How I Found Jesus?

How I Found Jesus?

Jesus loves us and wants us to have a relationship with Him. John 3:16

How I Found Jesus? And How You Can Too!

My name is Bill Greguska. I want to explain to you as simply as I can:
  1. How I was before I found Jesus.
  2. How I found Jesus
  3. How Jesus changed my life.


Watch This Video, Then Read Below How I Found Jesus!




  • I was very rebellious, and I became addicted to drugs and alcohol for ten years after my best friend Steve unexpectedly died. Partying simply became my way of life, not to have to feel all the changes I was going through as a teenage kid. Unfortunately, I embraced that way of life fully for many years.
  • But before I became addicted, I was heavily involved in high school basketball, and I got pretty competitive after playing so many years. But once my addiction got a hold of me, I was only concerned about what pleased my flesh. I was self-centered, sinful, out of control, and basically focused only on what I thought would make me happy.
  • After realizing that I hurt people physically and emotionally, including myself, I was ready to ask God to change me from the inside out. 
  • I stole some things, lied, had sex outside of marriage, etc. – I was a real mess.
  • During these years, God put many people in my life to wake me up, but until I had ears to hear, my heart was far from God, and I had no way out.





  • The Holy Spirit told me not in audible words but in my heart and mind that I was not living right, and I was heading for hell, prison, mental hospital, or even death if I did not change my ways.
  • God placed me in a long-term drug and alcohol treatment center, and on June 25, 1986, after smoking my last marijuana cigarette while in treatment, I felt convicted right then and there. I knew I hit my bottom, and I needed God’s help.
  • After I finally realized that I really needed help. I pleaded with God to help me, and I told Him I would cooperate with the treatment program. At this point, I knew God was speaking to me because He opened my ears. I was given another second chance, but this one was the real thing.
  • I realized I could not keep living the way I was, and I needed God to help me without any doubt or question in my mind. After I decided to put all my chips in, and I stop holding any back anymore. I finally got serious, and I knew what powered my life was something new to me: the Holy Spirit!





  • It amazed me how God took away my powerful and aggressive desire to use drugs and alcohol and the way He gave me people to help me quit, which was miraculous, and I eagerly listen to them. The change in my life was gradual, but the commitment to give my life to Jesus was real, and to this day, I never turned back.
  • He also took away my powerful addiction to cigarettes. I smoked 2-3 packs a day for about ten years.
  • God took away the clenched fists I had towards Him and replaced them with an openness to doing His will rather than my own. He gave me a new heart since my old heart was contaminated with sin.
  • God gave me a desire to read His word daily, pray, journal, and have fellowship with other believers.
  • He rescued me from the life I was leading, giving me a new life – what the Bible calls being Born Again. God gave me a desire to encourage others by pointing others to Jesus.




It Was Like God Did Surgery On Me, And It Worked!

  • Whatever your life looks like right now, God can help you to if you are willing to humble yourself to Him as I did.
  • My life is not perfect, but I have a relationship with the Creator of the universe, and my destiny is heaven, not hell, prison, mental hospital, or premature death because of God’s grace.
  • It would be a lie if I told you that if you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior tonight, that all your problems would go away. Some consequences sometimes remain, but after receiving Jesus, I no longer had to walk along, making bad choices. But, now I have Jesus to re-direct me with my Bible’s help and through prayer and fellowship with other believers.
  • Now you know how I found Jesus, and I have found peace by giving my life for the Lord Jesus. I hope you do the same if you did not already do so.


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