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How you met Jesus compared to how I met Jesus will not be the same, but the way you will be able to know if Jesus is in your heart and has made a difference in your life or mine is by how you follow Him. And you will know in your heart, and the Holy Spirit will lead and direct you and give you wisdom and strength. ~ Bill Greguska


Romans 10:9  If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.





Amber Before She Met Jesus!



Before And After I Met Jesus!

By Bill Greguska

1. Before I met Jesus, I lived for my fleshly desires. Things such as alcohol and drugs were very appealing to me. I was the center of my world. If it felt good to do, it was my motto. I am ashamed that I got high and drunk more often than I would want to admit in my teens and twenties.
2. The moment I met Jesus, I sensed a great deal of confidence and peace that came into my life. It was not like all my problems magically disappeared, but then I knew where to turn for help. There was a part of me that knew without a doubt that God’s way was just what I needed! I had new hope that I did not have before, yet I had a lot to learn and change about my life and what I used to do.
3. After I met Jesus, I gratefully would say that I have been walking with God pretty carefully, I still fall and have problems, but my focus now is on God and his love, wisdom, strength, forgiveness, and how to live these things out in my life with others.
It is so great to have a moral compass to live by, which I call the Bible. Having other Christian friends like Mark Mallwitz and Sue Sauer have helped me with the support and love they both showed me, and by the way, they point me to Jesus when I came to them on the phone, text, or email with my problems. Each day is a new day to walk with the Lord, and His mercies are new every day.



Have You Met The Lord Yet?

There are different terms used when people discover Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Some call it Getting right with God. Others call it being Born Again. Still, others refer to it as Finding or following the Lord. It does not matter what term you use. Just be sure your relationship with Jesus Christ is legitimate. Some people think that just because they go to church means that they believe they are saved. If you have any hesitation in answering the question, “Have you met the Lord yet?” I would take a closer look at your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. Do you have just a weekend relationship with God?
  2. Do you more like tip your hat to Jesus rather than bowing down or bending your knee to Him?
  3. Do you hold on to sin without much guilt or shame?
  4. Has Jesus made an impact on your life?
  5. Are you more of a fan of Jesus than a follower?

After answering these five questions above, do you feel more or less like you have indeed met the Lord yet, or are you sure you are following Him?




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