Remember The Truth, Because God’s Word Will Set You Free!

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Most of us have been taught by our parents to tell the truth since we were young. We were told that the truth would set us free, but we were not all taught that sometimes the truth can get us in difficult situations.  No matter what, it is always best, to tell the truth, God commands it, and if we do not heed His command, we are setting ourselves up for consequences that we would rather avoid. ~  Bill Greguska

John 8:32  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”





Make It A Plan To Remember The Truth!

Why Bible Memorization?

Bible memorization can be a beneficial tool. Hiding God’s word in your heart is crucial in your maturing Christian life. Bible memorization is an excellent practice for yourself to do and keep in mind that when you share your faith with others, you can tell them precisely what is said in the Bible. Referencing the Bible will show that you are not just making something up. The Bible is a double-edged sword that can protect you and conquer giants. YouVersion has a Bible app that can help dig deeper into God’s word. As Christians, we are not to try to impress others with scripture knowledge we have obtained, but rather to point people to Jesus Christ. Bible memorization hides God’s word in your heart. ~ Bill Greguska



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Many People Say They Can Not Memorize Anything.The truth

Start with one scripture and build on it. Bible memorization can be a little tricky sometimes. Did you realize that a degree of difficulty is involved in most of everything worthwhile in life? Bible memorization is vital. Without really knowing and understanding what you believe, there is a chance a person will fall for anything. When referring to using your memory to gain wisdom from the Bible, I am not referring to being legalistic like the Pharisees in Jesus’s time or trying to use the Bible as a hammer and hammer others with it. We need to gain the ability to recall what the Bible teaches and apply it to our life first. Then, share the Gospel with others through teaching, training, rebuking, and instructing. Hopefully, you can be one of those who purposely choose to walk with the Lord, using the Bible as their lamp unto their feet.

Bible Memorization Does Not Have To Be  Difficult

Bible memorization does not always have to be word for word. Instead, I am referring to the ability to take what the Bible says and put it into your words to personally apply it to your life and the lives of others without altering the meaning. This style, however, does not always work well when sharing what you know about the Bible with someone new in their faith. In that case, it is often best to ask the person you are talking to if they could wait until you can tell them precisely what they need to know the next time you speak. That is assuming they believe in the Bible as God’s word, and it would only be logical to want to put His word in your heart.

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