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Healthy Friendships Take Time, Energy And Forgiveness!

Some of the healthy friendships I have would all have the same common denominator of the investment of time, energy, forgiveness plus a few other qualities. Healthy friendships do not just grow on trees, but like tree need to grow deep roots in order to become strong. Sometimes there is a need for pruning of one’s self in the areas that need attention (the weed that sometimes creeps in).

Do you often think more highly of your friends than yourself? This is a good quality to have, although being aware of your own needs is very important too. One very important thing in healthy friendships is the ability to communicate effectively to be able to share your thoughts and feeling and also be able to understand the other person. Close friendships are very valuable and healthy for us to grow in life. ~ Bill Greguska


Healthy Friendships Take Good Communication!


Learn How You Can Improve Your Communication Skills!

Listed below are some helpful Christian questions to be sure to know when getting more serious in your healthy relationship that will help you understand the person you are getting more serious with. (These types of questions are just to get the ball rolling, consider your own questions).

Building healthy relationships NeedEncouragement

Building healthy relationships take time and personal commitment to make sure things go well!

  • Have they shared with you a particular time or era during which they received Christ in their life?
  • Are they willing to postpone immediate gratification so that greater satisfaction can come in the future?
  • What is their attitude toward other people?
  • Do they show interest in bringing the Gospel to those who haven’t heard it? 
  • Are they honest about the little things in life?
  • Do they take responsibility for his actions?
  • Do they have humility?
  • When they talk about the future, do they make room for God?
  • What do they choose to feed their mind with?
  • Do they show the traits of Jesus?