How Many NBA Christian Players Are You Aware Of?

NBA Christian players!

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Growing up and even to this day, I have always loved watching NBA players play basketball. Their skill, dedication, and passion for the game are truly awe-inspiring. However, what sets some of these players apart is not just their talent on the court but also their unwavering faith in God. These NBA Christian players shine a light on the court as well as off it. They use their popularity and superstar platform to share the good news of the GOSPEL with the world.

It’s encouraging to see athletes like Pete Maravich, Stephen Curry, David Robinson, Kevin Durant, A.C. Green, Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, Jabari Parker, and Chris Paul all unashamedly proclaiming their love for Jesus Christ. Despite facing challenges both on and off the court themselves, they never shy away from expressing gratitude to God for guiding them through tough times. These remarkable individuals serve as role models not only for aspiring basketball players but also for anyone striving to live a life rooted in faith and purpose. Their commitment to spreading positivity through action is a testament that one’s influence can extend far beyond sports arenas or championship titles – it can touch lives by inspiring hope and embracing spiritual growth. ~ Bill Greguska

2 Timothy 2:5  Similarly, anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victor’s crown except by competing according to the rules.






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NBA Christian Players

I had always loved NBA basketball ever since 1969, when I was nine years. Being a Christian for many years now, I look at basketball differently than I once did. I still really LOVE basketball, but now I look at the players not only for the fantastic athletic dunks, flashy moves, 3-point long-range shots, and all the rest of the skills and abilities of the NBA players, but now, as I have gotten older I also look at their personal life such as being Christian, how they live their lives, how they talk and handle themselves with the media and what they do for the good of the community.
NBA players can quickly get wrapped up in the spotlight and fame and forget their humble roots. More and more Christian players choose to honor God on and off the basketball court and through their talents. They share their faith with people who may have never gotten to know Jesus otherwise. These NBA Christian players of faith are not shy in their convictions. They live for God by giving back to charity, speaking the Word on social media platforms, and sharing their faith with teammates, coaches, and fans. Below you will find a list of NBA Christian players scoring big on the hardwood courts and in the lives of countless NBA fans worldwide.


Pete Maravich

Pete Maravich NBA Christian Player!

I Remember Being Amazed Watching Pistol Pete!

Pete Maravich how he was like a magician on the basketball court in the 1970s. That was after dominating the college scene at LSU.  Pistol Pete was a master of shooting, passing, and razzle-dazzle. Maravich was awarded an NBA All-Star five times while playing with the Atlanta Hawks and New Orleans Jazz. After his fantastic basketball career, he found peace in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of his new Christian friends was Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family.

What Do You Need To Do?

Pistol Pete said, “You don’t have to be at a Billy Graham crusade. You don’t have to be in church. It can be just like I was. It can be anywhere you want—if that is what you want. But He will open that door—He will come in if you invite him. I want to give everybody in here who does not know Christ. If you’re not ashamed that you know Christ 100 percent here today, you can cement that relationship—right now, right where you are. I know without a doubt, 100 percent I am assured of my salvation. There is no doubt, not one within my mind. I know. There were times before when I did not. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you can diminish it.”

Do You Want To Know Jesus?

I’m just simply going to ask that you repeat a prayer that I’m going to lift up to the Lord. You can say it in your heart. You can say it silently right where you are. But don’t say it; don’t repeat it unless you want to know Him because the most incredible privilege of this life is to know Him.

Consider This Prayer!

“Father. Thank you for sending your Son to pay the penalty for my sin. Right now, Lord, I am naked before you. For you only look at my heart. I ask you right now, Lord, to forgive my son. And I know that as you forgive my sin—that sin that you forgave and went to the cross for—is from past, present, and future. I believe that rose from the dead. And right now, I ask you, Jesus, to come into my life. I thank you for coming into my life. Make me, Lord, that person that you want me to become. Amen.”

Once Saved, You Are Always Saved!

I want you to know that if you said that prayer. If you said it seriously, that would be great. I want you to know that if you confess it, you believe that you are saved this day forever in your heart. No one can ever take that away from you. And I only ask that you go to a Bible-believing church and read your Bible. You see, physically, we must eat or weaken ourselves and dry up. Spiritually if you’re not in the word of God, your soul will dry up, and temptation will become even greater to you.

Are You A Secret Admirer Of Christ?

The Bible says in Matthew 10:32-33, “Everyone who confesses me before men, I will confess him before the Father who is in heaven. And whoever shall deny me before men, I will deny him before the Father who is in heaven.” You can’t be a secret admirer of Christ and shouldn’t want to be. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. To have eternal life isn’t going to go against the grain, but that’s your public commitment.
God bless all of you. Thank-you. – Pistol Pete Maravich







Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry NBA Christian Player!
I believe that  Curry is probably one of the most amazing shooters of all time. You can put an outspoken believer on the list. Not only does Steph point people to Christ in many interviews, but he literally almost every three-pointer he makes. Curry says he hits his chest to represent that his heart is God’s, and he points to heaven to remind himself that he’s playing for Him.

Sharing Stephen’s Faith!

Stephen Curry said, “Each game is an opportunity to be on a great stage and be a witness for Christ. When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent and believe in.” Curry says that he gave his life to Christ and now must share the Word with others, such as his teammates. Curry once said, “There’s more to me than just the jersey I wear, and that’s Christ living inside of me.”

I Can Do All Things!

Stephen Curry, a superstar ad wo-time MVP point guard, is an outspoken Christian who wears Scripture on his playing shoes that says, “I can do all things,” referring to Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

Pointing People To Jesus!

Curry wrote that he loves to point people toward “the Man who died for our sins on the cross. I know I have a place in Heaven waiting for me because of Him, and that’s something no earthly prize or a trophy could ever top.”






David Robinson NBA Christian Player!

David Robinson –

Otherwise Known As The “Admiral!”

David was a gentle giant with great finesse and mobility. He was a fantastic athlete that got his professional start in the NBA in the 1980s. David played center for the San Antonio Spurs and is known for many accomplishments as a player. Being included in the 1992 Olympics on the “Dream Team” was outstanding. Robinson was part of two championship teams in San Antonio for over a decade and even won the league MVP award in 1995.

Reaching Out To Others!

His many communities and world contributions have extended far beyond his athletic accomplishments. Robinson has engaged in several humanitarian ventures over the years, so many in fact that the NBA Community Assist Award includes a plaque that bears his name. You can have it all! David Robinson is a Christian man and is always ready to show it. In an interview, he stated that he had it all in his first year in the NBA: the house, the money…everything.

Something Was Missing!

But he knew he was missing something, and that is when he found God. David said, “I just fell on my knees, and I started crying, saying, ‘God, I am so sorry! You’ve blessed me incredibly, given me so much, everything I have, and I’ve never honored You. I never thanked You, never anything. I’ve been like a spoiled kid in the house. You’ve been blessing me, and I’m just running around doing what I want to do.’ I said, ‘from here on, Lord, everything I have is Yours. Wherever You want me to go, I’ll go. Whatever You want me to say, I’ll say. Lord, just let me walk with You.’”

Many Parts To The Body!

In the same interview, David discusses the body of Christ and how we all have a place in it, and it may not be in the pulpit. It may be in ushering. He talks about how your place in the body of Christ is essential because God put you there. David is an excellent example of what a Christian man should look like, and we can learn a lot from him through his faithfulness to Jesus.





Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant NBA Christian Player! NeedEncouragement.comNBA Star Kevin Durant Can Remain Humble

“The Bible pumps me up and balances me to play my best,” Durant said Beyond the Ultimate. “But it also tells me more about the Lord, how I can live for Him, and what all He has done for me.” Durant grew up in a Christian home led by a single mom but fell out of church attendance in middle and high school. Later, when he played the Thunder, he teamed up with teammate Kevin Ollie who encouraged him to attend chapel services and be unafraid to voice his faith. Durant now shares his faith regularly on and off the court.

On Fire For Christ!

Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and not only is he their star player,  but he is  so on fire for Christ!  In an interview, Kevin stated his faith in a real, transparent way.  He said, “I’m not perfect at all by any means. I’ve got a long way to go to become closer to the Lord, but hopefully, I can stay on the path. I might take a few steps forward and take a couple of steps back and take some steps forward, but I want to get better.”

Humility Comes Before Honor!

The 2014 MPV and four-time scoring champion play alongside Stephen Curry on the Golden State Warriors. When they won the NBA championship,  they said God got the glory. Durant said the Bible pumps and balances him to play his best. “The Bible says the Lord exalts humility, and that’s one thing I try to be all the time. Humility comes before honor.”





A.C. Green

A.C. Green NBA Christian Player! NeedEncouragement.comThe Iron Man! We all know that consistency and loyalty are great qualities for both basketball players and believers. That makes A. C. Green such a good choice for this list of Christian basketball players. Green was nicknamed “Iron Man” fashion the impressive run, having played 1,192 straight games. Green is long retired but still active as a Christian who speaks about Christ as a community leader. He works with youth through his A.C. Green Youth Foundation.

Championship Living

In his book, “Victory: The Principles of Championship Living,” Green said, “God expects us to reproduce what we have learned in others.” A.C. Green was also known to remain a virgin during his playing career because of his faith in God. Green won three NBA championships in his 16 years of playing professional basketball.




Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin NBA Christian Player!

While Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” hit the NBA and now has passed by, his faith in God has remained more robust than ever. Formerly a part of the NY Knicks, he now plays as a Houston Rockets guard. He is a very vocal player in the NBA, which you will find when it comes to his faith in God.
Jeremy faced some difficult times while on his journey to get into the NBA but didn’t give up on his faith. He proved to others that if you stick with God, He will bless you in many ways in His time and His will. Lin once said, “But the one thing I can promise is that God’s bigger and better than anything that can happen.” Linsanity has come and gone, but Jeremy’s faith has remained firm and steadfast, and you will find his faith in God something inspirational.

My Faith!

“I’ve learned how to be open and bold about my faith, but in terms of my influence, I try to lead in a godly way. What that means for me is to serve them, whether doing the dirty work, like cleaning up a sweat on the floor, or carrying equipment bags.”

“I Need To Be In The Word Daily.

I read and pray in the morning and at night. It helps me get off to a good start in the morning, and at night I look back at what happened during the day.”

At The End Of The Day!

I have to remember my calling. My purpose on this earth is to glorify God in what I do, and right now, that calling is to play basketball.” “For me to remember to play for an audience of One, for God, that was liberating for me to burden off of me for me to remember why I am playing. ”I’m just thankful to God for everything,” Lin said. “As the Bible says, God works in all things for the good of those who love Him,” referring to Romans 8:28. “I believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing God who does miracles.”






Dwight Howard is a Center-Forward For The Houston Rockets.