A Disability Does Not Have To End Dreams!Do not let a disability to stop you from what you want or need. NeedEncouragement.com

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I like what Scott Hamilton once said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” God has allowed disability, illness, disease, and all crises that people go through for reasons that we do not get to understand sometimes on this side of heaven. Do all you can do, and then trust that is enough. Comparing yourself with others can be one of the worst things to do. Just do your best! God provides in special ways to those with disabilities. ~ Bill Greguska

Hebrews 12:13 “Make level paths for your feet” so that the lame may not be disabled but rather healed.







Disability Or Not? ABILITY Is In The Work DISABILITY!



With God, All Things Are Possible!

Nate does not let being in a wheelchair stop him from playing some extremely good basketball! Dispite his disability. NeedEncouragement.com

#11 Nate Rymsza does not, by any means, let being in a wheelchair stop him at all from playing some excellent basketball and living a good life! 

Are you struggling with how to overcome a disability of your own presently?

God is able!!! Life sometimes can get incredibly frustrating, with physical or emotional challenges to overcome daily! Let me tell you about my friend Nate. Between his faith in God, self-determination, and help from family and friends, Nate Rymsza gets the job done in his life.

Nate struggles like any of us in life, but I would not put Nates’ name and the word disabled in the same sentence. Sure, Nate cannot do a few things, but generally speaking, bottom line, nothing really stops him.

Nate is very independent and self-sufficient. He does not let his disability stop him from living a healthy life. He works at a store on a cash register and other assignments, and he enjoys his life by playing wheelchair basketball, hockey, and baseball. God has blessed Nate with powerful upper body strength, which significantly helps him.

Nate and I shoot hoops in my backyard once in a while, and Nate has a great shot! Nate is a big Brewers, Bucks, and Packers fan.

Do you seem that you are just getting by day after day? Do you want more out of your life and believe there is no reason not to do so? 

Many people have disabilities. Do not let the disability define you, and do whatever you can without comparing yourself to what others can do.




Turning A Disability Into An Ability!




God Loves Each And Every One Of His Children

Put GO In Front Of The Word DISABLED = (GOD-IS-ABLED)! NeedEncouragement.com

If you happen to have a disability, don’t consider yourself disabled. Look at things like God-Is-Abled!

Disability Is Not The Same As Inability! God loved you and made you the way that you are. He has allowed your disability for a reason. Your job is to continue doing your very best with what you have! God is not ignoring your disability and using it in ways you might not even realize! Don’t be discouraged or doubt the Lord Jesus; have patience in the affliction you carry daily. Many people have overcome a disability to compete in competitive sports with all their hearts and be successful! Doing whatever you can and doing it the best you can is a great place to learn to overcome all disabilities. ~ Bill Greguska










How Others See You, And How You See Yourself?



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Overcome A Disability With God's Help! NeedEncouragement.com

Building wheelchair ramps was a blessing for me. I built approximately 500 ramps in 10 years. One ramp was 100′ long.

I used to Build Ramps For 10 Years For A Ministry Called Faith Indeed. Bill Greguska






All Things Are Possible, Even With Disabilities!

All Things Are Possible Even With A Disability! NeedEncouragement.com

Ben Hersh lived a useful and very productive life despite having a disability with Cerebral Palsy since birth!

Ben Hersh Enjoying Time At The Airport!

Put The Word GO… In Front Of The Word DISABLED = (GOD-IS-ABLED)

Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs and has learned to look at his life from a different perspective, turning his disabilities into his ability and ultimately blessing many people due to what God has done in his life.

Nick has encouraged many others to live their lives for the Lord! 

Nick is a shining example of being Christ-like if you want to discover how to know God’s standard of being Christ-like. What we do with our abilities is our gift back to God in thanks. The bottom line is to do all you can with all you have.






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