation.
  3. When We Pray, It Helps Us Determine God’s Will In Our Life.
  4. When We Pray, It Helps Us To Accomplish God’s Work.
  5. We Can Think Of Prayer As A Weapon of Spiritual Warfare Against Satan.
  6. It Is A Prerequisite To Having A Spiritual Awakening.
  7. Prayer Is Valuable To Have A Close Relationship With God.




Ten Tips On How To Pray

  1. Decide on a quiet place to pray and read. Try to pray in the morning if possible. (or at least the same time and place daily). Maybe in your favorite chair?
  2. Engage Bible verses to help you pray specifically.
  3. Put your thoughts on paper on what you want to say to God.
  4. Find a way to write down prayers and follow up with answered prayers.
  5. Find your way to express your love for God and God’s word.
  6. Do not pretend there is a sure way to impress God or others with your prayers.
  7. Talk with others about their prayer life and read up on prayer.
  8. Keep your Bible studying fresh and exciting. Change up once in a while how you do things.
  9. Remember, you are a work in progress, be patient with yourself.
  10. Try to talk less and listen more; do not let things distract you.






Learn How To Pray With Help From Billy Graham!



Billy Graham Talks About Prayer!

Billy Graham preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

It is not difficult to learn how to pray!

Prayer is directly talking to God—the most important thing I can say about this is that God wants you to speak to Him! He loves us and promises to hear us when we pray. How can you learn to pray? First, understand why prayer is possible. Prayer is possible because Jesus Christ has removed the barrier between us and God—a barrier caused by our sins. Sin separates us from God, and we have no right to come before Him. But by His death on the cross, Christ paid the penalty for our sins and removed the barrier. God than us the privilege of coming into His presence when we commit our lives to Christ.

The Bible says, “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). If you have never done so, ask Christ to come into your life today. Then understand that God now welcomes you into His presence and promises to hear you—and He cannot lie. The Bible says, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us” (1 John 5:14). Trust His promises and learn to bring every concern to Him in prayer.





Prayer Is Described As:

  • Calling upon the name of the Lord: Genesis12:8
  • Crying unto God: Psalms 27:7; Psalms 34:6
  • Drawing near to God: Psalms 73:28; Hebrews 10:22
  • Looking up: Psalms 5:3
  • Lifting the soul: Psalms 25:1
  • Lifting the heart: Lamentations 3:41
  • Pouring out the heart: Psalms 62:8
  • Pouring out the soul: I Samuel 1:15
  • Crying to Heaven: II Chronicles 32:20
  • Beseeching the Lord: Exodus 32:11
  • Seeking God: Job 8:5
  • Seeking the face of the Lord: Psalms 27:8
  • Making supplication: Job 8:5; Jeremiah 36:7


Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day. ~ John Wooden

Mark 1:35  Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.






Prayer Video For All Circumstances! What Are You Going Through At This Time?

How to Pray? Find Encouragement!

There is no secret prayer formula, but there are some general suggestions to improve your prayer life.

Perhaps a broken relationship, divorce, depression, anger, anxiety, addiction, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, anger, fear, addiction, loss loved one, loss of a job, also Covid 19, plus emotional difficulties, spiritual concerns, mental health,  physical pain, etc.

You must try to get out of your problems by searching for solutions instead! Believe me when I say, “When you encourage others, you will be encouraged yourselfSearch For Encouragement Ideas Here

~ Bill Greguska

James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.




Take a Deep Breath

This is another technique I’ve used to help calm me.

I become very anxious when it comes to public speaking. This includes praying in public. I’ve noticed, though, that taking a deep breath helps calm my mind for a moment. Instead of all the anxious thoughts, my mind is still.

Still y,our mind with a deep breath before prayer time. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. 

When you’ve calmed your mind, start to pray.




Keep Your Prayers Short

You don’t have to be eloquent in your prayers. Keep your prayers short and simple. Please don’t feel bad about it either. It’s okay.

The Bible says, “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” (Matthew 6:7).

It’s better to have a sincere short, and brief prayer than an insincere long, and wordy prayer.

Pray using your own words. God hears you.



  1. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Keep your prayers short.
  4. Practice praying out loud when you’re alone.
  5. Practice praying with others.
  6. Keep a list of prayer ideas.




How To Pray, And Why It Is So Important!

I have never been a person who could pray eloquently, but God does not make that a prerequisite to talking with or listening to God. I have always believed in prayer, yet I have not always been faithful to pray regularly. It was not until several years ago that I started to pray each morning periodically after reading my devotional and Bible. At first, it was somewhat of a choir, but then it became a daily habit that I cheerfully do each morning when I wake up. You, too, can make prayer a part of your life, and trust me, it will make a difference in your life. You will notice almost right away. It will be your connection to God and a lamp unto your feet better to know His will for you and your life. ~ Bill Greguska




Learn That There Are Different Ways To Pray!

How to pray? NeedEncouragement.comThere is no right way to pray because you communicate with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit when you pray. When you talk, talk as though you are talking to a friend sitting next to you. Because in all reality, God is your Father and friend and loves you more than any friend you have ever known, honor and respect are crucial like a father. He loves us, but just like any good father, He will discipline us if we are out of line and sinful.

Some people, like myself, prefer to pray quietly in the morning or with others in a group setting. Your prayers do not have to be polished or eloquent to have God hear them. Some people lift their hands, others fold them, but most important is your heart’s position to be sincere with God. Make sure you stop to listen to God to hear if He has an answer right away or if you need to wait on the Lord. ~ Bill Greguska




Think About Getting On Your Knees! 

Pray each day! NeedEncouragement.comLearn how to pray more efficiently and powerfully. Have you ever wondered the best way how to pray? The best way to share something I am thankful for is with God. Then confess a sin or sins that I committed. Then ask God to forgive me for my sin or sins.  

The best way to pray is to intimately confess any sin, ask for forgiveness, and thank God for blessings, others’ needs, and yourself. When we meditate, we are personally listening to God and trying to understand God’s will in our life. Prayer is our connection with God.

I also pray for all the victims I hear about on the news and even for others in my personal life struggling with health issues, relationship issues, stress, depression, etc. When I do this right, I pray for things for myself in the end. ~ Bill Greguska


How To Turn Almost Any Scriptures Into A Prayer!

Pray in a way that works!

Remember that when you pray, you are talking with God! Thank Him for your blessing. Pray for others and yourself! Pray to know His will…

There are many commands God gives us in His Word. If God wants us to do these things, I think it would make sense for us to pray for God to make them real in our life. We need to start using the scriptures when praying more like this:


  • Lord, you have commanded me to be strong and courageous, my shield of protection, and promised that you would be with me wherever I go to help me fight my battles. I need not be afraid. (Similar to Joshua 1:9)


  • Lord, I trust you and believe when you tell me to cast my worries and fears onto you. I know you will hear my prayers when because you care for me when I cry out, similar to 1 Peter 5:7)


  • Lord, sometimes there are others with whom I have problems. Open my eyes to let me see if the problem lies within me. Otherwise, please bless ______ (the other person) and help me live at peace with everyone if possible as far as it depends on me. (Similar to Romans 12:18)


  • Lord, I have been battling like a pit bull inside my mind. Please help me submit all my ways to you and keep the devil far away from me. I know you can do this, so I thank you for answering my prayer ahead of time. (Similar to James 4:7)


  • Lord, I thank you for being here for me whenever I have a need or problem. When I need wisdom, you are always a prayer away and answer my cries for help. You tell us that if we lack understanding, we ought to come to you and give us what we need without any shame. Thank you so much. (Similar to James 1:5)


  • Lord, sometimes women do not dress appropriately. Please help convict their hearts, and in the meantime, guard our hearts so that we men do not lust after their beauty or become captivated by their eyes. (Similar to Proverbs 6:25)


  • Lord, help us trust in you even though ________ (is happening), give us the confidence to know that you always meet our needs somehow or another, help us not to trust our judgment until after we pray about it to you, and you give us the green light. Help us always go to you for our directions in life, and we thank you for your faithfulness. (Similar to Proverbs 3:5-6)


  • Lord, I pray for ________. Would you please rescue them from the things that hinder them, be it a false religious system, poor relationships, or a troubled past? Open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from Satan’s power to God so they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those sanctified by faith. (Similar to Acts 26:17-18)


~ Bill Greguska





Is Your Prayer Life Non-Existent? 

Is There A Right Way How To Pray?

Remember that prayer does not always give us what we want but need!

Ask God For What His Will Is For You!









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