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The Skit Guys use their wit and humor to get across Biblical principles in a way that people can understand easily! You will find that the Skit Guys are not only funny, but they have a great Christian message that they share! ~ Bill Greguska.


Isaiah 42:7  to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison, and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.




What Is God’s Will?



Skit Guys Ministry!

  • Skit Guys ministry is two Christian guys that teach about the Bible with humor expressed with the truth! "<yoastmark
  • The Skit Guys have taught and entertained people for many years now. Enjoy a laugh while learning spiritual principles that will bring you closer to God!
  • These two Christian guys teach about the Bible with humor to get across great messages of truth!
  • Skit Guys ministry is fantastic! I enjoy their sense of humor, coupled with wisdom from the Bible.
  • Tommy and Eddie have a unique way of making you laugh simultaneously, making you think about spiritual matters in life.
  • Check out some of their videos, and you will understand what I am referring to!
  • Laughter is a great tool that opens the door for people to listen to what others have to say sometimes. The Skit Guys ministry does precisely that. They entertain while sharing the message of salvation to those in the audience.

Watch the videos below to see for yourself, and you will know what I am talking about! ~ Bill Greguska





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Skit Guys Ministry Asks You To Think About This:

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. But this end gives way to new beginnings. If you think about it, we’re in the middle of a giant collision of ‘new’: new schedules, new routines, and new relationships.

But this season also brings about new: opportunities.

We’ve all heard about how we need to invite others to church with us. If you are a Christian, it’s practically encoded into your DNA, similar to know that fire is hot, heights are bad, and cats are not to be trusted. But, like these facts, it doesn’t make it any less accurate.

In this new season, you are going to come into contact with a multitude of people. They will be from various backgrounds, and they will have various experiences informing who they are. But the one common denominator is that they all will need because, as people, we all have the same need: God.

And that’s where you come in! Understanding all that, here are three ways to help make the most of all these personal opportunities. 




Skit Guys Ministry Talks About God In Your Life!



Tommy Woodard And Eddie James Are The Skit Guys.

They have been best friends since high school. Think of them as the wise guys in class who had everyone laughing and managed to make a career out of it. For over twenty years, they’ve been teaching God’s word using comedy, drama, and whatever category talking action figures fit into.

Skit Guys ministry is two Christian guys that teach about the Bible with humor expressed with the truth! The Skit Guys have taught and entertained people for many years now. Enjoy a laugh while learning spiritual principles that will bring you closer to God!




Skit Guys Ministry Asks You To Do The Following:


1. Look At The People You Meet And Love Them.

It’s easy to look at the people you meet as potential salvation or numbers you can help add to your church or Sunday school class. Or maybe you think of how much better your testimony would be if you could talk about converting that particular person. In this way, we make our relationships about us rather than about the people we’re engaging with.

So ditch the agenda and love on people. If you do that, the rest will take care of itself.



2. Love Them As Christ Would Love Them.

We all have this idea that people and relationships are complicated, but they aren’t really! People want to be loved and accepted, and as Christians, this should be easiest for us. So let’s do it!



3. Say Anything.  

Be bold. Just like the verse says, we should have boldness and confidence because of our faith in Him. There will be times when it may not be the most comfortable thing to invite someone to church or Bible Study but trust in that impulse because what you have to share is the hope and faith that God alone provides.




What’s a new opportunity you look forward to this year? Has anyone ever reached out to you during a time of need? How did you respond to them, and has that changed how you reach out to others?




God, I thank you for the hope that a new season brings. Thank you for the hope you brought into the world through your son, and I ask for guidance to infuse some hope into the world during my short time here. Guide me, lead me and show me all the ways I can help those who hurt to find you.



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