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Romantic Relationship Both in Dating And in Marriage?

Sex is only for marriage not for entertainment!

Romantic relationships that happen during a dating relationship can be very similar to that of a marriage relationship except for the sexual component.  I have been in a number of romantic dating relationships in my life and I also have been married.

The best advice is to take things slowly because romantic relationships can be very exciting knowing that the other person as similar feelings towards you as well. Treat the other person as if they were a brother or sister because that is actually what they are. For example, kissing ought to be held off until a mutual commitment of marriage is talked about. This might be very difficult because of the natural drive for sexuality in us, plus how the media and peer pressure make things that much more difficult. ~ Bill Greguska

Feelings People Experience With Romantic Relationships

Falling in love (infatuation) is basic beginners love.  It has no foundation for it; it just springs up in the heart of the one who has it.  It assumes a lot! It helps to date the right person from the start.  

Falling in love (infatuation) is overwhelmed with an impression.  Be impressed but cautiously wait, realizing that anyone can look and sound good for a year!  It’s after a year that cracks may be seen.  A real skilled person can hide the true self for six years!! 

That’s why we must have discerning love when you think you might be falling in love.  Discerning love is mature love which has learned to wait and give the necessary time for God to reveal what is important to know about their character and how they handled the wounds and disappointments of life, arguments, grudges, likes and dislikes, habits, etc.

Puppy love feels nice for a while, but it does no one any favors! It sets you up for some big disappointments, and it cannot last.  That’s why I called it “weeds which spring up today and tomorrow it’s gone” (today means a short time like a month or so). I think that about sums things up.

Sister Sue Sauer