What Choice Will You Make?What choice will you make? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13. NeedEncouragement.com

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If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are probably right. Go to God for your encouragement before you go to others. The most important choice I made that affected my entire life was to make Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, no other decisions that impacted my life.

Keep in mind that God gives us free will to do what we want, yet at the same time, we are not free to choose the consequences of our decisions.  My brother Tom Greguska told my years ago, “Bill, you make your bed, you sleep in it.” What choice will you make? ~ Bill Greguska







Topics Of Encouragement

  1. Are there parts in the Bible that talk about trusting others?
  2. Can I take control of my thoughts?
  3. Find answers to crucial questions!
  4. Frequently asked Bible questions!
  5. Did Jesus speak strongly against lukewarm faith?
  6. Does God answer all prayers?
  7. Does the Bible say anything about doing drugs?
  8. Do I have to forgive those who sin against me?
  9. How can I be sure to hear, Well done, good and faithful servant.”
  10. How can I give my life to God?
  11. How do I receive forgiveness from God?
  12. I have just put my faith in Jesus, now what should I do?
  13. In what way would you describe forgiveness?




What Choice Will You Make About God?



Learn About Specific Scriptures Of Encouragement!

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What does the Open Bible say about choices to make?

What does Biblegateway say about making a choice?




Nobody Can Make The Choice For You!

Fork In The Road

(This is a sample from The Book I wrote)

Lord, when I say that I know you, that does not mean I have always lived a godly, wholesome life. I was far from you for many years doing my own thing, carousing, and living a wild life. But I also know you created me in my mother’s womb and have guided me through life, and you are not done with me yet.

Lord, you are my refuge and strength, my salvation and living water, my creator and provider, my rock and my protector, my comforter and counselor. You have saved me from my sin, and you deliver me from evil. I thank you for your sacrifice on the cross for me. Lord, I am sorry, and I have repented from the choice I made to follow the world, my flesh, and the devil, for a season in my life. I thank you for never leaving me, and for giving me second, third, and fourth chances.

I thank you for revealing yourself to me. You have always had a very special place in my heart since I was a young boy, even though I was living my life to please me most of the time. Lord, you have given all of us free will to think and do whatever we want. I have always known you are there, Lord, yet I have not always followed you and your teaching. My flesh has been weak, and sin and temptation have been my enemy. Each one of us is tempted, but when we come to the fork in the road, are we prepared enough with your armor to fight the temptation and have victory?

Make mistakes and make bad decisions: you learn from them. ~ Dirk Nowitzki highly regarded NBA power forward.


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