Do You Believe Jesus Does Miracles Still?

Jesus loves you!

Jesus does miracles in your life even today, the problem is that sometimes we refuse to acknowledge His miracles. Here are some encouraging scriptures about miracles.

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I know Jesus does miracles because He has done many in my own life, not to mention the lives of many others that I know. ~ Bill Greguska


Matthew  13:58  And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.


I Can I Know If Jesus Does Miracles Still Today?


Jesus Does Miracles That Were Noted.

It is apparent that God does miracles and more, although presumably, other ones were not necessarily in the Bible. Do you need a miracle in your life? If you take the time to look hard enough, you will see miracles happen by just looking into a mirror.
It is a wonder how God formed our bodies, minds, spirits to work together to honor God and do good works because of your faith.

Do Miracles Happen Still Today?

Miracles Happen Back In Jesus’ Time!

  1. Born of a virgin.
  2. Changing water into wine.
  3. Royal official’s son healed.
  4. A man possessed by a demon in Capernaum healed
  5. Simon Peter’s mother-in-law healed.
  6. Catching a significant amount of fish at one time.
  7. A leper healed.
  8. Centurion’s servant healed.
  9. A paralyzed man healed.
  10. A withered hand healed.
  11. Raising a widow’s son.
  12. Calming the stormy sea.
  13. Gerasene demon-possessed man healed.
  14. A woman with internal bleeding healed.
  15. Raising Jairus’ daughter.
  16. Two blind men healed.
  17. A mute man possessed by a demon healed.
  18. A man who was crippled for 38 years healed.
  19. Feeding 5000 men and their families.
  20. Jesus walks on water.
  21. Healing of many in Gennesaret
  22. Demon-possessed girl healed.
  23. Healing a deaf man with a speech impediment.
  24. Feeding the 4000 men and their families
  25. The blind man in Bethsaida healed.
  26. The man born blind healed.
  27. A boy possessed by a demon healed.
  28. Catching a fish with a coin in its mouth
  29. A blind and mute man who was possessed by a demon healed.
  30. Woman with an 18-year infirmity healed.
  31. A man with dropsy healed
  32. Healing ten men suffering from leprosy.
  33. Bringing Lazarus back to life.
  34. Bartimaeus healed of blindness.
  35. The withering fig tree that produced no fruit
  36. Restoring a severed ear.
  37. The resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  38. The ascension of Jesus Christ.



Jesus Does Miracles When There Is No Other Explanition!



Miracles Happen, Do You Believe That?

According to the Gospel accounts: Here are the miracles Jesus performed. Though this is an incomplete list according to: John 21:25 “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them was written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”
Do not ever let anyone tell you that God does not do miracles any longer. That is entirely wrong because miracles happen. Just getting up to start a new day is a miracle in itself! The bottom line is that with Gods power, he still can do a miracle whenever He wishes because miracles happen even today!


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