How To Encourage Others?

How important it is to encourage others?

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

How To Encourage Others?

So you are interested in learning how to encourage others, that is awesome!

I will tell you that it is not that difficult once you set your heart and mind to it, and ask God to give you the words to say, the things to do, and the right attitude. You first need to be filled with encouragement to some degree to be able to share it with others. To be filled with encouragement, I honestly do not believe it just happens. It is something that needs to be focused on, worked on, prayed about, and eventually, it most likely will become a habit.

A number of years ago when I was depressed, my pastor Ron Sauer and Sue, encouraged me to encourage others, that was the best thing for me to hear and do. Because by doing so, I got out of my own sadness and difficulties in order to be of some encouragement to others.

God creates us with what we need in life, yet the world, and our flesh, and the devil have corrupted us, and the joy and encouragement that we ought to have sometimes falls through the crack, and stress and depression sneak in.

8 Practical Ways To Encourage Others!

Simple Ways On How To Encourage Others!

  1. When you see or learn about someone making positive changes in their lives, point it out to them right then. Do not hold back ever when you have a chance to say something nice and also sincere about another person.
  2. Offer to pray for them, or better yet, if it is okay with them, pray for them right away if they are OK with that, pray specific scriptures for individuals according to their needs. Otherwise, you can pray for them on your own. That would be good too. Remind people you know, that you’re praying for them
  3. If you see or hear about something positive, then speak up, don’t be shy. Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today” (Hebrews 3:13).
  4. When you introduce someone to another friend of yours, be sure to add a few positive words such as their abilities, accomplishments, or simply how nice they are. Also, you can share how they have helped you. It is a big encouragement when people are praised in front of others.*
  5. Send them a small, thoughtful gift. A surprise delivery makes any occasion feel more special, and it becomes an excellent tangible sign that you are thinking about them.
  6. When someone you know is discouraged, offer practical help. You can say something like, “Would it help if I did…” or you could say, “I would like to…”
  7. Send a note. Although most communication is more and more digital today, there’s still nothing like receiving a hand-written note in the mail. Keep in mind how good it feels to get a card or letter in the mail from a friend.
  8. Share with your Christian friends the specific promises of God and the characteristics of God.
  9. Every person has their own “love languages,” Some people when others do favors, give gifts, talk kindly, and others have their own special ways.
  10. Be very specific when you offer a word or two of praise; it makes the encouragement you share much more credible. “You did a great job at…” etc.
  11. Be more aware of the power of presence. Just you being there with a friend can be very encouraging! When you’re with others, you’re telling them that they are significant to you.
  12. Use encouragement as a daily ministry type of outreach. If anyone ought to be an encourager, it should be Christians. Write a letter of appreciation to people, especially when they really deserve it or sometimes just need some affirmation. Take time just to say thank you.
  13. Tell someone how they have encouraged you in the recent past, or way in the past. Tell them a few nice things about themselves and their character.




Being Positive Is Good For Both You And Those Around You!

  • Affirm as much good as you possibly can with friends and everyone you come in contact with. There is too much discouragement in everyone’s life, and adding more is a waste of time and a real downer.
  • Be genuine and share encouragement with others the best you can. Even one positive comment can start up a forest fire of motivation.
  • Be pleasant, and be there for others. Sometimes just being there can be enough.
  • Comfort others in a way that you would appreciate being comforted, not in a condescending way, but in a compassionate, caring manner.
  • Consciously focus on blessings instead of problems.
  • Don’t forget, when you encourage someone else, a part of you becomes encouraged too.
  • Encourage others to accept reality, but do not encourage others to have a pity party.
  • Everyone likes to hear their name, so practice remembering names better. It makes people feel important and encouraged.
  • Focus and share your positive stories from your past with others. Refuse to be a negative Nancy or Ned. Uplifting conversations are more likely when you keep things positive.
  • Joy is a fruit of the spirit. Make use of the joy you have in you and share it with others.
  • Let someone know that you are praying for them.
  • Physical contact like a pat on the back, a hug, or just any type of appropriate contact can be encouraging and lift someone’s spirits.
  • Practice being a good listener, and sometimes when people talk, they can answer their problems just by talking.
  • Refuse to gossip or backbite others. Remember, we are to love one another.
  • Remember to smile. It will increase your face value and encourage others too.
  • See the good in things, and let that be evident in your conversations.
  • Share a scripture that comes to your mind concerning someone else that would lift their spirits.
  • Stay positive in all your communications, such as emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, telephone.
  • Try to think of the possible good in a situation rather than the negative that could happen.
  • Use the mouth that God gave you to build others up, not tear them down.


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