Tell Us Something Good!

Tell us something good so we can tell others about it

In the past week, month, or even year. Tell us something good that happened to you, done by someone else, or to help make someone else’s more meaningful?


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Fill in the response form, and we will post the acts of kindness to share with others and encourage and motivate them too. Everyone benefits from this. Please do not share last names. Also, anything inappropriate will be edited out.

We look forward to hearing some incredible stories of gratitude!





    Tell Us Something Good

    Each one of us is at different points in our journey with our faith in Jesus Christ, some of you are new believers, others of you have been followers of Christ for many years. And others of you are not sure where you stand in your faith. If you have any questions about God, Jesus, Heaven, or Hell, please visit for more information.

    One thing for sure that I can share with you is that gratitude is a key to a healthy life and will be of much benefit to you.

    Try to make a list of things that you are thankful for. Tell us something good that God has done in your life to have shown you that He and His promises are real and worthy of being trusted. Below is a list of ideas that might be of help to you if you seem to be stuck with finding things to be thankful for.

    • For food in my stomach.
    • A roof over my head.
    • My relationship with God.
    • The few good friendships that I have.
    • My health even though it may not be perfect.
    • The job I have or will have soon.
    • The people in my life who have helped me.
    • I am being blessed with my physical abilities such as sight, hearing, taste, smell.
    • Etc.