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The Bible tells us to pray at all times, no matter if we are going through good times or times of testing and pain. God is available to talk to 24/7, and He always answers our prayers. It might not be the answer we hope for, but He always responds. My favorite place to pray is at McCarthy park down the street or in my bathroom at home with the door closed each morning during my quiet time with the Lord. It is so easy to talk and listen to God. I ask God what He wants me to do or say concerning whatever situation I am presently dealing with, and I ask God for help. Then I sit back and listen. My favorite pray to God is, “God, what do you want me to do?” That prayer always reels me in and connects me to God’s will for my life. When we know God’s word enough, we can pray His word back to Him and be confident that He is somehow obligated to keep His word, but not always in our time frame. He loves us and wants the best for us in our lives. ~ Bill Greguska

Psalm 86:6 Hear my prayer, Lord; listen to my cry for mercy.




Learn When And How To Pray? ~ Billy Graham

You Can Pray Anywhere, And Anytime!

  1. Before you start your day at home.
  2. Before you eat at home or in a restaurant.
  3. Before you make your plans for your family or work.
  4. Before you are challenged with a difficult situation with work, school, or a relationship.
  5. Before you are to talk with someone about something upsetting.
  6. After you see God moving in your situation at home.
  7. After you eat, thank God for the food you have been blessed with.
  8. After the things you were concerned about worked out well.
  9. After God has answered specific prayers for you.
  10. After God has strengthened you, comforted you, and given you the right path to go.

Below Is A List I Made The Other Day While Praying!

I encourage you to make your list of prayers, as I did below. Sometimes short-sentence prayers can be helpful, but longer and deeper prayers are also necessary. God wants to hear from you because He wants a relationship with you:

Lord, Please Help Me:

  1. Help me to be the man you want me to be
  2. Please show me how to have more patience and peace in my life
  3. Help keep me grateful for everything you bless me with
  4. Please help me to be none judgmental of others
  5. Please show me how to spend my time wisely
  6. Please help me to turn my cheek when others are rude or out of line
  7. Please give me the strength and wisdom to make it through each day
  8. Show me how to love the way you want me to
  9. Prompt me to pray for my friends and family regularly
  10. Give me wisdom and discernment to know who to trust and who not to trust
  11. Please help me to continue to be kind and compassionate to everyone
  12. Please show me how to make time for others better and to be a good friend to everyone I know
  13. Give me opportunities to share your word with others who need it
  14. Motivate me not to put things off and procrastinate so much
  15. Help me take good care of my health
  16. Please show me what to do and what not to do more clearly
  17. Please help me to call my friends and family more regularly
  18. Keep my eyes open for things to laugh about
  19. Please help me to encourage those that need encouragement freely
  20. Please show me how to have balance in my life
  21. Please help me to continue to forgive others ASAP
  22. Keep me asking others for forgiveness when needed
  23. Please help me not to be afraid to take risks when you are promoting me to do so
  24. Help me balance my time on the computer
  25. I am thankful to be able to spend quality time in prayer each day
  26. Thank you for my morning quiet time each morning with you, Lord
  27. Please help me not to be scared to speak up for the truth
  28. Please help me not to be afraid to say no
  29. Could you help me not to overeat?
  30. Thank you for my diet of eating 80% healthy food
  31. Inspire me to try new things
  32. Thank you for being able to go bike riding
  33. Thank you for being able to take walks with friends.
  34. When temptation is knocking, please help me not to answer it
  35. Discipline me to go to the gym to exercise in the pool and lift some weights every other day
  36. Help me stay motivated to keep my house clean
  37. Inspire me to do repairs to my home as needed
  38. Please help me to be able to both cry and laugh with others
  39. Please show me how to do your will rather than my own
  40. Get to be disciplined to go to sleep no later than 10:30 pm
  41. Help me wake up fresh and alert each morning at 6:30 am
  42. Please help me not to seek after and find things to argue about
  43. Teach me not to text so much. Instead, call on the phone
  44. I am thankful that I can pray at McCarthy park, bike ride, walk
  45. Thank you for being able to go to Whitnall Park
  46. Help someone that you put in my heart
  47. Help me to control my desires so they will honor you, Lord
  48. Please show me how to put other needs in front of mine more often
  49. Please help me find a good Christian movie to see with friends
  50. Remind me to call my brother Tom, and other close friends
  51. Thank you for being able to text Sister Sue
  52. Please help me to think positive, encouraging thoughts
  53. Stop holding on to problems like a pit bull.
  54. Make sure I please you, God, rather than people.
  55. Please help me to let go more quickly and keep things in an open palm
  56. Please show me how to make plans instead of planning the results
  57. Please help me to live one day at a time
  58. Please help me to live one hour at a time when needed
  59. Please help me to live one minute at a time when needed
  60. Please help me live my life for you consistently every day.

In Jesus’s Name!

Now YOU GET BUSY with your list of prayers to God. Even if you have ten things you want God to help you with, that is a great start! Keeping a journal can be very helpful in recording your prayers and communicating with God.
Bill  Greguska

How To Pray? And Why It Is So Important To Do So?

If you have never prayed before, the best way to describe prayer is like talking to someone you can not see as someone on a cell phone. The purpose of prayer is to grow a relationship between you and God. It is your way of talking to God and asking for help in certain areas of your life, such as relationships, finances, health, wisdom, and comfort, to name a few ways. I will repeat that before one starts to pray. It is wise to praise God and thank Him for what He has done for you recently. After praying to God, make sure you take a few moments to understand what God is trying to teach you.
Anyone who believes God hears and answers prayers can learn to pray with minimal effort. Prayer is not meant to be something so very complicated that only a few select people can do it. Still, rather it is intended for everyone to be able to communicate with our heavenly Father. When you pray, do not only ask God to do things for you (He is not a magic genie). But when you pray, thank God for what He has already done for you and answered prayers in the past.  Try to pray and listen to God speak to you in His quiet voice with gentle nudges and your spirit’s prompting.

Teach Me How To Pray, Lord!

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I pray every night, sometimes long prayers, about many things and people, but I don’t talk about it or brag about it because that’s between God and me, and I’m no better than anybody else in God’s sight. ~ Peyton Manning
Matthew 6:9-13 “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,  your kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’

Prayer is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.

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