Politics And Religion?

Religion and Politics often do not get along well.Adrian Rogers And His 90 Seconds Of Profound Truth!

Everyone has their own political and religious beliefs. So when I was growing up, my mom told me not to talk about politics or religion because the discussion can become heated and pull people apart. Religion and Politics often do not get along well unless the truth is spoken and agreed upon. Otherwise, it is best not to talk about politics and simply pray that God gives you the wisdom to love your “enemy” as Jesus has taught us to do. And allow the Holy Spirit to work on your heart and your neighbor’s heart.

I did not listen to my mom’s advice, but I used it partially by getting a feel for others and their beliefs and sharing mine. If we agreed, then we could talk. If we were not in agreement, I have learned to back out of the conversation gracefully by changing the subject by saying something like, “How are those Brewers doing?” And then do what my mom taught me: stop talking about it and talk about something else. ~  Bill Greguska

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.


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